If you knew the cost of freedom is lonelinessWould you be willing to pay the price? If you knew freedom will cost you loveWould you still let go? One day I offered a bird“I will give you everything you desire but in return you will have to let me clip your wings”The bird laughed.Fool, I […]


1. It’s a beautiful and sensitive verse.

2. It reminds me of ‘bahar daane ka tota hai yahan chugga mota hai,’ a line from a verse by Gajanan Madhava Muktibodh. It also reminds me of Maya Angelou’s ‘Why the caged Bird sings..’

3. I am fond of birds. I observed a beautiful Robin and spoke to her today as it was drizzling.

4. I asked for her permission to reblog it. She hasn’t replied yet. If she refuses i would delete the link.

5. I recommend you to visit her site and like, comment or follow if it appeals you. Onira means dream.

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