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In Kate’s world, you would find positive inspiration, motivation, music and accounts of her adventures. I recommend visiting her blog and following if you like.

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Under the unminding sky, Gregory Thielker

Source: gregorythielker.com

Under the unminding sky, Gregory Thielker

Fabulous art work!

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Salt – Poem 144

The temptation lingersPast pulling at my attentionEver at the edges of awarenessBut He calls us to runTo push on to the not yetRun forward with focusTowards hope unseenDon’t look backBut I do.Preserving the warning For all to rememberOne last glance forward.A final farewell to what could have been. Image credit: https://www.behance.net/gallery/44213215/Genesis-1926

Salt – Poem 144

1. Both the picture and verse are lovely.

2. I took author’s permission before posting the link here.

3. I encourage you to visit their site, like, share and subscribe to their blog.

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The Pebble


This poem is short and sweet. I took permission of the poet to repost it here. Kindly visit their blog, like and follow if it suits you! Cheers.

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Ho’ Oponopono, Ancient Wisdom for 2021.


1. This is an informative article. Please visit the author and if you like it leave a comment on their blog.

2. My condolences for people who lost their lives, friends and relatives in an accident in Uttar Pradesh India yesterday.

3. Farmer suicides should stop, either in Delhi or elsewhere. If government is confident about soundness of new laws: why are they not able to communicate them?

4. It’s birthday of Lui Braille and Sir Issac Newton.

5. Venus has entered the sign Saggitarius as per sidereal zodiac. Yesterday’s accident can be attributed to Sun and Mars( path number of day being 9) joining in effect. Many accidents have been reported in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Now Mercury is Jaiminee Atmakaraka for a while. This year 2021 belongs to Mercury. I am surprised to see 5 crore USA people or every fourth child being hungry. It’s not just India or third world countries. I eat subsidized food everyday because i can’t afford good food because of my low income. I strive to give some of my time on Free Rice site run by World Food Programme everyday as it teaches me new words and also donates 5 grains of rice for every correct answer.

6. A Tohu Verse on title which inspired this post. Thanks LaDonna!

Oponopono !

Pentode of Ohs!

Oh oh oh!

An ode to node

Diode oponoponopeonoospheremite

Oh oh oh!


Featured image courtesy: credit: myself. Captured inside Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh, India 471001.

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A Testament of Love!


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Forget It Not


1. I read the poem above by Varnika and couple more by Ken. They’re beautiful verses.

2. I played vocabulary jams on which I scored 1223334 ranks. There were very few players. I would play some more.

3. Based on my discussion with Devika this noon i recalled that i had following blogs:



Absolutely ridiculous

Absolutely ludicrous

Absolutely bunkum

The Art of Dying

Dancing light of grace

4. Thus: I have kept 8 blogs in 9 years. Actually i launched another site last night on WordPress which means i have kept 9 blogs. Blogger’s World is tenth blog to which i have contributed. If you come to think of it i did considerable work on Madphilosophers.com and The Couch Forum before they disappeared.

5. Japuji and Kabir talk about Niranjana as one who can’t be seen but monitors everyone. For the age of Kaali or machines-it’s surveillance. Atheists or scientists may assume that mystics like Kabir and Nanak actually travelled in time to an age where instrumentation was developed beyond their age. Thus present day surveillance and monitoring comes across as Niranjana.

6. Venus has won over Mars in the planetary war. Virgo rises. She enjoys balanced poetic song in the house of ancestors. The constellation of Taurus houses her with her mother in the ninth division. A muse. A warrior. Controlled by wanderers in wild.

7. 7.12.2020. Balance. South node of Moon. Ketu. Ganapati. 7. 5. Mercury. Seventh lunar day in the dark half as per the lunar calendar.

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To December, with Love


1. I wrote couple of verses inspired by what seemed like a strange name of author of this blog this year.

2. Yesterday i asked her etymology of her name and she was gracious enough to respond.

3. I hope you would like to read this Christmas special post and also read our discussion in the comments thread.

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Why Do Crickets Sing?


An informative post written in a lucid manner. Please visit their blog, like and leave a comment.

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Art Maze


Wonderful verse!

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