‘Cosmic web’ reveals maze of dwarf galaxies | Breaking News, Latest News, World, South Asia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh News & Analysis


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Astronomers Detect a Supermassive Black Hole on the Move – Unusual Motion Thus Far Unexplained – SciTechDaily


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Study on the black hole effect suggests basic perceptual errors are to blame for the dangerous aviation illusion


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Explained: Why is it unusually foggy over north India this winter?


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Another Post Reached To Drafts!

1. Plum glum lumpsum was in drafts

2. I republished it.

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A short info

Due to my academic research work and my family issues, I may not be able to regularly post or interact with people here. I’ll be around, though as I won’t be too far from my home.
@dancinglightofgrace, if some problem arises, please keep me informed but please don’t expect me to check it as quickly.
Thank you
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Nearly 500 stars in our Milky Way galaxy moving together in same direction: Study – SCIENCE News


Theia 456.

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Contacted with Pam!

Hi Anand (@dancinglightofgrace),

I received a mail from Pam from yesterday evening. But I got a bit sick and also had another important task. Sorry for being late.

Pam says she communicated with you via e-mail before deleting some of your posts and she did it because she felt the home page had to be kept fresh before resigning. She had also posted about keeping the forum “current”, hadn’t she? She had also created an archive page. Both of us had opposed the idea if you remember.

She also suggested that writing a post on your blog and sharing the link would be a better idea if you want it preserved. It’s also in the guidelines.


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Comment Trashed?

January 17, 2021


1. The activity log says: lifeenhancer4all trashed my comment.

2. While you have the right to do so. I would like to know the reason if you did that.

3. The comment was this: “very true.”





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Biggest, Youngest Black Hole Ever Shocks Astronomers


This article by Ethan Siegel is detailed analysis of how a young black hole could gain such a huge mass.

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