12 Most common blogging Mistakes That Most Bloggers Make (You might also)

blogxpaffiliate I hope you are probably here because you wanna know what are those blogging mistakes or the Most common blogging Mistakes That Most Bloggers Make that you want to avoid. Then, my nice reader, you have landed in the right places. Today I will discuss with you in detail about what are those blogging […]

12 Most common blogging Mistakes That Most Bloggers Make (You might also)

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Surprise {the power of being aware}

#Life and it’s surprise Surprise —— it is the element of being caught unaware or unknowingly Have you ever been surprised by something in life. Or has life ever surprised you. Most of us live our lives as the surprised, we are always unaware of what’s gonna happen next. Rush in life, never be late. […]

Surprise {the power of being aware}

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The 7 positive promises to yourself

Start your week with positivity.

The 7 positive promises to yourself

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Dying Light

My light is fading

Dying Light

Some of the best existential poetry!

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Embrace Your God-Given Gift

Alrighty then. We all need to embrace who we are, in God. He has gifted each of us with something that will glorify Him and His Kingdom. When we embrace our god given gifts, the world is a healthier place for us all. What is your god given gift? Do you do something that no […]

Embrace Your God-Given Gift

Hello everyone,

Christine is a new blogger who encourages, inspires and entertains her readers via her work. She started writing seriously earlier this year. I hope you would visit her blog and enjoy reading what she shares.


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Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com I agree you are the only key to success, but me and you are just like parallel lines. Without me, everything looks impossible but my work goes unnoticed without you. I am behind the improvement, perfection, and not attention. Is that hard to get, without you? It’s satisfying when […]


An entertaining verse and deep reflection following it. Hope you would visit their blog and read. Thank s

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Hello Curious Readers, Today we’re talking about an important saying by Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “Wisdom is different from knowledge and understanding and life experience. Wisdom is the gift of recognizing the will of God in the concrete tasks of life. – Dietrich Bonhoeffer Take yourself some time to really think about his words. Do you see […]


Lyen is sisters who share their wisdom and recently gained 50 followers. I hope they have a wonderful journey ahead.

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Dotted Mandala

A dot painting is done by drawing dots of various sizes with shades of colours to create shapes and patterns.

Dotted Mandala

Shrishti is a budding blogger who creates amazing Mandala art pictures. She recently gained 100 followers on WordPress. I congratulate her on her achievements and hope you would like to see her artwork on her blog. Thanks.

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Tracking #

Hi Sandeept,

1. With Kathrine and Loren: I have introduced 7 bloggers since we became co-admins.

2. I request for your input regarding tracking. Please comment the number on this post. @sandeept252



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9 Things I learned In 4 Years Of Shadow Blogging

If you’re wondering if there is such thing as shadow blogging, the answer is… It is! I mean, I don’t know if it’s a thing, but that’s what I was starting with February 2016. I wrote the content and a friend of mine posted it as it was his. We both interacted with the readers, […]

9 Things I learned In 4 Years Of Shadow Blogging

Writing about writing knows what they’re doing. This post will be interesting and of help for those who are just beginning to blog or even blog but can’t make much sense of it for themselves!

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