1. Soul adds up to 4. 2. There’s a character known as 22 in the movie directed by Pete Director. 3. This Disney movie is beautifully narrated and musical. It’s a good experience. Humor is certainly comical at times. It gives us a perspective about our day to day existence. 4. A jazz teacher who […]


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Mommy’s Fine!

1. Just finished watching the movie Triangle (2009.)

2. This review contains spoilers. It’s intended only for those who have either watched it or don’t want to watch it.

3. The title of this post is funniest piece of dialogue in the flick. A young boy watches his mommy’s version number two kill the version number one. Then the version number two tells the boy: “Mommy’s fine!”

4. AEOUS is the name of the father of Sisyphus. The Greek myth of Sisyphus has been quoted in the film. Representing purgatory.

5. I first watched the movie in 2014 when I had returned from a temple where I used to work as a priest. Smartphones didn’t exist then. I had a laptop. This blog also didn’t exist then. I had been living there without a cellphone or internet for 10 months. I didn’t have a phone for many months to come.

6. When I watched this movie it seemed mind boggling. Then I read some reviews and it made sense.

7. You can see: event horizon. Psychosis. Repeated errors. Lying. Not keeping promises. Merciless killing. These are all which perpetuate the cycles for the protagonist Jess.

8. Her only mission is the hope to live happily with her kid. The boy she lost in an accident. She lives the same day: over and over again. Trying to rectify her mistakes. It’s your Groundhog Day with some extra gore and violence.

9. There are many time loop movies but this one stuck in my memory when I watched it. Now I feel it’s pretty easy to understand. It has been seven years since I watched it.

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Boss Level!

1. It’s the latest time loop SciFi flick I have watched.

2. I love watching such movies. Groundhog day and Triangle are some of my favorites in this genre.

3. This film uses elements from many other movies like ‘Before I Sleep’ or ‘Happy Death Day,’ and yet it has an emotional bond between three members of a family. The humor in this genre is a must but the key highlight always remains the stress on learning from our mistakes.

4. Purgatory or myth of Sisyphus are classical literature based on such themes. We want to live a life free from unnecessary trouble and discomfort or want to excel in every endeavour. That needs practice. In time loop thrillers you vicariously enjoy learning within a day -what might be worth hundreds of lifetimes.

5. In some cases heroes or heroines move out of these fourth dimensional loops and in others they can’t. In movies like Edge of Tomorrow, Tenet or Boss Level it’s mostly these characters taking part in some military experiments against an impending doom.

6. I recommend this movie.

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Tenet Cow dung!

1. It’s good to see four to five of us being active here on this forum. I hope more members would post and discuss their ideas. Vicky was here for a while, he might be back. Even statistics tell you that it was not in such a state of healthy activity during last few years. Thanks Pam, Kristina, Rashmi and all others who contributed in the past and many thanks to current contributors and supporters.

2. There are white birds, green birds, cranes, parrots and kingfishers. Butterflies and monkeys which were chased away by three of us. Bursting of crackers resulted in one of the corners near well catching a small fire which was doused.

3. The kitten came twice inside the library via the broken glass hole on the northern wall which connects the gallery to library. It moved out of the main door second time. The first time it was put back via the same hole. Now it jumps on me as well. It would be lurking in the dark and as soon as you walk carefree it jumps on your feet. It looks hilarious but isn’t free from risk. It jumped on my cellphone’s charger and it fell. The phone is still working but I was in a shock for a while because I got it after a long wait. To keep pets is always risky.

4. I weave many stories as I work in the cowshed near younger calves. They are mostly perspective on relationship of humans with pets. Are we also pets for some higher beings who are watching us and gaining sustenance from us like we get from cows by milking them or by killing other animals for their flesh?

5. Gaia is a name used for Earth. It might be from Greek. I am neither sure nor do I want to look it up as I continue to rant here. Gaia does sound like Hindi word for cow. Related sounds are Go or Gau which also indicate senses. Goloka or realm of divine senses is often considered to be realm of cows where cowherds have pastimes in Indian scriptures which have Govinda or knower of senses as a child hero.

