Grass and grass!

1. This strange being of granary had mustard plants, carrot grass, doorva and other weeds on its cheeks. Three of us have been acting like motor force behind the cogs of a giant trimmer. It has consumed our three days of work. The shaved face would be a beauty. It’s still a patchwork.

2. A dog wagging its tail. Three of these run. Litter of puppies following. The target wags tail faster to tell it’s friendly. The lead kisses the target and looks for further details. Crude verse follows.

3. The ancestors of canine entertainers howl together. It’s a catcall. It’s a highwall. There were patriotic songs before with DJ as many protestors have gathered at carrefour.

4. I took 1 hour 15 minutes to scrap the grass and throw the scrapped one away. A bit of chat. Prior to that I gave an hour to the same job. It has been two hours fifteen minutes of work at scrapping the grass.

5. 12 minutes were devoted to give a helping hand at machine where grass for cows was being chopped using a machine.

6. Pasted labels on almirahs. Went to buy couple of t-shirts.

7. Played 7 vocabulary jams on this morning. Got first rank in all of them. Strangely, neither of PC, Claire G, Stephen or Vishnu Ram showed up today.

8. Would publish a Tohu Verse later.

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Work in progress!

1. Took me 40 minutes to throw away the scrapped grass in 28 repetitions to nearby heap.

2. There were two of us till yesterday. Another person worked today. Three of us have worked for the preparation of granary ground for pigeon or split toor daal crop.

3. About half of work has been completed. The next task i am going to complete is to throw away stones before we start scrapping the grass again. The light rod in library hall also needs to be mounted.

4. There are termites who have eaten up pages of books on rack number 4th of almirah number 12th counter clockwise. That needs to be cleansed and pesticide needs to be put. Labels need to be written. There are beautiful patterns in sky. Chiaroscuro. The dust is building up immunogenicity.

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