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An article about some names of local villages and cities in Madhya Pradesh India.

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Wherefore ‘ben Alexander’?

Some basics of Jewish names Most Jewish people have Jewish names, which they use in religious contexts, although they do not necessarily go by them in public. Some Jewish names like mine (David) are universal enough, but others do not roll off the gentile tongue so easily. Jewish names are typically of Jewish languages: primarily […]

Wherefore ‘ben Alexander’?

1. This is third post by the same author within a month being shared here because:

2. I think it’s very engrossing. Names always tell interesting stories. Unlike some other proper names: personal names are associated with most intelligent beings: humans.

3. This post has a story about author’s full name. I could simply relate it with Hindu names which have been subject of study for me.

4. Hindu women adopt their husband’s surname in Middle-North India after marriage.

5. Some women keep both:

For example: Sarita Tripathi Mishra

Here: Tripathi is a surname which means ‘one who reads three lessons everyday.’

‘Mishra is a surname which means mixed.’

The first one was surname of lady’s father and second that of her husband: she kept both of them.

6. Some ladies even keep their husband’s popular names as middle names:

For example: Aneeta Lallu Choudhary

Here: Lallu is a popular name meaning ‘beloved or adorable or simpleton’ Choudhary is surname and Aneeta is first name.

7. Using father’s or mother’s name as middle names is most common in South India. It’s prevalent practice even among some Muslim brothers:

APJ Abdul Kalam had full name as:

Abul Pakir Jainul Abedin Abdul Kalam

First four names were names of his father(which had name of his grandfather)


H. D. Devegauda

Hardan Halli Done Dauda Devegauda

8. It’s also common to use name of native villages.

Leonardo Da Vinci is an European name I used today morning in a post. He was born in Vinci, Florence, Italy.

Honnavara B. Vinay was one of my team leads in Chennai. He was related to a place called Honnavara in Karnataka.

9. A full fledged article on names would take more space than this. I only intended this one to be a comment as I wanted to share David Ben Alexander’s insightful article with you. Kindly visit his site and enjoy reading this post. Thank you!

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Morning Play!

1. Summary of ranks received on vocabulary.com jams this morning:

First rank: 5 times

Second rank: 4 times

Fifth and sixth ranks: once each.

2. I played 11 jams. There were 12 to 35 players on average.

3. My ID is 12. Honorable mentions:


Stephen D.

4. A verse made with words culled from jams:

To err, too humane;





You predict predicate,

I cater diction,

It becomes fiction,

After a caterwaul or two!

5. Soniya means golden. Soni is a popular punjabi name as in the tale of Soni Maahivaal. It means that which makes you feel blissful. Sony TV. Soni is a popular Indian surname for traditional Goldsmiths. They might have been alchemists of yore. Sonar Bangla is a popular phrase. Bengal before its division into East and West in 1905 was richest state in India. India was a golden 🐦.

6. Gandhi is equivalent to 100000 names of Vishnu.

7. It goes like this: Ram is equal to 1000 names of Vishnu ( though actually there are only 896 names!). Gandhi became most powerful personality after indian independence. He used to chant Rama naam. There are many books written in fashion of Ramayana to exalt Gandhi. Many epic tales and books like Vishnu Sahastranama have been written. Thus his name and picture which supports indian currency has power of atleast 100 Rama names.

8. If anyone contends the point number 7: let me know. I would then write a post exalting Godse. The mantle will be given to him. Ok?

9. Here’s what I think : all names are my name. His name. Our names. What’s that quote by Willy? A rose by any name…yes, that one! But i hanged my boots in Thillai in adoration of one firm declaration of Sanmaargam by one Ramalinga Swamikal Adigal. The Vallalar who declared perfect victory over death, decay, aging, fear and limitations of any sort. One name of Vallalar is equivalent to 1000 names of Gandhi.

10. Every five or ten years the name of most popular leader or celebrity keeps changing. Jesus Christ has held that mantle for 2000 years. Or at least since 2020 system of years began. Everyone has the right to choose their superheroes. Be your own superhero!

11. I spoke with Damayanti madam about Dindayal rasoi yesterday. As i don’t deserve a below poverty line certificate to get my ration. Am not given any meaningful employment: I deserve to have five rupees worth of subsidised rice and pulses. I went to that place for some days. They made me wait an hour or forty five minutes. I used to read books. One man borrowed ten rupees from me and never gave it back. Since I am running short on funds: I am planning on eating in Dindayal rasoi. Will I be given subsidized food as lunch there or I will be looked down upon for being among people who merely pretend to be charitable? The amount of grain wasted in world is whopping. I waste none. And yet it seems food is never enough. It’s always so. What kind of society has been created? All laws for one who’s earnest.

12. We had a wonderful session yesterday. Shri and I read the blog post I had written. She noted down the words used my post. Then I read the short story she had written. It was titled “Never Give Up!” Then we played vocabulary quiz on Free Rice website. We also played Algebra quiz. We contributed 950 grains: more than yesterday’s. Surprisingly: she has scored 205 points in 5 minutes in the last two days on Algebra, whereas, I could only score 200. I need to makeup for that lack of speed by playing better. Her Hindi seems to have improved as per the feedback given by her mother.

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To December, with Love


1. I wrote couple of verses inspired by what seemed like a strange name of author of this blog this year.

2. Yesterday i asked her etymology of her name and she was gracious enough to respond.

3. I hope you would like to read this Christmas special post and also read our discussion in the comments thread.

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