You know there are books that motivate you to travel because the fictional world is just too mind-blowing! Take Harry potter or GoT for instance!

But sometimes, the book just happens to be featuring on your kindle because you have a long wait ahead at the airport, and getting involved with a book is far better than glaring at irresponsible public neglecting all social distancing measures. And sometimes, such lucky coincidences match up brilliantly with the place your are visiting. This is the story of such a match!

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Birthday Month

It’s the occassion of Strawberry supermoon today! Maybe that’s why an extra post…. or maybe its the fact that I turned a year older on Sunday, and I had a lot of time to think beyond the schedules of posts that have been lined up.

What’s the conscious thought that rages your mind on your birthday? For me, it wont be the mortality factor…but mostly a consolation to self that while age is just a number, I am proud of the fact that my circle is more quality that quantity. That is considered as a sign of maturity right? However, there is a high possibility that its just a deluded mind unraveling quickly.. you never know!

Any June babies out here??

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Discussion with Michael Atkins at!

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Children’s Day Display!

In India, Children’s Day is celebrated on November 14th. The first prime minister of India was also a freedom fighter and his birthday was on November 14th. That’s the prime reason for it.

Hope you would visit Michael’s photography blog which explores Japan where he currently resides.

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Shot of the Day 5/5/22

It’s a beautiful spring day And finally time for us To come down out of the trees And clamber around on the rocks –Photo by me

Shot of the Day 5/5/22

It’s scorching heat of summer in India where I live. This picture by Michael is soothing. Hope you would visit his website and subscribe. Have a nice day!

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obstacles (tanka)

Audio Domine minecraft. Hope you would visit Michael’s site which is rich with photographs and verses.

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Pigeons Flocking to the Street

Michael Atkins’ art!

Pigeons Flocking to the Street

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Art by Michael Atkins. Please visit.

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Shutterbug Showcase- Details

Thank you @foodeezjunction for this week’s prompt ‘Details’ (as last week’s post missed due to unavoidable circumstances).

I’m making use of the genre ‘oxymoronic’ (and you’ll perhaps see why in another time and space -and that ‘grotesque’ might also be a fitting categoric definitive, among others).

In the meantime, I’d like to leave you guessing (any idea what it might or might not be?) with the following #shutterbug snap for this week’s #photopost:


and if you’d like to see some really beautiful macro-photography do check out Susan G’s latest macro-moments challenge post in a thread further down the forum for the link to her #photography event – voting for your #1 choice is open for non-participant audience to take part too. [As you can see i don’t do well with macro, nor photography as such, but do enjoy a little playtime here and there 😀 Thanks for reading and to all those who help keep things rolling here! (Prompt for next week to follow once i snap to my breakfast break!)