Why Can’t You Write A Midrash?

Here’s why? Midrash Madras Rash midriff rifrrraff far-off Foofaraw aww Rastafaria aria Ria rialta altar tarraplain Terra firma Burma marmalade Crickets chirp some bark Quarks dance around quasars Rash driving ashes to ashes Dust to dust in August gusto story

Why Can’t You Write A Midrash?

I had no idea of coup-de-tete in Burma when I published this verse about a day ago. I read about it in news this morning. It’s similar to mentioning Catherine in a verse when the next day Sandeept talked about her being an admin. Though eventually the suspense was resolved in the latter case after some emails.

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English Vocabulary Expansion!

Hello Friends 🙂 You all know importance of a good vocabulary as writers. I come from a country where English is the second language. I started learning English quite late as my courses in school were taught mostly in my mother tongue Hindi. When I realized importance of a sound vocabulary–I started learning new words. […]

English Vocabulary Expansion!

This is one of my earliest posts here which resembles an introduction to Weekly Features. It has a link to vocabulary.com . Thankfully, i am still playing on that site regularly. I entered its ‘Hall of Fame’ once in 2017 and stayed there for about an year. I was a top monthly scorer for three months in a row in 2017: an achievement i am proud of. Do you have any such sites to recommend? Please leave a comment if you do.

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