How to use your smartphone to start a morning routine for a great day

Is your phone a source of sleeplessness or can you become a morning person with it? Learn to use your smartphone to start a morning routine for a great day.

Is there anything more dismal than waking up to the sound of your alarm clock? You’re not alone if you despise waking up. Many people have become reformed late-morning sleepers, and many more still struggle to get out of bed on time .Is your smartphone capable of assisting you in becoming a morning person?

Here’s how you can use your smartphone to start a morning routine for a great day.

Get to Bed on Time: It’s true—the greatest way to set yourself up for success the next morning is to get a head start the night before. An early start just means you have more time to shine.It seeks to wake you up during your lightest sleep in the morning by monitoring your sleep cycles throughout the night.

Activate Your Body: Morning exercise can be as simple as a stretching routine or as strenuous as a regular jog around the block. But you gotta do it, as activating your body early in the morning will not just keep your healthy but also competent to complete your daily task list.

Nourish Thyself: A good breakfast every morning is essential for providing you with the energy you need to perform at your best. Make your breakfast the night before to save time the next morning.

Begin a Daily Journaling Practice: Committing to writing a daily journal entry, either on paper or using one of the many journaling templates available online, is one of the most effective ways to grow yourself as a person.

An early-morning ritual is the ideal time to review your daily affirmations, go over your to-do list, or simply express thanks for everything great in your life. Start a morning routine in this way for a great day during which you will do your best.

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Power of a book – Towards A Better Life

The power of a book lies in its ability to make you think beyond the surface and elevate you from ‘great to greater.’ The right book can open your mind to new ideas and motive you to live a better life.

A book is a medium to change lives for the better through the transmission of knowledge, wisdom, or ideas. This is the written word’s power, but many people underestimate the power of a book.

Unfortunately, I must inform you that one of the secrets of self-development is that whatever solution to a problem you seek is in a book somewhere that you have been unwilling to locate and read!A book, particularly a nonfiction book, exists to extract a single, contained collection of wisdom or ideas from the author’s head and share them with readers.

Simply described, a book is a medium for the transmission of knowledge, wisdom, or ideas.
It’s all in a book, which can fit in the palm of your hand or in your electronic library.

The power of a book enables it to open your mind to new ideas, motivate you to create something new, or cause you to become a winner in some aspect of your life, just like the author.

You can collaborate with an author to alter your life by using their keys to success through a book. The key is to understand the deep meaning behind the words in a book.

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What key life skills should kids learn in school?

Students learn a lot in high school like solving complex equations. But, there a lot of key life skills that kids should be taught in school to help them live happier lives.

High schools teach you how to properly study classic novels and understand the fundamentals of biology, among other things. While disciplines like mathematics and physics are vital, many kids would benefit from a high school curriculum that is more practical. While some of these abilities are best taught by parents, others can be included into classroom curricula.

Here are some life skills that kids should be taught in school to help you live a better and happier life

Time Management: Teachers and parents can assist high school students in developing strong time management skills. This includes educating children on the importance of prioritizing activities and making difficult decisions about what is most essential. It’s not a big problem if kids forget about a homework assignment or require an extra day to do one.

Simple Household Chores: How many high school students are required to change a light bulb? A chore as easy as changing a light bulb may not seem like a huge deal, but high school students should have the opportunity to do it. They should also acquire other skills, such as how to hang a picture, switch off the power, and unclog a drain.

How to Take Care of Yourself: To minimise burnout, teachers and parents can urge kids to listen to their bodies. High school is an excellent age to begin educating pupils about self-care. Many folks could benefit from learning good stress management techniques.

The Fundamentals of Saving and Investing: Saving for retirement or even a rainy day isn’t at the top of most teenagers’ priority lists, but it should be. Some high schools provide lessons in which students engage in a virtual stock market, but the investing should go beyond that. Teach teenagers about mutual funds, 401ks, and the importance of having some money set aside for emergencies.

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Why you should launch your startup in 2022 – Towards A Better Life

Is launching a startup in 2022 your New Year resolution, but you are hesitant? This article contains several reasons for you to start your own business next year. You may desire to establish your own business for a variety of reasons, such as capitalising on an opportunity or meeting a need in your community.

Towards A Better Life is committed to motivating entrepreneurs and providing you with the resources and know-how you need to succeed. And so we’ve created a list of reasons why you should start your own business below.

Here’s why you should launch your startup in 2022.

Make More Money: There’s no denying the fact that money is important. Unless you work on commission, your full-time income is most certainly limited. When you establish your own business, you have complete control over how much money you make. As a business owner, there is no pay ceiling. You can always make more money and grow your company.

Discover Your Purpose: Have you ever felt like you don’t have a purpose at work? Starting a business can provide wonderful meaning and purpose to your life—this is not the same as becoming a workaholic. When you discover your mission and create a business around it, you are no longer working; instead, you are fulfilling a dream. Meaning is created when freedom, pride, enthusiasm, and commitment come together to form a sense of purpose, motivation, and overwhelming worth. We can all agree that living a meaningful life is a good conclusion. And it doesn’t have to be confined to a daydream.

