Pam is WordPress

1. Before leaving the forum she said she had informed WordPress.

2. Sandeept announces that Pam has given it him.

3. Kristina took it(when i didn’t realize that there was a lot coming on my way within next four months .) Piyusha snatched it. I had requested Kristina to make Rashmi an admin. Meanwhile Sandeept was an admin before he gave it to Piyusha.

4. What am i missing? WordPress must have communicated it to Pam to choose her successor even if he wasn’t active here recently to save the forum from its merciless father.

PS: please don’t delete this post. I beg.

Edit: i was informed by Sandeept in the comments section of his post this morning about a technical error on behalf of WordPress. In the point number #3 of this post the assertion that he was an admin is based on a post i saw this morning. The link was shared in a post made after this one. The admin change auttomattically changes post titles to attribute them to current admin even if they were made by someone else. I don’t have ids of happiness engineers to tag them.

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