Scientists Find 3 Ways a Mother’s Support Benefits Her Kids Over a Lifetime

The first school that a man learns from is a woman, in other words his mother. In this article, Sarah Sloat who is a writer based in Brooklyn, shows what a mother’s support does for a man as long as he lives.

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Every Day A New Friend Every Night A Replica!

1. I saw a white spider. A white piece of pipe inside the iron structure. A small yellow piece.

2. The iron stool was cleansed with a big leaf after i did some sweeping with a broom made with sticks which is kept here for that purpose.

3. Birds are returning to nests.

4. The Northern entrance to this structure has two lions. The right hand side lion has a staff in its left hand. The left hand side lion has no staff.

5. The South side flap has been missing since i came here. The flap on North West corner was welded.

6. Birds are chirping here and buses honking horns on a nearby road.

7. I registered 89 titles today. The 9th almirah books registration completes. The Eastern side of library or the Western side of Deewan is done for this season. Northern begins tomorrow. The tenth almirah anticlockwise. The sum of the title registered adds up to 89: 17: 8: same as the life path number of the day 19122020. It wasn’t on purpose. Though the water bottle which was near sieving machine where we had the class today also had a number 512. It also adds to 8. What are the odds?

8. Five parrots fly towards North. She offered me sweets from that pack as i went to fill the water bottle. I had to write many words as she was not feeling well. I had a five rupees thaali today instead of usual ten rupees one. It was Arabi or taro curry with rotis and rice today. I took a picture as i was returning from that place. Ten days completed.

9. The sweeping of library took about half an hour and some time was devoted to sweep the space outside the the hall. I uprooted two carrot grass plants. Collected some stones. Burnt garbage. Informed about sweeping to madam who had gone somewhere. There was a meeting about which she wasn’t aware and i told her about our class not being conducted to which she gave ‘cold’ as being the prime reason.

10. At this moment i am the only person signing off here. i might receive the payment for the asking though i am not in the dire need. The last book registered was “Mahaveera Vaani.” (No. It was Swami Ramteertha’s teachings. Something got into me which made me write that!) A policeman named Nepal said something which i had thought about yesterday. I was sweeping the hall when he said:

” Gandhi: Smriti Shesh…” Then he read the “Maharashtra” on the cardboard which was dusted off and put upright on the top of Southern almirah number one by me last week. The thought i had yesterday was about five fold sheaths that we leave behind.

11. Authors like Pundit Shriram Sharma advocated “A new birth everyday and a new death every night.”

12. That was to help you master nivrutti path and practice death. The convulsions and fever of loneliness is too much unless you’re wise and prepare well for transitions known as death.

13. Even greater are deaths called relations. As you master death by being honest : so you master relationship by being honest. I died many deaths at the hands of closest of relatives. Some distant relatives who were developed in the last few years are people here: especially Shri. Even professional relationships like that of a teacher and student can teach you it. Die often enough and you become an immortal. In other words: you master relationships. Anything can be mastered: including relationships but truth remains the same: unchanged. The Truth realm universe is beyond any systems. It’s as vast as the various heavens created by imagination. It’s profound.

14. Every day new friend and every night friendless: should be the new philosophy if you want to live in the wild. In the end you return to your true Self. You’re left with Yourself. Bliss. Peace. Light. Clarity.

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