David Lynch’s Inland Empire!

1. This post is a Christmas post. Merry Christmas to all my readers. Merry Christmas to those who came together during the Blogging 101 Alumni. Merry Christmas to WordPress happiness engineers and entire Auttomattic team. Merry Christmas to Kristina Van Hoose, Rashmi Menon and other people who helped create, maintain and run this site. Merry Christmas to Piyusha, Visakha and others. Merry Christmas to Pam Kirst who was here to reopen the door for me. The baby is alive and kicking for now. Despite all odds!

2. This post is dedicated to David Lynch. He’s one of the greatest auteurs. His movies “The Lost Highway” and “Inland Empire” are two of my most favorite films. The latter might be called his magnum opus. I haven’t seen a better film in my life yet.

3. Inland Empire is puzzling. It is open to interpretation like any good work of art in postmodern or avant garde art movements is. Lynch is a painter first and a moviemaker later. He’s a visual thinker. The movie is a vignette.

4. I tried to interpret the movie at various stages in my life with a mature understanding. This one is the most mature understanding. I used to watch it until it was available for free on YouTube. Now it’s not.

5. I use the three body scheme to interpret the film. The lady watching the television is you. It represents the soul or pristine consciousness.

6. This pristine consciousness gets trapped in darkness or Maya. Which is limitation. It’s unhappy. It can watch its lifetimes on a television screen but its freedom is limited.

7. The movie begins with a reference to a radio AXXON. The longest running radio. And there’s a circus. A magician. And the character played by Laura Dern. Hollywood.

8. Laura’s Character represents logos. The word personified in flesh and bone who saves Sophia: the blind and limited vision in a room. Laura can move and explore. Logos. Sophia can’t. It’s crystalline intelligence.

Logos is wisdom recollection in form of Word. John 1:1 talks about a Word which was in the beginning.

9. There’s a great debate about what Word is. Jehovah’s witnesses say that real word is not the biblical Word as told in John 1:1.

10. Jews consider the written word which comes from authorities to be the real word. Reason? The word you listen is difficult to record and remember. It’s evanescent. The law was made in an ancient age. Hence the value assigned to notes. Money. Banks.

11. It’s similar to the dispute between Aagamas and Nigamas in India. Shruti gives Vedic knowledge. Later reformers created Vedanta. The dispute was between heard word and written communication. The reason? According to some: ability to retain lessened in the age of Kaali. Earlier memories could retain longer passages and they had better instruments in form of bodies. Later the dependency on instruments increased. The war between machines and humans as depicted in Wachowaski brother’s The Matrix(1991).

12. The written word could be of many types. Nonfiction and fiction. Newspapers and magazines. Novels and verses. Online or offline. Deeper you go more branches you find. Carrol Lewis and the rabbit hole.

13. Heard word can be: heard from Guru, on radio, or logos as heard in the Sushumna when channels have been purified. There’s no limit to purification. There’s no limit to understanding. The blue pill.

14. David is a most popular name in the myth of David and Goliath. It means ‘the protector’ like William. It’s also popular with ‘The Star of David.’ The star of David represents Kaali the deity who presides over the current age which commenced after the age of Shri Krishna Dwaipayan Vyasa who is worshipped as Guru on Guru Poornima. The most consummate among authors in the age before the Kaali Yuga began. The author of Mahabharata, Brahm Sutras and Puranas. He’s an immortal.

15. Lynch means “to kill without a licence.” James Bond is another popular name. King James Bible.  Bond 007 has a license to kill.

16. Coming back to the film Inland Empire-The radio. The protagonist played by Laura Dern. The lady watching the TV. The Phantom, hypnotist or circus.

17. As Guru Nanak Dev Ji explains in his song Japuji: 1 Omkar is the name of Truth. It’s the name of Existence. It’s the Word from which everything comes to be. It never enters the womb. It’s grace of the Guru.

