India’s love affair with poverty

We can list down a thousand reasons why India cannot lift millions of her citizens out of poverty even to this age. Corruption, the inefficiency of her pillars, the socialistic past, the siphoned off wealth by colonizers, so on and on. Among all undeniably valid excuses, one of the critical factors is probably a psychological […]

India’s love affair with poverty

A sad reality!

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At least 8000 rupees per month!

According to the top news published in Dainik Bhaskar today: farmers are earning about 8000 rupees per month. Give or take. I am earning 1000 rupees . Give or take. I have sought work for three years. Don’t let any farmers or anyone who has an income more than mine ask me to join their movement or support their union or party unless my income is at least 8000 rupees per month.

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