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2022 is round the corner and we must welcome it with a lot of hope, dreams, and goals. Yes I said goals not resolutions because the former is always better than the later. Whatever you plan to do in the next year, you will need a lot of motivation to complete it. Hence, I bring you this article that has 3 easy steps for the motivation you need to get things done.

Motivation can provide the extra push you need to complete a task, but it does not always appear when you need it. If you want to attain long-term goals, make sure you have clear and manageable goals. Peer pressure can be beneficial, so ask a friend, family member, or group to hold you accountable.

Here are the 3 steps for the motivation required to do almost anything.

Step 1: Remind yourself of the reasons why you want to do something

Sometimes we need a little push to get started on a task or endeavor. Say out loud or write down why you need to do something. Tell yourself the advantages of completing the task. Remind yourself of the consequences of procrastination.

Create a vision board using photos that symbolise what you want to achieve in your life. It will serve as a reminder of what you are truly passionate about.

Step 2: Divide your job into smaller portions

You may detest working long hours, but if you divide your day into smaller chunks, work can be more manageable. To gain momentum, begin with simpler chores that you can do quickly. In a planner or calendar app, set out time for segments and tasks. Mark off distinct tasks and time periods with different colors. This can help to split up your day and make it simpler to deal with.

Step 3: Promise yourself a reward after you complete a task

Even if it’s a minor success, give yourself a pat on the back. You can take a brief break from work, reward yourself with a snack or a latte, get a massage, or celebrate with friends.This might keep you motivated and thrilled for the next stage.

You should also remember to make your activities enjoyable. Find a strategy to make the assignment more interesting in this scenario. You could involve others or challenge yourself in a different way.
Changing things up can also help you get more done. Compete with a friend while studying for a test.

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The Idea Collection – Towards A Better Life

Books are still your best friends in this digital age, where information is at your fingertips. Do you want to know how tall is the Eiffel Tower? Google it. How about if you want to know why is the sky blue? Ask Siri. You get the picture. The point is, to read a physical book has become a relic of the past, like riding a horse. Unnecessary, useless, mundane.

The problem with this idea is the fact that any time you watch an interview on YouTube where a podcaster is interviewing a leader in whatever field it is that they are leading, it is almost guaranteed that behind that leader, you will find a personal library. Not a Kindle, and definitely not Alexa. A personal library. Why are books still relevant in spite of the benefits of the digital age? More specifically, why are personal libraries still relevant when public libraries are available?

What I am not saying is that public libraries are unnecessary. On the contrary, public libraries are essential for providing access to Great Ideas for everybody, regardless of their financial situation. What I am saying, however, is that a Personal Library is better than a Public Library.

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Here’s why you need self-education to survive in today’s world

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

That’s a quote by Emmanuel James “Jim” Rohn , who was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.

If you’re lucky, the formal education you receive in school can only provide you with a job that allows you to survive. However, the things you acquire on your own through self-education can help you accumulate money. Self-education can be used to supplement the formal education you received in school. Let us look at it at the individual level while the government and social organisations explore ways to address the widespread unemployment.

As unemployment rates have skyrocketed for the youth, especially after  the pandemic, there is one clear conclusion that can be drawn. The conclusion is that you need to self-educate yourself with new skills needed to get work in today’s world because formal schooling is failing to teach them.

What are your options if formal schooling fails to provide you with a living? I am confident that the only alternative choice will get you out of this situation is to look for the talents on your own. You should gain practical skills in addition to the knowledge you acquired in school. Entrepreneurship is a term for this form of self-education.

Making money is not something that is taught in school.

There isn’t a school where you can learn how to make money. Yes, if you are fortunate enough to land a job in government or a non-profit organisation, you can live comfortably for years on the monthly pay you would receive. However, it will never provide you with a wealth. It is never going to make you wealthy.

You must acquire practical knowledge, and learn to earn money, for which self-education is vital. It will help you earn enough money to survive in today’s world, even if you don’t make a fortune.