18. The song of Guru Nanak Dev Ji clearly accepts the existence. It doesn’t deny it as Maya. It gives a code or a way to live which is in harmony with Shri Krishna Dwaipayan Vyasa’s song Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta.

19. The song divides the waking reality into nine departments. Three are prime divisions: Gyaan Khanda, Karma Khanda, Dharma Khanda. The Sharma Khanda or Jana Loka puzzled Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It puzzled me as well. The language of Sharma Khanda is form. Whoever says anything about anything in that division repents later because it’s so full of contradictions.

20. It’s this Sharma Khanda where devil resides. The Phantom, the circus and the traps of Shaiva Siddhanta are all present in Sharma Khanda.

21. Devil or Phantom of Lynch hypnotizes the protagonist with gestures. Visual neuro linguistic programming. Hypnotism with eyes etcetera.

22. The devil is meme in the Aleph-meme-shin scheme. Aleph being Guru Nanak Dev’s Omkara.

23. Memes or Phantom trap the soul in a dark space where it’s cut-off from Aleph or light. It considers itself limited and watches its lifetimes or past events on a screen. A cosmic microwave background.

24. There are two powers in Saint Mat or gnosticism scheme: positive power is logos or inner word. Negative power is external word or Kaal or Great Time. The great time comes from the heart of God. It represents Archons. The fire worshippers. Those who offer sacrifices to deities. Or those who understand the interdependence of all life forms in existence. The devotees who taste nectar are Gnostics. They’re regarded as Aasuri by Archons who consider themselves to be Aryans or Ishuri or Gods.

25. Laura Dern’s character is positive power or logos. It liberates itself when she meets the lady in the room watching the television. The witnessing consciousness was limited. The Guru gives word to the disciple. It becomes nectar. This nectar eliminates darkness. It matures and ripens the soul. The death of phantom in the gallery suggests end of delusion. The lady in the room meets its subtle form or Word in Laura Dern or Nikki. Then the word merges in her and she reaches her true home where she has total freedom.

26. The hierarchies or duality exist in the jungle or wild where she was lost. That’s the circus, the Phantom and incarnations. The rabbits explain it quite well.

27. Taking Maharshi Kapil’s definition into account:

Working of causal and gross body together means life. Not working of them in conjunction is death. All between these two is what makes our subtle body.

28. Easier explanation:

If you feel happy: you have more life or energy. Your causal and gross bodies are working in conjunction.

If you feel unhappy: the link between causal and gross bodies has been snapped because of some defect or virus in your subtle body.

29. Subtle body is made of thoughts, sounds, impressions, languages. Ideas.

30. There’s and there isn’t any overlord or higher authority in the schemes of Lynch, Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Kapil.

31. Kapil’s philosophy is atheistic. Lynch’s philosophy is open to interpretation in Inland Empire. Guru Nanak Dev Ji gives a theistic philosophy.

32. All three of them pertain to senses of seeing and hearing primarily.

33. It ends my study on David Lynch’s magnum opus.

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Read A Lot!

1. Ninth of November has begun here. Shabbath ends. I can continue to post here now. Nine is a strange number. All its harmonics return it. The Guru’s office. The Saggitarius. The Archer who has its lower half as beast(horse.)

2. Each of the day in this month has an addition of 6 to it as per the calendar which is most widely used: 9/11/2020 for example: has 9+ 11+2+0+2+0=9+6=15=1+5=6. Venus. The potency of revelation as per following scheme:

3. 1: Creation.

3.2:  Maintenance.

3.3:.  Dissolution (Correction/Renovation/Improvement)

3.4:   Obfuscation (Concealing/Mystical)

3.5:    Absolute (Perfect/Adept)

3.6:.    Revelation. Liberation. Sadashiva. Natarajan. Narayana.

4. Deities associated with this scheme in Hinduism are: Bramha. Vishnu. Mahesh. Parmeshwar. Sadashiva or Niranjana.

5. The reference: Vallalar aka Ramalinga Swamikal. Tamil Poet who belonged to Sanmaargam. Nondual way  to perfect enlightenment.

