Prakriti Govil, Baba Ramdev and Atal Bihari Vajpayee!

1. On December 25, 2011 I was in Mysore in the biggest Church in Asia. Or was it the second biggest or the third?

2. I saw them igniting candles which suggests one consciousness helping others to bloom.

3. I was there with a friend. Her name is Prakriti Govil. She told me that her family members were trying to get her married.

4. I met her father, brother and mother. We had breakfast in a restaurant. Idlee and Sambhar. Some of the best. This was an event which was made by Jasveer as a point to be recalled when I least expected it from him.

5. I never had anything to hide because I never did anything illegal. The moment i met her i told her that I didn’t want to get married.

6. She had clout. She got me train tickets for sleeping class while it was in the waiting. How many people have done that for me?

7. We had hanky-panky but no sexual intercourse. She later said on phone: ” you used me.”

She didn’t realise even for once what agonies I had to go through. I told her over the phone: “we both used each other.”

It was Kapaal Bhaati Pranayama(Shodhana Kriya) which saved me. Else I was suffering from a stroke in which I couldn’t move my hands. Her parents were close to one minister in government. I knew breathing techniques even before Ramdev began teaching them but he popularized them.

8. I never made any false promises to her. She moved out of relationship on her own.

9. Baba Ramdev was also born on December 25. He played a key role in creating BJP government along with Subramanian Swamy.

10. Ramdev was in some kind of communication with me somehow. Or so I thought. Once I was watching TV and journalist asked him exactly the question I had in mind: if he ever got cough or cold. It happens. But not the thing: where he recommended Kumbhaka for more than two minutes to check if one has Covid or not. I had written in a post about him being a Sefirod along with Prahlad Jaani and criticized him for not teaching Kumbhaka. The Twitter video with Raman Reti elephant ride was made to make me feel ashamed for my statement in college days to my landlord. Happy Birthday Babaji! Prahlad Jaani passed away. Why did he leave me in this vast world. Oh Mataji!

11. Atal Bihari Vajpayee also has his birthday on Christmas. I was never fond of him. This year I got to read some of his verses in library. One of them is an appreciation of Subramanian Swamy where Swamy eluded police during emergency and reached somewhere.

12. This post is all about politics. I didn’t know that she was so close to Lingayat aristocracy else i would have stayed away from her. I hope she’s happy. Was it the case on me my brother was trying to talk about when I tried escaping and bought a ticket on bus stand? If it’s the case: I never received any summons or notice.

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