Welcome back!

1. I knew Catherine. I used to visit her site in those days. She maintained her site very well. She has a wonderful sense of humor.

2. I know Vishakha who commented today. You should change your profile picture Vishakha ( 😂 ): it has been four years.

3. Another Visakha was a companion of Vikram Bishla and Piyusha in the epic ‘Bhaalu episode’ after which i was asked to step down:

It happened like this:

We used to chat and joke around a lot. It always takes time and energy and almost always makes some people jealous. Some of my comments were not liked by Piyusha and she taught me that i should first make fun of myself. Later, Vikram’s interaction with Visakha got bitter and Piyusha wanted me to take an action against Vikram. I left it on discretion of two of them. The event resulted in my stepping down from admin as well as leaving this forum and later on i deleted couple of my blogs.

4. I knew Jackie well. Hello Jackie! We interacted a great deal. You used to contribute regularly.

5. Collate Bates took my side. There can’t be any doubt about it. Along with admins, Meg, Pam and Oneta she was one of the members i can never forget. She fought for me when Paul(now deceased) was also voicing his opinion in my support. I was disappointed to hear the news of his demise. It’s true that language used by some of the members including Paul wasn’t upto the mark. Yet, i can’t thank Collate enough for her support. Thank you! 🙂

6. Ankit Dhakal was name used by Sandeept. I asked the meaning of his name as i used to ask everyone else. His post on Hanuman being mutant did seem like a new perspective and idea and i appreciated it. Even used to discuss it as an idea with others in offline discussions. He was a regular contributor in the beginning and later i also saw him on Twitter. Then he changed his name to Sandeept. I also changed names from Vibrant to Anand to Dancinglightofgrace.

7. Among other regular contributors here: Ananya, Ishita, Meg and Wannatalkevanescent are missed. Even Shine Ferrer aka Sandra. The 13 words story was initiated by a suggestion from Keith Garth the poet who wrote a verse about ‘squint’ as he was jealous of some character. He suggested us to use iambic pentameter. Recommended sites where we can count syllables easily.

8. There are many people i miss. I would keep recalling them. Especially mysterious Kristina Van Hoose and her cat Smore. Pam, Rashmi and Piyusha.

9. If we continue to be active here: power struggles regarding how the forum should function are likely to happen. I would ensure the forum doesn’t die unless WordPress stops hosting it. As long as i have resources. If my posting activity here since October 16th is used as a hint towards how i felt towards this place or forum members in general: you know i always wanted this place to be vibrant. It was a mistake to let Kristina host the site. It was a mistake to write an email to her. It was a mistake to trust Rashmi who joined hands with Piyusha and Kristina behind my back. Therefore: i would be totally transparent. Not interacting with Sandeept or any other admin via email. Let everyone know what’s going on.

10. Many people here wanted it to be a private forum like it was in the Blogging101 Alumni class. I wanted it to be a public forum.

11. The simple logic why nobody else other than me wrote here more than on their personal websites: i considered it my forum. They didn’t. If others write here as much as i do: it would mean greater activity, more life and more interaction.

12. This doesn’t mean that we should betray original intention behind the creation of this forum: which was to let new bloggers find a place where someone(maybe not as romantic as i was) might be available to say hello or help them learn basics to improve their blogging skills. But without any vibrant activity there remains no life in a place and all hope for helping anyone dies. That’s why i wanted it to be friendly and interactive like our class was.

13. Having tasted bitter and sweet i no longer aim to help all people all the time nor do i believe i can be superhumane but i would try to be normal. Sharing posts that i like. Being myself. Not intentionally hurting anyone but yet being earnest in interactions.

14. I had no intention of becoming an admin in short or long run when i joined this forum on October 2020 but i certainly wanted more activity here. It’s my baby. It’s our baby and it’s alive.

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