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Meet the ex-Indian HC judge who could be a ‘5-star-lawyer’ but served the poor

A pregnant woman from a primitive tribal community, searches desperately for her husband, who is missing from police custody. A High Court advocate rises in support to find her husband and seek justice for them. This is the story of an Indian legal drama movie. The real-life story of former Madras High Court Judge Justice K Chandru inspired the movie. He was appointed to the Madras HC by former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

Justice K Chandru didn’t want to become a ‘5-star lawyer’, but serve the poor. Now, there is a movie on Amazon Prime called Jai Bhim narrating one episode from his remarkable life.

Jai Bhim, the hard-hitting Tamil film on Amazon Prime starring Suriya Sivakumar, has captivated audiences throughout the country with its severe representation of the legal system and how people from poor backgrounds struggle to traverse it.

The film, directed by TJ Gnanvel, tells the narrative of Sengani (Lijomol Jose), a lady from a marginalised rural tribal group, who attempts to find her husband Rajakannu (K Manikandan), who has been wrongfully charged by the police of theft and has escaped custody.

Sengani files a habeas corpus case with the help of lawyer Chandru (played by Suriya), and the viewer discovers how Rajakannu was murdered by the police.

This movie is based on genuine events that occurred in the Cuddalore district in 1993.

Rajakannu died in police custody after being tortured by the officers.

To hide their crimes, the local police transported his body late at night, disposed of it in the neighbouring Tiruchirappalli (Trichy) district, and later claimed that he had escaped captivity.

Finally, she found a Madras High Court lawyer, K Chandru, who joined her battle for justice.

K Chandru, who would later become a well-respected and popular judge in the Madras High Court, petitioned the same court for a writ of habeas corpus.

After a 13-year legal battle, the court ruled that this was a case of custodial death, and the accused police officers were sentenced to 14 years in prison for Rajakannu’s murder.

In his six and a half years as a Madras High Court judge, he disposed of 96,000 cases, a remarkable performance made possible only by his meticulous preparation and organisation.

Aside from incredible feats such as hearing an average of 75 cases per day, he delivered some landmark judgments centred on social justice, such as why women can become temple priests, why there should be a common burial ground regardless of caste, and ensuring government employees with mental health illnesses are protected from dismissal under the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights, and Full Participation) Act.

What stood out the most was his behaviour as a lawyer and judge.

Unlike today’s craven and avaricious image of the legal profession, Justice Chandru was a man of modest circumstances who dedicated his life to fighting for the oppressed.

My goal was not to become a “5-star lawyer.”

As a judge, he would ask lawyers not to call him in court as ‘My Lord,’ as is traditional.

He refused to have his arrival in court announced by a mace bearer, refused to have a Personal Security Officer (PSO) because he believed it had become “more of a status symbol rather than being based on any actual threat perception,” and declared his personal assets on both his first and last day as a judge.

In fact, when he retired, he gave up his government automobile and took the local train home.

Born into a middle-class conservative household, Chandru’s life in college was the polar opposite of his upbringing. As a student leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), he frequently led agitations for student and worker rights. It would land him in a lot of difficulty with the authorities, first at Loyola College in Chennai, where he was expelled for leading student agitations, and then at Christian College, where he eventually graduated.

As an activist and trade unionist, he visited factories, addressed workers’ meetings, travelled throughout Tamil Nadu in lorries and buses, met with families of Dalit labourers, agricultural workers, and trade union leaders, and gained invaluable experience and understanding of how the underprivileged and marginalised survived the system.

His interest in the legal profession was spurred by a Commission of Inquiry established by then-DMK leader M Karunanidhi to investigate the death of an Anna University student following a police lathi charge. An Additional Judge of the Madras High Court presided over the commission, and Chandru appeared before him on behalf of the pupils.

The judge urged to Chandru that he pursue a legal career after witnessing how thoroughly prepared he was for the commission.
In 1973, he enrolled in law school.