Control Your Schedule: When you start your own business, you may be as flexible as you want with your schedule. It’s up to you whether you want to sleep in, stay up late, work half days, or take off every Friday. The early stages of your firm will be hectic, but as you grow and learn to delegate, you’ll find yourself with more free time. You may like to immerse yourself in your work and pour your heart and soul into it; this is also possible.You have complete control over your schedule.

I pray to the One Almighty God to bless all my readers and followers with Peace, Health (no more Covid-19 or Omicron), Wealth and all the other good things of life in 2022 and beyond.

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If after reading this post you would want to How to Start a Business in 2022. Watch this video

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How to motivate yourself for a better 2022 in 3 easy steps – Towards A Better Life

2022 is round the corner and we must welcome it with a lot of hope, dreams, and goals. Yes I said goals not resolutions because the former is always better than the later. Whatever you plan to do in the next year, you will need a lot of motivation to complete it. Hence, I bring you this article that has 3 easy steps for the motivation you need to get things done.

Motivation can provide the extra push you need to complete a task, but it does not always appear when you need it. If you want to attain long-term goals, make sure you have clear and manageable goals. Peer pressure can be beneficial, so ask a friend, family member, or group to hold you accountable.

Here are the 3 steps for the motivation required to do almost anything.

Step 1: Remind yourself of the reasons why you want to do something

Sometimes we need a little push to get started on a task or endeavor. Say out loud or write down why you need to do something. Tell yourself the advantages of completing the task. Remind yourself of the consequences of procrastination.

Create a vision board using photos that symbolise what you want to achieve in your life. It will serve as a reminder of what you are truly passionate about.

Step 2: Divide your job into smaller portions

You may detest working long hours, but if you divide your day into smaller chunks, work can be more manageable. To gain momentum, begin with simpler chores that you can do quickly. In a planner or calendar app, set out time for segments and tasks. Mark off distinct tasks and time periods with different colors. This can help to split up your day and make it simpler to deal with.

Step 3: Promise yourself a reward after you complete a task

Even if it’s a minor success, give yourself a pat on the back. You can take a brief break from work, reward yourself with a snack or a latte, get a massage, or celebrate with friends.This might keep you motivated and thrilled for the next stage.

You should also remember to make your activities enjoyable. Find a strategy to make the assignment more interesting in this scenario. You could involve others or challenge yourself in a different way.
Changing things up can also help you get more done. Compete with a friend while studying for a test.

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The Idea Collection – Towards A Better Life

Books are still your best friends in this digital age, where information is at your fingertips. Do you want to know how tall is the Eiffel Tower? Google it. How about if you want to know why is the sky blue? Ask Siri. You get the picture. The point is, to read a physical book has become a relic of the past, like riding a horse. Unnecessary, useless, mundane.

The problem with this idea is the fact that any time you watch an interview on YouTube where a podcaster is interviewing a leader in whatever field it is that they are leading, it is almost guaranteed that behind that leader, you will find a personal library. Not a Kindle, and definitely not Alexa. A personal library. Why are books still relevant in spite of the benefits of the digital age? More specifically, why are personal libraries still relevant when public libraries are available?

What I am not saying is that public libraries are unnecessary. On the contrary, public libraries are essential for providing access to Great Ideas for everybody, regardless of their financial situation. What I am saying, however, is that a Personal Library is better than a Public Library.

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Here’s why you need self-education to survive in today’s world

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

That’s a quote by Emmanuel James “Jim” Rohn , who was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.

If you’re lucky, the formal education you receive in school can only provide you with a job that allows you to survive. However, the things you acquire on your own through self-education can help you accumulate money. Self-education can be used to supplement the formal education you received in school. Let us look at it at the individual level while the government and social organisations explore ways to address the widespread unemployment.

As unemployment rates have skyrocketed for the youth, especially after  the pandemic, there is one clear conclusion that can be drawn. The conclusion is that you need to self-educate yourself with new skills needed to get work in today’s world because formal schooling is failing to teach them.

What are your options if formal schooling fails to provide you with a living? I am confident that the only alternative choice will get you out of this situation is to look for the talents on your own. You should gain practical skills in addition to the knowledge you acquired in school. Entrepreneurship is a term for this form of self-education.

Making money is not something that is taught in school.

There isn’t a school where you can learn how to make money. Yes, if you are fortunate enough to land a job in government or a non-profit organisation, you can live comfortably for years on the monthly pay you would receive. However, it will never provide you with a wealth. It is never going to make you wealthy.

You must acquire practical knowledge, and learn to earn money, for which self-education is vital. It will help you earn enough money to survive in today’s world, even if you don’t make a fortune.

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How to become highly confident with 14 tips

An organisation is never more confident than its leader, emphasising the necessity of leaders demonstrating unwavering confidence in themselves, their vision, strategy, and people. You will find 14 tips in this article that can help you become a highly confident person.