6. I also wonder about millennia old conditioning which has made cow dung holy. As to why cow and not other animals? Many advocates would give you scientific reasons. The truth is deeper than that. Pets and humans co-evolve. To say that wolves who remained near human tribes became dogs is right but in the process humans were also adapting to suit both nature and those dogs. This isn’t to say that humans as a species haven’t caused extinction of certain other animals but it’s primarily the nature which causes that and humans in that tale are mere byproducts of a grand natural design. Thus cow dung and everything around became so holy as to make Hindus eat it in some rituals and use all parts of excretion for something or the other. Primarily it was demand and supply which evolved as hunter gatherers became farmers and tamed wild oxen animals. This dependency became synonymous with prosperity and ultimately veneration of animal along with other primal energies in form of rain, thunder, earth and sky.

7. That criticism of feces of other animals when you exalt that of cows is mere conditioning. There’s no real difference between cow dung and pig excreta as far as waste is concerned.

8. What if entire India becomes Vegan? You still need bulls for farming? Machines do that better. Then fuel is needed which gets used up quite soon. A speaker in the recent meeting used an ideology of opening more police stations:

One wing says we are controlling crime.

He told it is actually a shame because thought process should not let requirement for such stations increase.

What he didn’t touch upon was: population explosion. More people need more monitors. Control population then you can control thinking.

8. Part of the reason why modern politicians boast of ruling is the number of people. Actually a fraction of population from Hindi speaking community decides ruler of the country and that community believes in no birth control. Even that fraction is more number of people than those who were living in the entire nation of India some five decades ago. Hence Yashashvi Samrat. Yashashvi kings. Not servants or Chowkidars as they might like you to believe. Be the sovereign and search for your kingdom if you want to.

9. Completed registration of books in the almirah number 12 in library. Bought a new issuing register worth 20 rupees. Now almirah number 13 begins. I intend to read a certain novel which I couldn’t complete two years ago when I began. I intend to read it the same way. It’s associated with a certain entrance. The fine print of the movie Tenet was found on YTS movies after having waited for an year. I enjoyed music which is too dramatic at times: especially around 1:16 where I took break because of boredom. Themes from opening scenes of The Dark Knight, the conflict between husband and wife from Inception, Michael Keaton and Hans Zimmer are repeated themes. The scenes like Windmills in the ocean are breathtaking beauty and remind you of Dune. I hope the second half would be better than first for it’s a dream come true to be able to watch it.

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A movie review

Kaguya-hime no Monogatari (The Tale of Princess Kaguya) is a 2013 animated movie produced by Studio Ghibli and directed by Takahata Isao. Based on one of the oldest and most popular folktale, “The Tale of the Bamboo-Cutter”, the movie shows the story of a nymph who descends from the Moon to the Earth.

In his early career, Takahata was inspired by French and other European animators and the tales they told. As his career progressed, he was more engrossed in the stories of his own country. That thought gave birth to the classic “Grave of the Fireflies”, one of the saddest tales ever told in cinema. His interest in telling stories rooted to Japan reaches its height in The Tale of Princess Kaguya.

The movie is painting in motion. Beautiful water-colour hand drawn paintings made me feel like I was watching old Japanese paintings in succession. The animation looks rough (a deliberate choice), the line art gets chaotic at some points (the best use of “abstraction” as said by some of the best animators in the industry) and does what it has to do (bring the characters and story to life).
The main characters are multi-dimensional. The woodcutter seems cold at times when he uses divine powers to name Kaguya a princess and makes her stay as a noble. However, he thinks it is the best thing to happen for a child who was divine herself. Kaguya’s mother is kindlier, although she also desires to make her a princess. Kaguya herself is a fun-loving girl who dreams of escaping back to her village when she is brought to the mansion in the town. Her sense of freedom is depicted well in the scenes in which she unleashes a cat, frees a sparrow from the cage, and dances when she sees sakura in the Spring.
The movie gave me a feeling so intense it is impossible to explain in words. Takahata’s mastery of story-telling, his artistic sense and vision has produced a movie that will soon be regarded as one of the classics.
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Lies Part Two!

1. I published a post titled ‘Lies?’

2. I showed that post to the person concerned.

3. He said he retains movies with scenic memory and not with titles.

4. He has shared space with Shyam Benegal who he said only talks in English.

5. I emphasized on this point: since we tend to remember different details depending on what we consider important: I reckon that he didn’t consider the movie to be as important as i did.