After being denied entrance to their hostel due to his history as a student activist, Chandru went on a three-day hunger strike before the officials relented.

Chandru worked for Row & Reddy, a law company that provided legal counsel to the needy, both during and after law school.

After eight years there, he launched his own private practise, became the youngest lawyer chosen as a Member of the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu, and was nominated as a Senior Advocate by the Madras High Court sometime in the second part of the 1990s. In the interim (1988), he had left the CPI (M) due to disagreements with the Rajiv Gandhi government’s handling of the Tamils.

The real Justice Chandru

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How woman became Yoga teacher after losing her legs in crash

Arpita Roy has come a long way since a 2006 crash in which she lost both her legs. She is now a Yoga teacher who even tried a headstand for her social media fans.

Arpita Roy vividly recalls the evening of April 22, 2006. She was sitting behind a friend on a bike, mentally forming a list of stuff she wanted to buy in Kolkata. The city of joy was a 30-kilometer trip from her home in Barrackpore, and her life was permanently changed in an instant.

The bike crashed with a lorry, causing her to fall to the ground as the massive vehicle ran over both of her legs, leaving her a 20-year-old double amputee. The next thing she knew, she was hearing screams and saw a countless people looming over her head.

Arpita Roy was completely conscious but couldn’t pinpoint the source of her excruciating worrisome agony until someone pointed to her blood-soaked thighs. She struggled to walk as she battled off dismal thoughts. Fortunately, a hospital was located on the opposite side of the road from where the accident occurred.

Arpita Roy received pain killers but was advised to be transferred to a better hospital in Kolkata due to her precarious status. When she arrived, the physicians recommended surgery to preserve her legs, but it was postponed for 12 days due to the family’s financial difficulties.

A sad event like this would have shattered everybody’s spirit, but the lighthearted schoolgirl had inner strength and the objective of being financially independent so that she could not burden her family.

15 years ago, Arpita was able to stand up and walk with her mechanical limbs, as well as to conduct yoga like a professional.

Arpita Roy banked all her hopes on robotic limbs as she might walk again. But the way back was harder than the crash and the amputation, she says.

While performing the operation, the surgical team had to perform grafting, which involved removing flesh and skin from one of her limbs to cover the damaged region. Because of this treatment, the physicians advised her to stand for an hour every day to ensure her posture was correct.

A strong-willed individual Arpita overcame the agony and began walking a few months later. She started working in a call centre in July 2007. She worked there for 2.5 years before getting married. Her first few days at work were difficult. It was daunting to be surrounded by so many people after being at home for over a year. She would even cry on some days, but she could always count on her brother’s unflinching support.

If her physical agony was being exacerbated by the phantom pain, her mental trauma was not far behind. Arpita’s life was marked by stares, sympathies, and stigma. It was the last thing she wanted to be treated differently.

So, instead of being embarrassed when people mistaken her mechanical limbs for polio or injuries, Arpita told her storey.

During this time, physical activities came to her aid, allowing her to discover her true purpose in yoga. She began a fitness regimen to ensure that she was always the appropriate weight to fit into the mechanical limbs. Her voyage was made easier because she was in good shape.

She began to practice yoga in 2015, which demands flexibility, good knees, and, most importantly, legs.

Another liberating decision she made to overcome her worries was to make her social media debut without editing her photograph or hiding her limbs beneath a lengthy skirt. The great feedback she received on her posts encouraged and challenged her to do better. She even attempted a headstand for her audience.

Arpita Roy feels she has made a significant achievement, including becoming a Yoga teacher, since the crash. Her life motto of counting her blessings rather than worrying about losing her legs has taken her this far.

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Wake up early to become a better leader with more energy – Towards A Better Life

People who get up early gradually become better leaders as they have improved organizing skills. In this article you will find this and other benefits of waking up early.

Benjamin Franklin said there is gold in the mouth of the early morning. There is some truth in Franklin’s analogy getting up early brings with it several benefits.

