My recruitment interview!

1. I have been to many interviews, here I am going to discuss the most lucrative offer that came from a multinational which had tags like “magic of doing big things early…” Its CEO was one of the youngest people to become CEOs of any IT firm.

The questions were on:

1. Topology: bus, star, mesh etc.

2. Did I know programming? No. Nobody did. We were communication students. I didn’t know electronics either.

3. I was taught by my friends to tell: I would master it as I was doing research in field of higher human intelligence or “accelerated learning” as Win Wenger PhD called it. What I actually did was to read his book The Einstein Factor and use it along with breathing to try to expand my awareness. I told him that.

He asked: ” who commissioned you to research?” I said: nobody. He asked that twice. I told him the same.

4. He asked about where people with surnames “Shukla” came from. I wasn’t aware of that. I said: they’re found everywhere. His answer was: they came from North. Aryan invasion!!!!!!.

5. My prospects of getting hired into HR department didn’t manifest because I tried nothing to learn about people or castes or gotras or not enough. Instead: I kept researching Astrology in my spare time. The company was becoming as draconic as current central government: it wanted us to record activity of every hour. Quite like how I might seem to my student Shri: when I ask her to keep records. Maybe not as I consider her to be my employer while I was an employee.

6. My team lead took me to a doctor. The next thing: I wanted to go to Netherlands for its laxity.

The post is inspired by micky2000’s second last post on his page. On this smartphone it’s difficult to copy links of bloggers and open multiple windows as the WordPress app only allows one window at a time. Thanks.

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