6. Each of these involve others. Personally: I had difficulty understanding the third. I was always wondering about Pralaya or the cosmic dissolution as depicted in the great flood stories in the Bible and Hindu Scriptures.

7. Death doctrines or eschatology on which Tibetan tradition worked for many centuries: has been a subject which fascinated me always.

8. In short: Gross, subtle and its cause: the ignorance or the darkness : are all same.

9. The greatest knowledge is same as the darkest of ignorance: it’s sleep. Rest. It’s where healing happens. It’s where you’re at home. It’s where you are free from all bounds.  Tao.

10. If there’s a difference between knowledge and ignorance: conscious and unconscious: it can’t be the highest knowledge.

11. All Philosophy and Science ends in art. I was not surprised to see that Gandhi : who is on every bill in this country where I live and who is the cause of my being able to read a lot of books as I have an access to a library which was denied to me otherwise in a town where I was born and brought up: was most influenced by two plays in his early life: 1. Harishchandra : the truthful king who becomes a servant and an undertaker(Chandala) as he had to pass a test put by Indra: the king of demigods. 2. Shravana: one devoted to his blind parents: a young man accidentally killed by King Dashrath: father of Rama: the ruler of Ayodhya.

11. If such a king as Rama did exist a long time ago: he was also influenced by the stories in Yoga Vashishtha: told by his preceptor the sage Vashishtha who was summoned by his father when teenager prince became deject by seeing the misery around him and wanted to renounce. Buddha escaped. Rama had to act like a man who is hurt by lust(reference: Bhagvata Purana: Geetapress Gorakhpur: Author: Vyasa)

12. Thus: if in my journeys : I wondered about my being most influenced by artworks such as David Lynch’s Inland Empire and Christopher Nolan’s Memento and Inception: more than religious doctrines: I was only seeking for a confirmation of my experience in the lives of great people.

13. In the art of Ramalinga Swamikal or Vallalar: the confirmation that physical immortality can be achieved by a human being: exists. His body was neither cremated nor put into a grave. He vanished into thin air declaring that he became God. He was born through a womb as per the story. His disappearance was recorded. As long as I see limitations, aging, death and reincarnation around me: I feel it to be the highest ideal to achieve at least what he achieved : if not more.

14. Ninth is also ruled by Mars: the moving energy. The fire. It’s a Monday. Mars. Moon. Jupiter. Every lunar day in this dark half of lunar month has coincided with the solar day. The Diwali or Hanukkah will be celebrated on 14th. The darkest night in the month of Kartik: the commander in chief of gods.

15. Now: it’s the time for a Tohu: I would like to receive feedback for improving this verse form. Oneta said that it was too puzzling for her: therefore I created two formats. If you have any suggestions on themes: you’re welcome. Let me create one with light and darkness. Key in the end.

16. Easy Tohu:

Light ignite lignite linga

Lingastronomical calculus sulcus circus circa carricatures

Rest in peace sweetheart

Sweepstakes stakes heart art

Article icicle canticle

Ventral dorsal salut salubrious

Rest in peace sweetheart

Estuary array ray of hope

Operand randi and ampersand

Sandstone one neon on onions ions snow now you won now you lost

Host had a toast

An asterisk read with caution

Tread with caution

A roast

In permafrost

Prema frost

Rest in peace sweetheart!

17. Difficult Tohu:


18. Key for difficult Tohu:

1. Syllogism 2. Marimba 3. Rampike 4. Abcedarian 5. Calculus

19. Tohu Verse was invented by me. Tohu comes from Jewish mystic tradition: tohu means chaos. What we perceive as chaos is because of lack of knowledge: for example: if my phone is hacked once: it might seem like misfortune. If it happens again: I pass over it in silence as I neither have money nor time to register for ethical hacking to defend myself. To strive towards a state where you are all knowing and nothing looks like ignorance anymore : you need to read a lot!

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