The sheets of cloud #4

The sheets of cloud Don’t ring loud They were all created by me For you It’s true Through and through Rough and tough Thick and thin Kith and kin Myth and din Alpha Omega theta Beta gamma zeta Catherine and Reta They were all created by me For you Oh darling in Darlington On onions […]

The sheets of cloud #4

Hey Sandeept,

1. I published this poem 13 hours ago on my blog.

2. The thirteenth line has ‘Catherine’ in it.

3. It was the prompt number #4 on My Valiant Soul’s instagram ID.

4. My Valiant Soul has 13 letters.

5. I was born on Friday the 13th.

6. Triskaidekaphobia is a real fear in West.

7. None of the things above were concocted by me but do look magical by what has been ongoing here recently!

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Blossom sommelier

Glossum summum bonum

Numbat battue Tuesday

Munchkin pumpkin kinship

Shipwrecked hip-hop

Operand Zed eye

Hawkeye eyelet

Hawkshaw hawker kerchief

Lumpsum floatsam throatsam

Jetsam Sammy Jenkins

Cotton candies

Rotten dandies

Tomatoes potatoes ginger

A poem descends

A verse ascends

Prompt: My Valiant Soul on instagram

Image credit: myself

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