India’s love affair with poverty

We can list down a thousand reasons why India cannot lift millions of her citizens out of poverty even to this age. Corruption, the inefficiency of her pillars, the socialistic past, the siphoned off wealth by colonizers, so on and on. Among all undeniably valid excuses, one of the critical factors is probably a psychological […]

India’s love affair with poverty

A sad reality!

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One Proud Post— Okay Let’s Make That Many. Sorry.

I was sent this idea a while back and thought that it would be a great way to look back and reflect. What a better way to start the last month of 2020 than to reflect. The topic that I was given was looking back at my posts and thinking which one was the post that I was the proudest of. However, in looking back, I don’t just have that one post that I am proud of, I have a few, and I would like to look back and look at why they are my favorite. I will admit that when I was looking back at these posts, I was surprised that none of my reviews are on this list. There are a lot of accomplishments that I have made over the years since I have started this blog, but none of those posts are giving me that excitement of yeah I wrote this. So let’s begin. Before we start, I will have to say that these posts are not in order of significance, I am mostly doing it in chronological order of newest first. 

  1. I have two blog posts from this year that I am proud of. The first one is Little Changes. I liked how this post made me think back at how much I have grown not only as a person but as a blogger. The other post from this year that I have like is Let’s Get Inspired!. This post did focus on my growth as a writer. It made me look back at those beginning months and days when I first started this blog and has made me realize how much everything has changed since that fateful day in 2013. I do like both of these posts for their reflective nature.
  2. My next proud post will not happen until 2016. I have mentioned this post recently, but I do want to mention it since I do feel pride when I reread this post. I feel as though this is one of my best-written works. A Letter to the World is on this list since I cannot help but love how powerful this post was. It does help that it was written shortly after the election in 2016, which was politically powerful at the time, but still, it is still carrying its weight and wisdom. 
  3. My next poem comes from 2015 after a dear friend passed away. I am glad for this post since I completely forgot about this poem. However, after reading this poem, I am glad that I wrote it. It is a beautiful poem that should be shared again. A Poem for a Dear Friend does bring me a sense of pride that I did share this. I am grateful for the responses that I have received from people during that time period. 
  4. This post is automatically on this list. When I first thought about writing my proud post I thought about this writing response from Bloggers University. The Window is my most liked and responded post from that time. I have posted its sequel The Door, and I have never posted the other sequel or finished the last short story in the series. The one thing that I love about this post is that it taught me the power of being okay to change the direction of your writing. That the change can be a really good thing and it will benefit you and your readers. 

After that, I was not able to find a post that sparked that pride. I do realize that 2013 and 2014 was the start of my blogging days and I was still trying to figure out what I wanted out of my blog and what I wanted to give. In a sense, I was on the journey of discovering my voice. If I am, to be honest, I still am. Writing is not that easy for me, and to find a piece that I can be proud of comes far too few. I am glad that I have been asked to do this post because it gave me a chance to reflect and to remind myself that yes, I am a great writer with readers who wants to read my work. 

Thank you for following along with me on this journey. I hope that you too will look back and find works that you are proud of. You may be surprised by some of the posts that you have made in the past. Don’t just limit yourself to the last few months. I encourage you to do this and to post your proudest post down below and tell us why. Or better yet make another post on Bloggers World. Participate in this chain. Let’s remind ourselves of the great writers that we are. 

Until next time, 

Super Bookworm

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