Thankyou Lia!

1. Lia of Lia The Poet blog on poetry commented on one of my verses(Sunflowers.)

2. I don’t know if she remembers any of it. I should share it as it’s something of value to me personally.

3. I first read her comment on Charlie Zero’s poetry blog. There, in the comments section she was shown as ‘Bloom Words’. She was indulging in Wordplay. I am fond of that. Later, self-proclaimed pundit killing with blog posts thread and its response.

4. Then Nadine’s identity merged into Lia’s. Call it David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive or my very own prosopagnosia of identities : I kept visiting Lia’s blog to read her prolific verses. France to Canada. Most poets don’t like this kind of attention. She often used to go private, like Nandita and often deleted my comments. Maybe they were in her spams. At least once she reported me to WordPress. Today she liked my verse and commented on it. I was not able to launch my WordPress blog when I spoke to her for help on it. Now a lot has happened since then and yet I recall her as a standard in my blogging past.

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The Pebble

This poem is short and sweet. I took permission of the poet to repost it here. Kindly visit their blog, like and follow if it suits you! Cheers.

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More WordPress Sites!

As promised in previous such post. I should have sandwiched this one with that post in which I mentioned Lori’s blog but it’s alright.

1. Rachna is fond of forests and an ecosystem activist. She is a conversationist. Please visit her site or leave your site address here if you want such a mention in next post like this.

2. Stories From Sandeept.

Sandeept is a critical thinker and a blogger from Nepal. I don’t know if he’s the same guy I knew by the name of Ankit who was from Nepal: in which case I have nothing more to say about him.


Aquib is a storyteller, poet, activist and a whistleblower. He absolutely hates pedophiles, phishers, unethical hackers and trolls. If you don’t know him already you might visit his site for a taste of poetry.

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