Contemporary: Synchronicity|||What Are The Odds???

1. Sandra aka Shine Ferrer specifically told me about her verses and asked my opinion on them.

2. She had accidentally lost all her oeuvre on July 17, 2017.

3. July 17 is the birthday of Izza Ifzaal, the first poetess who first followed me and then somehow reflected/mirrored my interactions with Kristina Van Hoose, the classmate in the August class which became ‘the reason’ behind the creation of this very forum.What are the odds?

4. Izza Ifzaal: Network Engineer. Followed me first.

5. Aakriti Kuntal: Network Engineer. Was introduced by Sandra.

6. When I first discussed verses of Kuntal with Sandra it seemed ‘the reason’ had plagiarized her. Now she says: they’re acquainted. Acquainted people influence each other. Sure. I am not accusing you nor saying that Kuntal programmed my mind in the crystal palace.

7. I had reached a closure. I have forgiven all including myself. To delve into mysteries is human nature.

8. I own my words, verses, images, observations: even if they include names of living persons who are contemporaries. I am the inventor of Tohu verse form.

9. What’s your name again?

Eena meena deeka reena




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