6. This brings me again to movie itself which is a work of art: i appreciated it more after watching movies like Memento, Timecrimes, Groundhog Day and Triangle. They all offer multiple viewpoints to review same scenarios which go all the way to quantum entanglement and Hindu Puranas which talk about countless trillions of universes in the causal ocean. Parallel realities.

7. But that wasn’t all. Growing up, i watched it first on Delhi Doordarshan on a Sunday. I couldn’t understand. The plot was complex for my young mind. Whatever puzzles us remains in some corner of our mind like a complex, waiting for right quantum to get itself untangled in eternity of events.

8. With the age of internet i could download it and watch on my laptop. It was really fulfilling to finally resolve at least one of my childhood mysteries.

9. He had no problem with my post. I asked for his opinion and told him that I was willing to edit my post or delete it if he considered anything to be uncomfortable or not in keeping with decorum of civilized communication. He didn’t need editing.

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David Lynch’s Inland Empire!

1. This post is a Christmas post. Merry Christmas to all my readers. Merry Christmas to those who came together during the Blogging 101 Alumni. Merry Christmas to WordPress happiness engineers and entire Auttomattic team. Merry Christmas to Kristina Van Hoose, Rashmi Menon and other people who helped create, maintain and run this site. Merry Christmas to Piyusha, Visakha and others. Merry Christmas to Pam Kirst who was here to reopen the door for me. The baby is alive and kicking for now. Despite all odds!

2. This post is dedicated to David Lynch. He’s one of the greatest auteurs. His movies “The Lost Highway” and “Inland Empire” are two of my most favorite films. The latter might be called his magnum opus. I haven’t seen a better film in my life yet.

3. Inland Empire is puzzling. It is open to interpretation like any good work of art in postmodern or avant garde art movements is. Lynch is a painter first and a moviemaker later. He’s a visual thinker. The movie is a vignette.

4. I tried to interpret the movie at various stages in my life with a mature understanding. This one is the most mature understanding. I used to watch it until it was available for free on YouTube. Now it’s not.

5. I use the three body scheme to interpret the film. The lady watching the television is you. It represents the soul or pristine consciousness.

6. This pristine consciousness gets trapped in darkness or Maya. Which is limitation. It’s unhappy. It can watch its lifetimes on a television screen but its freedom is limited.

7. The movie begins with a reference to a radio AXXON. The longest running radio. And there’s a circus. A magician. And the character played by Laura Dern. Hollywood.

8. Laura’s Character represents logos. The word personified in flesh and bone who saves Sophia: the blind and limited vision in a room. Laura can move and explore. Logos. Sophia can’t. It’s crystalline intelligence.

Logos is wisdom recollection in form of Word. John 1:1 talks about a Word which was in the beginning.

9. There’s a great debate about what Word is. Jehovah’s witnesses say that real word is not the biblical Word as told in John 1:1.

10. Jews consider the written word which comes from authorities to be the real word. Reason? The word you listen is difficult to record and remember. It’s evanescent. The law was made in an ancient age. Hence the value assigned to notes. Money. Banks.

11. It’s similar to the dispute between Aagamas and Nigamas in India. Shruti gives Vedic knowledge. Later reformers created Vedanta. The dispute was between heard word and written communication. The reason? According to some: ability to retain lessened in the age of Kaali. Earlier memories could retain longer passages and they had better instruments in form of bodies. Later the dependency on instruments increased. The war between machines and humans as depicted in Wachowaski brother’s The Matrix(1991).

12. The written word could be of many types. Nonfiction and fiction. Newspapers and magazines. Novels and verses. Online or offline. Deeper you go more branches you find. Carrol Lewis and the rabbit hole.

13. Heard word can be: heard from Guru, on radio, or logos as heard in the Sushumna when channels have been purified. There’s no limit to purification. There’s no limit to understanding. The blue pill.

14. David is a most popular name in the myth of David and Goliath. It means ‘the protector’ like William. It’s also popular with ‘The Star of David.’ The star of David represents Kaali the deity who presides over the current age which commenced after the age of Shri Krishna Dwaipayan Vyasa who is worshipped as Guru on Guru Poornima. The most consummate among authors in the age before the Kaali Yuga began. The author of Mahabharata, Brahm Sutras and Puranas. He’s an immortal.

