1. Some people consider the whole world as a play. William Shakespeare, for example.

2. Some others consider it to be a book. Jawaharlal Nehru for example.

3. I developed some models like school, journey, play, war and dream for my own study and events.

4. Yesterday I had a discussion with the local secretary of IPTA-Devendra Kushwaha.

5. IPTA stands for Indian People For Theatre Association.

6. Homi J. Bhabha had a role to play in its creation.

7. I have known Devendra since 2018 but we actually had discussions only for an hour or two.

8. In one such conversation on a Thursday, I was discussing with him about arts. I told him about one of my favourite movies: “Suraj Ka Saatvaan Ghoda” or “The Seventh Horse of Sun.” I had published an IMDB article reviewing this movie and discussed it with many people. Based on Dharmveer Bharati’s novel of same name it was directed by Shyam Benegal. It’s a masterpiece.

9. Devendra had no clue about the movie. The conversation took place just outside the Biotic Farm. He told me about the book he was reading.

10. Yesterday, as I remind him about our previous conversations and told him that I was exalted to interact with someone as highly placed as secretary of IPTA: he told me that he had watched “The Seventh Horse of Sun” two-three times before. Now after getting my recommendation he watched it again.

11. My question is this: the Devendra in 9th and the Devendra in 10th are two different persons. Why does it happen so often with me? Why did he need to lie? Was it a part of a play? I only need him to get clarity about whether he had watched that movie two three times or only watched it after I recommend it to him. Secretary of IPTA should have a good memory in my opinion.

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