Interviewing Authors

I intend to interview regular authors here.

You can answer some simple questions and skip any if you don’t want to answer.

You can post answers here itself, in form of a new post or post them on your blog with a link posted here.

I hope it would help us know each other better.

I invite @lifeenhancer4all @sandeept252 @yamarella @cheriewhite


1. When did you begin blogging and how?

2. What are your hobbies, if any, other than blogging?

3. Do you think you have a goal or mission in life?

4. Where do you live at present?

5. How did you come across Blogger’s World?

6. Which books are you reading at present or which are your favorite books or authors?


Anyone, who is not a regular author here is obviously welcome to answer these questions and share their ideas with us.

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