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Sunday Drive 1/30/22

My son Aaron had the day off from work, so we decided to take a little road trip to a wildlife reserve on the Minnesota/North Dakota border in hopes of getting photos of elk or caribou. We set out before daybreak. The morning clouds looked like rippling dunes of golden sand. We hadn’t gone far, […]

Sunday Drive 1/30/22

The next piece of missing puzzle. Vlues come from Michael Jordan’s blog post. You see friends we shared a post sbout a visit in Australia recently…hope you would visit their site for verses and clues. Thanks for your valuable time! 07:38:07:02:2022:00 #timestamp.

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Ch – 12 Exponents & Powers

Q.1: Express: a) 2187 as a power of 3 b) 625 as a power of 5 c) 1024 as a power of 4 Q.2: Find the multiplicative inverse of the following: a) 4 (-2) b) 3 (-3) c) 11 (-10) Q.3: Simplify and express the result in power notation with positive exponent: a) p11 x […]

Ch – 12 Exponents & Powers

Priya’s Learning Center is a repertoire of questions and answers; quizzes and other useful study material for school kids. I hope you would like to visit her site and follow if you find the information useful or worth sharing. Thanks

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