Ashoka Cineplex!

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A Friday!

Early morning pictures and notes. Your feedback is valuable to me.

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Sunday Drive 1/30/22

My son Aaron had the day off from work, so we decided to take a little road trip to a wildlife reserve on the Minnesota/North Dakota border in hopes of getting photos of elk or caribou. We set out before daybreak. The morning clouds looked like rippling dunes of golden sand. We hadn’t gone far, […]

Sunday Drive 1/30/22

The next piece of missing puzzle. Vlues come from Michael Jordan’s blog post. You see friends we shared a post sbout a visit in Australia recently…hope you would visit their site for verses and clues. Thanks for your valuable time! 07:38:07:02:2022:00 #timestamp.

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Torii Ascension

Torii Ascension

Very asthetic. Blue waters, clouds, mountain and ascension! Thanks Michael Atkins!

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‘Cosmic web’ reveals maze of dwarf galaxies | Breaking News, Latest News, World, South Asia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh News & Analysis

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Evening 822021

1. Registered 5 titles in library as I was watching the rehearsal of Tender For Taj Mahal, a play written by Ajay Shukla.

2. Came across a book on Tamil culture and literature by Avadhnandan. The peculiar stories about Nayanmars were intriguing. I read these stories shrouded in mystery of devotional epic miracles which can be neither verified nor denied. Telangana, Telugu and Trilanga are all synonyms of Trilinga or three Lingas. One mystic known as the Walking Shiva of Benaras was Avadhoot Trailanga Swami. Shiv and Rudra were separate entities in the beginning. Shiv being of Tamil origin and Rudra being Aryan in origin.

3. Took a class and walked at the Sunset. Had water balls. Took some pictures and went to see a kitchen garden which had Supermulching arrangement with extra space between flower beds which was stuffed with lemon grass plants.

Here are some pictures:

Courtesy: Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

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Bundelkhand Gaushala Nowgong Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh!

1. After the completion of Shivansh Compost Process– the in-charge of NGO for cows took us on a brief tour around the building. I took some pictures:

The Sun!

2. On an imaginary road where Jaiminee Atmakarakas walk: Sun and Mars walked hand-in-hand yesterday until Sun took the post of Atmakaraka. In other words: Sun has transitioned faster than Mars in the sign of Capricorn.

Newborn calves

3. They’ve about 500 cows here. Cows which can no longer give milk or aging are also sheltered here. It’s, in the words of our tour guide an orphanage for cows.

4. They’ve a roadmap. The cowshed has existed for more than 40 years but the milk production is less than 5 litres! Who would believe? 500 cows and no milk! The cowshed in Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh produces about 15 litres with 48 cows. It might be because of the difference in breeds of cows.

5. The roadmap has a temple, a park, an organic farming garden and a hospital among other things. The organization is sponsored by RSS and BJP as you can see giant pictures of their founders in the office.

Bundelkhand Gaushala Nowgong Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

6. On 12th of January which is celebrated as National Youth Day here, I passed by this shelter as I was participating in a marathon. I didn’t imagine that I would get to visit it so soon. I hope it develops further to help unprotected animals and even begins to produce more milk which might at least be used to feed children of caretakers who reside here.

Image credit: self, Courtesy: Bundelkhand Gaushala Nowgong Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh 471001

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Beautiful Reflection


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Superkilen, Nørrebro

Jiji’s blog has many such wonderful posts with pictures from Copenhagen. I hope you enjoy visiting her blog. Thanks.

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