Become a better leader by enhancing your organizing capabilities

When you wake up early you have uninterrupted time for yourself in the morning. Hence, you are not distracted and can complete any activity more quickly. You can utilise this tranquil and quiet time to plan your day ahead of time, allotting a specific amount of time to each of your chores.

You eventually become a better leader as mentally planning your day before you begin improves your organisational skills and promotes productivity.

The other benefits of getting up early are:

1) You remain stress-free.
2) Enjoy improved health and energy.
3) Feel more content with whatever the One Almighty God has blessed you with.
4) At the end of the day you enjoy quality sleep.


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Love yourself to boost your health – Towards A Better Life

I have always been preaching self-love for a better and happier life. My earlier post Self love is important for a better and happier life is proof of that. But, it is only now that I have learned that self love is essential for better health.

Self-love is described as concern for one’s own well-being and happiness. It also involves a sense of self-worth that stems from behaviors that promote our overall development.

But, in essence self-love is a discipline of believing we are important, and giving priority to ourselves when possible. It is also treating ourselves with respect and compassion.

It is also, in the end, a continuous intentional choice of things, people, and situations that are nice, feel right, and true, and serve us constructively.

If you love yourself you will feel happy and comfortable with yourself at all times and this will eventually boost your mental and physical health.

Self-love activities

There are many ways you can show you love yourself, which will eventually boost your health. Getting a spa treatment is one such activity.

Here are a few to get a spa experience at home:

  1. Engage your senses with aroma therapy.
  2. Give yourself a facial.
  3. Mask your way to clearer skin. …
  4. Make your shower more spa-like.
  5. Treat your tired eyes before you sleep so that you wake up with fresh eyes.

Another way that shows your love yourself is to exercise yourself to better health.

Just making yourself a cup of green tea or coffee can also boost your health tremendously, if you do it regularly.

Self-Love Habits Can Include:

Mindfulness practice allows you to appreciate everything your body can achieve.

Being in the company of positive people

Being wary of spending too much time on social media

Doing good deeds for others

Self-care is the practice of doing nice things for oneself.

Making a list of the qualities you admire in yourself

Wearing clothes and doing things that make you feel good without hurting the feelings of others.

wish you all a tremendous boost in health with the above tips. For more on the topic you may click on the link given below.

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Islamic welfare organization contributes towards Wall of Kindness during Covid-19 – Better Life Info

I stumbled upon an inspiring post on Sunday, while going through the WordPress Reader, which I often visit to look for new post ideas and to reblog some really good ones,

This article is about an organization which has contributed dry ration and pulses during these difficult times of Covid-19, when many people have lost their jobs and their families have become needy.

Inspiring contribution made by Muslim organization

I was initially glad to see that a Muslim organization, called Islamic Welfare Organisation, had made the contribution for the Wall of Kindness maintained by Army’s 25 Infantary Div at ALG gate.

But after thinking deeper, I felt that organizations across the world should make more such contributions to help the needy families.

Iran’s Wall of Kindness spreads through India

An Iranian started the initiative, called The Wall of Kindness, where people from۔different walks of life contribute essential items for the poor and needy people۔ The initiative is now spreading in India.

Shafqat Mir stated that the organisation will continue to reach out to the disadvantaged and needy in society.

According to the statement, Mir urged people from all walks of life to work together and unite for the benefit of the destitute and downtrodden.

It is a simple and wonderful idea; the sort that one wonders why no one thought of before! The Wall of Kindness idea is a welfare / charity project that is easy to implement and a great way to make sure that what one doesn’t need finds its way to those who do need it. An idea that originated in Iran has found its way to India now.

When western sanctions and high unemployment rates negatively impacted the Iranian economy, an Iranian who wanted to remain anonymous started a new way for people to help those in need. Soon Walls of Kindness started to appear spontaneously in Iran.

