Issac Asimov’s sentence in his story and the student I was narrating it to. How off or on the mark he was: a brief treatment of this subject.

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1. J. C. Kumarappa, in the opening passage of his book “The Science of Karma and other management;” talks about Judaism: the myth of Eden. The order of God was not followed. He cursed humanity. The book printed on a hand-made paper was printed in Bhaskar Press Vardha.

2. You will need to work hard to earn your living.

3. The priests or Brahmins or Jews or illuminati or men of letters have since the beginning of time, along with kings and queens: believed that hard work is for people who are inferior to them. Sweating is not for gods says myth of Hindus.

4. No wonder: tycoons like Andrew Carnegie get jealous of labour class working in their factories.

5. No: wrong logic in fourth.

6. The gods in the garden of Eden should not be demigods. That’s an entirely different dimension where you won’t see handicapped people, poor people, downtrodden people, homeless people and ugly people. Have I used people too often?

7. Kumarappa was trying to say that hardwork makes our body. We need to work and Jewish myth is BS. I don’t know if it was to make orthodoxy follow the regime. Why did Vallalar refer to the Sun which moves around the Earth in his play the ball reference? Vallalar being the most eminent of Tamil poets in the nineteenth century was certainly aware of Galileo and his persecution.

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