Learn these 5 lessons in life early not to regret later – Towards A Better Life

Some lessons are learnt only after we have passed a certain stage in life. Learn these 5 lessons in life early in life so that you won’t have to regret before it’s too late.

Life teaches you many lessons, but it’s only wise that you learn some lessons when  you are still young. You should learn these lessons when you are young  enough to apply them. The problem with wisdom, and life lessons in general, is that we only learn them after we’ve needed them.

Given below are 5 lessons in life which if you learn early will save you from regretting when it’s too late to put them into action.

One of those lessons says “It is better to invest in relationships than in mutual funds.”

Many people place a higher value on friends than on family. The same people regret doing so when their mates and buddies abandon them. I believe that it is preferable to invest in both family and friends rather than mutual funds or businesses. Because the happiness you will receive in return for investing in relationships is something that money can never bring.

Source: Learn these 5 lessons in life early not to regret later – Towards A Better Life

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How to raise a successful future generation – Towards A Better Life

We all know that business is better than a job. Many of us have even thought several times in our lives about taking the leap into the world of business. But, we are stopped because of several reasons including a lack of confidence.

This lack of confidence not just stops us from starting a business, but also from many other things, which include learning something new. Our mental growth is inhibited when this happens. But, we are not to be blamed, because the parents of many people fail to imbibe confidence in them when they are small.

Do you want your children to face the same problems that we have faced because of the lack of confidence? No, no loving parent would ever want that.

So what do we do? This article is just about imbibing confidence in our children and raising them as men and women who are stopped by nothing when they want to do something. That includes starting a new business and learning something new. Being confidence is the first step toward success. So let us learn how to raise a successful future generation.

Not every kid naturally has confidence. However, parents can help them grow those muscles.

Anyone who has ever tried to teach a youngster to tie his/her shoes understands how long it takes to correct it—and how much frustration they may feel.

But finally, the time comes when it clicks.

And when their mistakes transform to wins and their patience pays off, a small amount of trust in their ability is built up.

Some children are born with confidence. However, confidence for others is a muscle which must be strengthened.

One of the best ways to do this is to unconditionally love our children in spite of everything and let them know you do it. Another way is to tell your kids ‘They are capable of doing amazing things.’

Here are some more ways parents can help boost their children’s confidence and perhaps even their own. Who knows, your child may become the next Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos and credit you for it.

A few tips to raise self-assured children:

Demonstrate confidence in oneself.
Even if you aren’t feeling it!

Don’t get upset if you make a mistake.

Encourage them to experiment with new things.

Allow children to fail.

Reward perseverance.

Assist children in discovering their true calling.

Set goals.

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Mothers are forever although we also love dad – Better Life Info

Original Source: Mothers are forever although we also love dad – Better Life Info

Father’s Day has just been celebrated and even Mother’s Day is commemorated once a year. On these days we show our love towards both our parents, but, a mother is needed forever.

Well, that sounds like poetry, but honestly I have seen children as young as 2 years old playing happily, while their fathers are slogging abroad. But, can you tell me how many children can live without their mothers for even a day. I missed my father when I was small, as he was not there. But, praise the Lord, I have been extremely fortunate as I received the love and care of not only my mother but also her special friend and sisters.

Mothers are the backbone of the family

The mothers are special for numerous reasons. These reasons include their astonishing “superpowers,”  — like mothers’ ears that hear and comprehend rapid fire queries from several kids at once. She sees through her head while taxiing her brood for different activities and acting as an air traffic controller.

Moms are the first to arrive whenever a child is in problem. They are the initial lines of protection for their offspring and the backbone of the family. A mother juxtaposes managing her young adults’ emotional ballrooms and their teenagers’ hormonal haziness while wrestling her bug with a crazy childcare adventurer and taking care of her specific requirements.

There is a saying that God could not be everywhere and so He made moms. And although we love our fathers for all that they did for us when we were small, but we cannot live without our mothers even we have grown up.

Moms play a special role, which nobody else can fill. In their children’s hearts, mothers hold a particular place.
Indeed, if there is such a thing as endless love, it is that of your mother. That love started when you were not even born and will last forever.

Being a father, I wonder what makes mothers so special. In fact, looking at the way my kid loves his mom, I sometimes feel I would have better been his mother.

I would like to know through your comments, why mothers play such an influential role in the family, especially in the life of their children?