When western sanctions and high unemployment rates negatively impacted the Iranian economy, an Iranian who wanted to remain anonymous started a new way for people to help those in need. Soon Walls of Kindness started to appear spontaneously in Iran and is now spreading across India.

Finally, I need to say that such generosity should and can be done by each one of us at our own levels. The One Almighty God does not look at the size of your kindness, but the intention of your heart while doing it. May He bless us all with good understanding.

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A man should love God above all things Prophet Abraham showed that

On this Father’s Day, I am writing this post in honor of Prophet Abraham. He is the patriarch of all three religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, and his love for God is well know. He was tested by the Creator in various ways.

The supreme sacrifice and other tests that Prophet Abraham gave

From the time he was a child, Abraham was devoted to the One Almighty God and no one else. That prompted his own people, who were non-believers, to put Abraham into a fire, when he was just a child. There also came a time when Abraham, who is called Ibrahim (peace be upon him) in Islam, became old and God wanted him to sacrifice the one thing he loved the most. That one thing turned out to be his son Ismael, who was Abraham’s only child at that time.

That was the final test and supreme sacrifice of Abraham, who is also known as the Friend of God in Islam. A final test is considered to be the greatest test, and Abraham passed in that test too.

His child is the most precious thing to a man

I want to stress the point here that Prophet Abraham loved God above all things, because for a man his child is indeed the most precious thing. In fact, a true father loves his child more than he loves himself and above all treasures of the world. Abraham had proved his devotion to God by getting ready to be burnt in the fire. But, the Creator finally tested his dedication by testing his love for his child.

Finally, it was the mercy of God that saved the life of Ismael. The Beneficent One sent a lamb from heaven to be sacrificed in his place.

But, the love for God should be above all things

In all this Prophet Abraham showed that a man loves his child above all things, but that love should not surpass the love for the Almighty One. I believe that a mother carries a child in herself for nine months, but a father carries him in his heart for life. But, the love for God should be above all things. That is all I want to say on this Father’s Day.

And in these times of Covid-19, the most important is that we should reinforce our love and faith in the One Almighty God and put all our trust in Him.

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Better Life Info for a better and happier life

Image shows a child reading a book. The message is there is no age to learn how to live an enhanced life. Original source: Let me first thank the Most Beneficent and Merciful God, to start my blog, called Better Life Info. I believe that God alone has created us all and is worthy of all our worship and praises. As God has created us each one of us with special qualities, I also believe that “All Lives Matter”. Once you have become close to God and learnt to be your own best friend, you will need an ocean of knowledge and information that will help you live an enhanced life and use it for a constructive purpose. This blog aims to be just that ocean and your companion for a better and happier life.

About me

I am Rehan Kazi (actual name: Mohammed Farooque Kazi), a 1992 graduate of the Mumbai University. I edit news online to support my family, which includes my parents, wife and a kid. These are the people who are there for me in all my happy and sad moments. Indeed, it is the love of our families and those who care for us that keep us going. I look at myself as a creative person who loves all the good things of life including blogging. My interests have ranged from cooking and gardening to reading, writing and drawing since I was a child. I have also been into health and fitness since an early age. And am still going strong (now I am 50).

About Better Life Info

When I created Better Life Info, the world was still grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic, which had started a year ago in 2020. I wanted to create a blog that would help people live happily during the pandemic and even after it ended. I had already created a successful blog Towards A Better Life with the same aim in mind. This blog takes the aim further by providing fabulous information to enhance your life through articles like Be Your Own Best Friend, and more. I love to share knowledge and whatever good I read with others. It was this love that led me to create this blog that will help you become a better, healthier and happier person. Here you will find articles that will provide you with information on topics ranging from self improvement to technology. Besides the articles, you will also find infographics that will help you remember what you have learnt. This blog will help you learn life skills to cope with the demands and challenges of life, not just a pandemic. Have a good time here and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog because whatever level of living you are at there is still space for growth towards a better and happier life.

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