Rishi Gupta!

1. I bowled 70 times. Focussed on Fielding and reflexes. Adarsh came to chat with me about tally counter. He lives in Bajrang Nagar and studies in DPS. I can walk to DPS and back-everyday- that won’t make me an Ironman : would it?

2. Anyways: I saw a bat as it was getting darker. The bat was flying towards East. I took some pictures. Batman is 6. They were playing and disposing off the garbage by burning it. Now Cricket Academy in the Shatabdi ground is becoming a self sustaining institute which is good to see.

3. Now that Sun has set and nothing else needs to be done i should talk about Rishi Gupta.

4. He was my batchmate in EC 2004 Oriental Institute Of Science and Technology Bhopal.

5. The moment i joked once with his wife on Facebook: he unfriended me. Maybe blocked me. I didn’t initiate it. I merely confirmed what she was saying. It was the same man who said “Tum abhi life se bhaag rahe ho…”

6. His wife’s name is Swati. Like the name of the brightest jewel in our batch.

7. He was tall, fair complexioned. He used to stay in Minal residency, then in Indrapuri.

8. I once had Maggie noodles with him in Indrapuri. Swati was taking help on project from him in those days. He was technically sound. Gautam also joined him once to talk about my glory with a banana joke. That was the last I saw him personally.

9. On the day Cognizant Technology Solutions gave us offer letters: he was walking with Daljeet Kaur. He got selected in Day two company. He was sad. I was sad for him. I loved him for his extraordinary knowledge. The moment I was sitting in his Minal residency apartment: facing South. He was talking and i smiled thinking that here you have a truly intelligent guy. Just like his name suggested.

10. Vyas and Sachin made comments to mean that two of us were different from the rest. I didn’t feel narcissistic. I thought we had many differences.

11. To begin with: he lived in Minal residency like Vyas did. They belonged to upper middle class whereas I belonged to lower middle class.

12. He spoke about how they used to collect garbage at once but later they were so endowed as to enable him with 5 ATM cards.

13. His mother was one of the nine girls adopted by Bhagvati Devi Sharma of Gayatri Pariwar. He told me this. The joke with a look-alike picture by Narayana Tushar Kaudniya wasn’t merely a coincidence!

14. He came to our hostel and showed his GRE score card. He was trying hard. In the first meeting he was busy and i took a lot of his time. He told me when I asked him:

“I haven’t seen such thirst for knowledge in anyone I have ever met.”

15. The use of term thirst and taste indicated the element of water. Our experiences were similar. We had been to Kota and we were not fit for IIT. He had lost his love. He used to see fireflies. Water to fire dissolution in batch.

16. He had a library worth 20000 rupees of books. It was a whopping collection! I merely had 50 odd books and I used to go to British library to get books issued. He was into Reiki, dousing and electronics. You name it: he was into it.

17. Despite being pressed for it: he didn’t let me know his exact time of birth. He was not sure about me. He might have had his reasons.

18. That day: the moment I mentioned money to him : as he was helping me on our minor project: he lost his composure. He was getting healed. It seemed like an insult to him. He immediately took my bag and gave it to me: showing me out. Similar behaviour was repeated by Paaras. It tells me that he must have had a Scorpion Moon: giving him six planets in the sign. He was into healing. A similar combination is present in the chart of Ravish Kumar: that’s if his birth data is authentic at all.

19. He rarely came to college as he had better things to do. Puneet Saxena aka Punneelaal paranthe waale who used to burn copies in RGPV was present on his flat once as his flatmate was his batchmate.

20. Rishi joined Avadhoot Shiva Baba for a while. He visited Mahakaleshwara and eventually settled. He generously gave me books to read. And also warned:

“These consume life force: read at your own risk.”

I kept “Power of Now” by Eckhart for far too long. He had to call me to get it back. I had read the recommendation in TOI in Kota. Eckhart was recommended alongside Jiddu and Osho. I was happy to read that book. It had a good effect and it pointed towards IAMTHAT by Maurice Frydman.

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