Read more: https://www.stltoday.com/opinion/mailbag/moms-are-the-backbone-of-the-family/article_09b2d3bb-8b47-506b-8413-bfb998a8f397.html

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The support of a mother benefits a child throughout life – Better Life Info

A mother is a person who a child knows even before it is born. In fact, she is the first school that a man learns from. Here is an article that shows what a woman’s support does for her child throughout his life.


A mother deeply influences the life of a child. A woman has a deep influence on the life of her children, from the moment they are born. In a study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, psychologists look at how woman can alter her child’s life trajectory, building on the notion that child-mother interactions influence one’s early years.


Three important consequences emerged, each enhanced by the loving support of a mother.A woman is always supportive towards to her children and even if she is a beautiful swan, as seen in the picture. In fact, she is the most beautiful person in the world.


Read more: https://getpocket.com/explore/item/scientists-find-3-ways-a-mother-s-support-benefits-her-kids-over-a-lifetime

Here is a short film whose Director/Producer Meir Kay says “Nothing in the world is as powerful than a mother’s love for her child. A connection so strong and special it can do miraculous things.”Mr Kay also says, “I came across a story concerning Edison and his mother, but further investigation lead me to believe that such a story never took place and so I adapted it accordingly. The truth still remains that nothing can replace a mother’s love. I’d like to dedicate this video to my mother who’s unconditional love and support has driven me to be the man I am today.”



You can read and other such posts on my lifestyle blog Better Life Info

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Capital murder charge filed against mother accused of drugging Jason Marks, 6, to death for insurance money – Life And Crime Stories

Source: Capital murder charge filed against mother accused of drugging Jason Marks, 6, to death for insurance money – Life And Crime Stories

Money is important, but what would you say if a woman kills her child for insurance money.

Ashley Marks has been charged with capital murder after she allegedly killed her 6-year-old son with a toxic mix of methamphetamine and cocaine for insurance money, according to Harris County court records.

25-year-old appeared before a judge on April 1 in Harris County court   where prosecutors read a  charge of capital murder against her in the death of  June 27 death of Jason Sanchez Marks, according to court records.

Prosecutors say Marks allegedly killed the boy to collect on two life insurance policies totaling $100,000.

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences ruled the cause of death as the toxic effects of chlorpheniramine, dextromethorphan and diphenhydramine with methamphetamine. The agency said the boy’s manner of death was homicide.

Prosecutors have accused Marks of causing Jason’s death by administering those drugs.

According to the medical examiner, the boy died at his grandfather’s house.

Marks is due to make her first appearance in court before Judge Robert Johnson in the 177th criminal court on April 5.

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Marital relationship and counseling – Life And Crime Stories

I believe that communication is key to success in everything from your career to personal relationships. This is true especially in the case of marriages.

Due to an absence of communication which generates an inability to associate with each various other, many marriages start failing. When this happens a couple must seek the advice of elders in the family. You should even visit a marriage counselor before the worst thing happens to your marriage. It only shows that you care for the relationship.

Here is an article on what a couple can expect from marriage counseling. But remember even counselors cannot help until you communicate your problems clearly to them.

What To Anticipate from Marital Relationship As Well As Counseling

Source: Marital relationship and counseling – Life And Crime Stories

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Is there anything like a Perfect relationship ? – Towards A Better Life

In my post Valentine’s Day Blogging Party I had said, ‘Love is a give and take relationship that has nothing to do with sex.’ Here is an article from another blogger that reaffirms what I had said. This article from medstoriestoday.wordpress.com says perfect relationship is the one where everyone is ready to compromise for each other. There is something that you give up and in return you get something else out of it.

Source: Is there anything like a Perfect relationship ? – Towards A Better Life

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Is It the Right Person at the Wrong Time? 3 Ways to Know – Life And Crime Stories

Sometimes you meet someone you like and who seems to be the right person for you. But, you are going through a rough time and circumstances around you are wrong. The best thing in such a situation …

Source: Is It the Right Person at the Wrong Time? 3 Ways to Know – Life And Crime Stories

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Love can happen at any age, any time

Love can happen at age and any time even in the times of Covid-19. The year 2020 seems to have been the worst for falling in love. But, if you want to know what two elderly people did to keep the flame burning even during the pandemic read this: 94-year-olds in New York find love in the time of coronavirus – Towards A Better Life

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Love Is In The Air

It’s a Sunday and a joyful day as love is in the air

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