15. Lynch means “to kill without a licence.” James Bond is another popular name. King James Bible.  Bond 007 has a license to kill.

16. Coming back to the film Inland Empire-The radio. The protagonist played by Laura Dern. The lady watching the TV. The Phantom, hypnotist or circus.

17. As Guru Nanak Dev Ji explains in his song Japuji: 1 Omkar is the name of Truth. It’s the name of Existence. It’s the Word from which everything comes to be. It never enters the womb. It’s grace of the Guru.

18. The song of Guru Nanak Dev Ji clearly accepts the existence. It doesn’t deny it as Maya. It gives a code or a way to live which is in harmony with Shri Krishna Dwaipayan Vyasa’s song Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta.

19. The song divides the waking reality into nine departments. Three are prime divisions: Gyaan Khanda, Karma Khanda, Dharma Khanda. The Sharma Khanda or Jana Loka puzzled Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It puzzled me as well. The language of Sharma Khanda is form. Whoever says anything about anything in that division repents later because it’s so full of contradictions.

20. It’s this Sharma Khanda where devil resides. The Phantom, the circus and the traps of Shaiva Siddhanta are all present in Sharma Khanda.

21. Devil or Phantom of Lynch hypnotizes the protagonist with gestures. Visual neuro linguistic programming. Hypnotism with eyes etcetera.

22. The devil is meme in the Aleph-meme-shin scheme. Aleph being Guru Nanak Dev’s Omkara.

23. Memes or Phantom trap the soul in a dark space where it’s cut-off from Aleph or light. It considers itself limited and watches its lifetimes or past events on a screen. A cosmic microwave background.

24. There are two powers in Saint Mat or gnosticism scheme: positive power is logos or inner word. Negative power is external word or Kaal or Great Time. The great time comes from the heart of God. It represents Archons. The fire worshippers. Those who offer sacrifices to deities. Or those who understand the interdependence of all life forms in existence. The devotees who taste nectar are Gnostics. They’re regarded as Aasuri by Archons who consider themselves to be Aryans or Ishuri or Gods.

25. Laura Dern’s character is positive power or logos. It liberates itself when she meets the lady in the room watching the television. The witnessing consciousness was limited. The Guru gives word to the disciple. It becomes nectar. This nectar eliminates darkness. It matures and ripens the soul. The death of phantom in the gallery suggests end of delusion. The lady in the room meets its subtle form or Word in Laura Dern or Nikki. Then the word merges in her and she reaches her true home where she has total freedom.

26. The hierarchies or duality exist in the jungle or wild where she was lost. That’s the circus, the Phantom and incarnations. The rabbits explain it quite well.

27. Taking Maharshi Kapil’s definition into account:

Working of causal and gross body together means life. Not working of them in conjunction is death. All between these two is what makes our subtle body.

28. Easier explanation:

If you feel happy: you have more life or energy. Your causal and gross bodies are working in conjunction.

If you feel unhappy: the link between causal and gross bodies has been snapped because of some defect or virus in your subtle body.

29. Subtle body is made of thoughts, sounds, impressions, languages. Ideas.

30. There’s and there isn’t any overlord or higher authority in the schemes of Lynch, Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Kapil.

31. Kapil’s philosophy is atheistic. Lynch’s philosophy is open to interpretation in Inland Empire. Guru Nanak Dev Ji gives a theistic philosophy.

32. All three of them pertain to senses of seeing and hearing primarily.

33. It ends my study on David Lynch’s magnum opus.

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Movie Recommendation!

1. My sibling was fond of “The Adjustment Bureau.”

2. I was fond of “Inland Empire,” by David Lynch and ‘Waking Life’ by Richard Linklater.

3. The first movie has been understood to be an actual representation of society. Kabbalists. The second and third movies go beyond that. Though the foundation remains : they encompass whole psyche: birth, death and dreaming (in-between). They interact with each other.

4. This post might look like me laughing the way Tom Cruise was laughing when asked about Scientology by a journalist…it’s fantastic! Hahaha! Just fantastic.

5. And yet…there’s no way out but Vallalar…

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