Zeptoseconds Apart!

1. Zeptosecond: it takes 247 zeptoseconds for light to cross an H2 molecule. I read it in Aakriti Anand’s article online. The article had many other points like water on Mars, Moon, brain prewired for word recognition and it had two Akshay Kumar advertisements. Khiladi Kumar was one of my favorites growing up. One of the richest stars has a citizenship of Canada. Me also want that. Me no Khiladi Kumar. Me need work harder study harder!

2. As i reflect back on this year: the biggest success might be harmonious relationships restored online. Getting back on Blogger’s World. Being able to comment on Devika’s blog: these two restore some balance to damage done in 2015 and 2017 respectively. Not all wounds heal and they don’t heal equally. Chelpa birds. Time cycles.

3. I observed a player with jacket number 20 named Pushpendra on ground today. This was, in my mind, an acknowledgement of the fact that i was in the know : the article where i wrote about the Deendayal Rasoi inauguration stone. I also used to teach one bright guy named Pushpendra. The player was so placed in the field that i couldn’t have missed him. Mrityunjaya came with another new player. We practiced together.

4. A Tohu Verse:

It’s Winter,

It’s cold .

I am cold.

You’re cold.

We’re cold.

Stone cold!

Let’s play,



It’s not them people

Who call me home,

It’s ice.

Twice as nice as dice!

Indeed, very nice.

Zeptoseconds apart particles dance,

Is it what Immortality tastes like,

I wonder!

Is it what freedom really tastes like?

I wonder!

Zeptoseconds attoseconds femtoseconds

Seconds minutes hours

Nuts stunts hunts,

It’s not them people who call me home,

Aftermath of broken winter shards wasn’t terse severe reverse reserve,

It’s ice splice lice very nice!

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