New Hindu Month!

1. Pausha/Pousha is the month as per Hindu calender which begins today.

2. It’s the tenth month as per Gregorian Calendar. To learn harmonious relationship between Hindu and Gregorian calendars:

3. The Jaiminee Moveable Atmakaraka is Venus which holds this post temporarily changing it with Moon on a regular basis until Sun takes it around the Makara Sankranti.

4. Venus is Daityaguru or Scientist and rules the world of glamour and arts. Its being in Capricorn indicates Sefer Yetzirah in operation in this month as far as Dharma is concerned. This also teaches you that ninth Hindu month Dhanu is not considered auspicious.

5. It’s considered inauspicious because ninth is owned by Mars. It’s rapid movement. Fiery and energetic martial arts. It’s also co-owned by Guru or Jupiter – the natural ruler of Sagittarius which is also its office.

6. This month is considered Khara Masa or month of the beast or month of the dirt/waste as per the Hindu tradition.

7. Compare it with previous month Maargshirsha: the eighth month. An even number co-owned by Saturn and Mars. Farming as well as marital status were allowed. Spiritually opening the highest and brightest path via Orion.

8. Autumn is the most romantic of seasons in Hindu calender. It coincides with October or Libra. Ramalinga Swamikal Adigal and Ram Kripaal Tripathi were both born on October 5th. Near the full Moon of Sharad.

9. It’s Ramananda Sagar’s birthday along with Rajesh Khanna’s. Now he’s Akshay Kumar’s father-in-law. No, I am joking. He was the first superstar. Oopar aaka neeche kaaka. Mere sapno ki raani kab aayegi too etcetera.

Munshi Premchand’s “Poos Ki Raat” is a great relief! One of the most sublime portrayals of pain of a common man.

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