For the first time ever, astronomers are witnessing a galaxy’s ‘death’ as it’s happening

Very interesting and informative.

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Admin Updates 1512021

1. Emptied trash.

2. Made statistics post sticky.

3. Moved my Weekly Features post from sticky to unsticky.

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Further Resolution: Activity Log!

1. Separate post: to let all users be aware of technical issue on this site’s activity log.

2. The co-admin asked me if I deleted any posts on January 10 as it shows a post trashed by @dancinglightofgrace

3. I told him I didn’t. I had only trashed drafts.

4. My activity log also shows posts trashed by @sandeept252 about which he never informed me.

5. He told me it was his own drafts.

6. We both deleted drafts. I deleted drafts by other users after notifying tyem.

7. Technically: a draft deleted is registered as post deleted.

I hope we need not contact WordPress about this anymore.

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Polite Notice Post!

Since @Sandeept 252 asked me:

1. After my drafts post: i trashed some old drafts and published some good ones.

2. The ‘polite notice’ one was a big draft with a notice about who was going to take which feature in September 2016.

3. It wasn’t a post.

4. It was a draft. Useless because that format is available in Weekly Features page.

Hope it resolves the ticket raised for me. This separate post to tackle issues step-by-step. The next issue is my trashed posts.

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Good Morning Anand,

I received a new message from Catherine. Her response was positive. She understood my perspective, I guess.

On the other hand, she did not write anything about the trashing of your 60 posts on December 20.


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1. There are about a score of drafts on this blog. Some of them are good posts: might be many hours of hardwork by someone.

2. After discussion with Sandeept: I have reached to this dilemma:

3. If I delete those hardwork drafts: it would be wasting someone’s hardwork. If we let them be: it would only cost a bit of space.

4. If any of you who have good posts worthy of being published in draft get this message : please respond.

@ananyabha @mkjackie99 @jennierawling @colettebates

5. I would spend time to publish those posts if you permit me or trash them if you want otherwise.

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Still trying to understand how this site works

1. I did not put my email address on Contact form but anything written there gets redirected to my (probably all admin’s) email address. I didn’t know about it until this morning.

2. Found messages from Catherine and Rehan sent through the Contact form on my email. Rehan has already been added as an author. So, even if I saw it late, it has been addressed. I forwarded Catherine’s message to Anand.

3. About Catherine, though. She communicated through Contact form (I didn’t even know if it worked, my bad!) but did not write any comment here. It would have been easier to comment, don’t you think?

4. I sent Catherine an email with apologies and my point of view. Hope she understands. Fingers crossed.

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Hi Sandeept,

1. I trashed two private posts which had no content in them. I am also planning to trash all the drafts which don’t belong to any of the active users at present. If you think we shouldn’t do that: please suggest.

2. I made your post regarding Admin Change updates un-sticky to create space for a new post.



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Hello Sandeept!

1. Referring to another thread yesterday:

2. Dancinglightofgrace attended @yamarelle and Vicki

3. Sandept252 attended Cherie and Rehan. He also introduced a blogger by sharing their artwork.

Let me add and edit if you have helped more people.



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Pages Updated

Hi Sandeept,

1. All pages have been updated with new admin tags.

2. All pages have added categories like pages/admin updates/news and updates to them.

3. Updating weekly reckoner page is pending because we don’t have staff yet. The format would help that’s why i have kept it as it’s.



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