Tracking #2

1. Dancinglightofgrace introduced three new bloggers recently. My previous score was 2. Now my score is 5

2. Sandeept attended and invited two more people. His score is 4.

Let me know if my updated tracking is inaccurate.

Our total score is 9.

3. Even authors can be added to this game of tracking provided they introduce bloggers other than themselves 😃



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A New Record!

1. I received 86 likes on the first day of this year.

2. I have been posting here since October 16th, 2020, consistently. I am the person who came up with the idea for this forum in 2015 during blogging 101 alumni class organized by blogging university of WordPress. They don’t do those anymore.

3. I acted as one of the admins for four months in the year 2015.

4. I thank Pam and others for allowing me to post here again. Thanks for your support. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without you. Have a wonderful 2021!

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