Leading with confidence entails subtleties such as avoiding the reverse (leading from a place of fear) and knowing how to deal with criticism.

It also entails understanding not only what features to project but also which actions to avoid.

Having seen a multitude of leaders over a 30-plus-year career, from über-confident to the point of arrogance down to timid and unsure, I’ve developed an eye for what constitutes highly (but not unjustifiably) confident leaders and the behavioral traps they avoid.

Here are 3 of the 14 behaviors that can make you a highly confident person:

  1. They are not looking for attention or praise. In fact, very confident people seek for opportunities to praise the accomplishments of others.
  1. They refuse to make excuses. Excuses are an attempt to dodge accountability and blame.
    Confident people embrace accountability and don’t worry about being blamed.
    They own their mistakes and command respect accordingly.
  2. They aren’t defensive. In fact, confident people are open-minded about their mistakes and what they could have done better, thus avoiding the need to redirect anything to anyone.

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Here are 7 Habits of Highly Self Confident People

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What to do if you are a packrat

In one of my posts earlier I had talked about using comments on your post to create a new one. Well, I am just doing just that in this article.

In response to my latest article How to stop your house looking like a trash bin, one of my blogging community members Time Traveler of Life had written : “What are you to do, if you are a packrat? We try to keep it up, but occasionally it gets away from us. We are always working on getting rid of stuff at yard sales.”

Well here’s the answer to my friend’s question: “What are you to do, if you are a packrat?”:

Google says a packrat is a person who collects or hoards especially unneeded items. Downsizing is a wise decision whether your children have finally moved out, you’ve decided you don’t need as much space as you have, or you simply want to save money.
It might significantly reduce your rent or mortgage payments as well as your electricity expenditures.

Even if you don’t want to downsize, getting rid of “things” you no longer need can help reduce clutter and potentially earn you some extra money.

Furthermore, because yard sale season is in full force throughout the summer, it is a perfect time to sell used stuff.

Downsizing, on the other hand, can be intimidating if you’re a pack rat.
We frequently collect enough stuff to fill the places where we dwell, just like a gold fish expands to meet the size of its bowl.

Some of these items, such as sentimental gifts, may be tough to let go of.
Feeling as if you “wasted money” if you get rid of something you scarcely used, or believing an item may be beneficial eventually, can add to the stress.

Here are some simple actions to follow to get rid of unwanted items:

“When was the last time I used this?” and “When am I going to use it again?”
Toss anything you haven’t used in the last year and can’t see yourself using it again.

Maintain a “get rid of” bin. Make it easy to say goodbye to belongings by designating a bin for getting rid of things.

This way, when you come across something you no longer require, you won’t think to yourself, “I need to remember I have that when I host my next yard sale,” and you won’t forget the item.”

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How to stop your house looking like a trash bin

Clutter and mess are an unavoidable part of life, no matter how hard you try to prevent them.
And, while there are ways to cope with it – or even include it into your interior design aesthetic, as is trending on Instagram right now — there comes a point when it all becomes too much.

Living with possessions you don’t need or want is probably influencing you in ways you aren’t even aware of.
A research from the University of California, for example, discovered that women who lived in dirty homes had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Clutter can also interfere with attention — Princeton University researchers revealed that when a person’s visual cortex is overburdened by objects unrelated to a certain job, it becomes difficult to focus.
Clutter has also been connected to sleep disorders and dietary problems.

Keeping your space as organised and clutter-free as feasible is thus a vital element of taking care of oneself. The ultimate goal is to have a strong routine in place to keep things neat all of the time, but even with that, establishing a quiet, tidy atmosphere frequently necessitates regular decluttering as well. All this has become more necessary now, if you had started working from home after the Covid-19 pandemic and want to continue doing it.

Reorganizing your house halfway through the year, or even near the end, will refresh the place where you live. It will also help you maintain things neat in the long run.
I am a lazy bone myself. And I have to thank my wife honestly for doing all the work around our home and even outside of it. That includes daily chores like buying the grocery and even calling a plumber or electrician whenever if the house needs one. So the best tip I found in the article in the link given below is to

Re-organise your space to make keeping tidy easier

Often mess accumulates when you’re looking for something and you have to displace other things in the process. It’s therefore crucial that you’re putting things away in the right order. This applies to storage in every room but it’s particularly useful in bedrooms and kitchens, as you’re probably reaching for different things in these rooms every day.

“Anything you use occasionally – less than once a month – should live high up,” Vicky says, whether this is in a top cupboard or on top of a wardrobe. “Never block something in a cupboard that you want to use daily,” she adds.

Another tip Vicky recommends is storing your most-used items in a way that allows you to see them at all times. “If you can see it, you’ll use it,” she says. “The opposite applies to things you don’t use regularly – distraction can weigh us down so keep them out of your eye-line.”

For more tips on how to stop your house looking like a trash bin:

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