A Controversial Post!

1. A French singer Indila was recommended by Spotify this morning. I instantly fell in love with her voice. It was after Madonna, Alizee and Poppy and yes…Summer Wine that I found someone with a mesmerizing voice and yes…the siren girl Kyle. Indila loves India. Hence her name. It was soothing to hear a new voice this evening after jogging. Usually you like one or two songs: for example: interweb by Poppy or Rasputin by Boney M. Indila’s album has all songs worth being enjoyed. I hope you would like listening her voice. I don’t know French but I love Ketchup song which was recommended by Rishuu whose father was Ranji trophy coach. It’s a relevant info with respect because I am practicing bowling these days. It creates synchronicity. Rishuu was(is) a nice sketch artist and he disappeared along with his counterpart in 2018. Since then I didn’t try harder to contact him. But since he knows where to find me: it shouldn’t be difficult to get in touch if he finds it saif.

2. Momos. I had patience. Money. There were only couple of people on shop. I enjoyed the sauce and waiting. If you have some essential things: late Autumn and Winter is a rare luxury here. We keep burning in scorching Sun for most of the year. October Sun begins romancing and November Sun deepens it. December shows the true colors of all 12.

3. Vocabulary jams: ranks 3, 3, 4, 3 and 3….hmmm…not sure about the last rank. I am not done yet. As I am getting more and more popular with every passing day: chances are that there would be familiar faces on jam. Perhaps I wouldn’t have to do this all after three more decades. End is approaching soon. I wish to meet Vallalar, Manichavasagar, Ramananda, Nanak, Gandhi, Kabir etc on that side: if that happens. Meera, Aandaal : not a misogynist: a lover of reality. If not many: there would certainly be: either Claire or Ketevan or PC on vocabulary jams. I hope I don’t sound drunk by now.

I intend to play at least 6 jams. Any of you reading it are invited to play. My ID is 11: if you don’t know it already. I loved playing the challenge and gained an entry into top 100 for a time in 2017. I remained top scorer for three months in 2017 before I began blogging. I then had a laptop, some money to consume coffee, freedom to play vocabulary jams all day long. It used to take 5 to 7 hours to reach a decent score which remained unbeaten for about 10 hours. Those were the days!

4. Now: I intend to publish a Tohu verse dedicated to all beautiful women in my life at present:

If you don’t find your name in it: please don’t be disappointed. I would embed it in another post if you comment on this post. Not to women empowerment but to the fact that women are used as a tool by cults to make healthier and healthier men to struggle for less and less number of women. Basically: sustenance for Moon. Water. Basically: Gurdjieff.

Here’s the difficult Tohu as Oneta seems to have disappeared:


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