Kristina Van Hoose!

1. This is a short biographical sketch. The idea is to move forward. If members who joined later on have an idea about past members they would feel familiar with forum and its foundation.

2. I am the person who came up with the idea for the forum. I was the most active student in Blogging 101 Alumni August 2015 class organized by the WordPress blogging university. I let her host the site as it was a free gift from WordPress for students who wanted to stay connected and offer a similar type of experience they had during the class: that of warmth, belonging and helping each other growing together.

3. She was technically sound. She had a butterfly icon as her profile picture. She helped a lot of people.

4. She was reserve by nature and hoped my extravagant extraversion would balance out her introverted intricacies in order to facilitate forum members.

5. Her brother is technically sound. I don’t know her brother.

6. Her website with the name ‘Kristina Van Hoose’ self hosted on WordPress has a tagline for which she did a poll on this very forum. Among two options “growing up shouldn’t be boring,” and “growing up should be optional,” the later was recommended by me.

7. She went on a break from which she didn’t come back since 2016. She deleted all my comments on her website.

8. She went to watch Supermoon of 2016 with her brother on a jeep. She had freckles. She could sketch. Ate pork.

9. She went to Spain on a trip. She wrote about it.

10. Some strange connection in my mind connected her to Izza Ifzaal- a blogger from Pakistan who was writing poetry in those days. Kristina said she was from USA. I saw a strange dream in which she was wearing a white shirt and dream guide said she was from Brazil. Telling her about that dream was one of the reasons she conspired against me.

11. Her cat’s name was Smore. She participated in NaNoWrMo and NaPoWrMo. Her stories fascinated me when i first read them.

12. This was the first in the series of biographical sketches of forum members which might or might not continue as we move forward. My notes are too autobiographical, therefore writing about myself isn’t needed. Still, if you need: ask me anything and i would let you know here itself. Hiding nothing.

13. If Kristina or anyone else thinks this note is inappropriate: let them comment here and tell me which part offends their sensibilities. I would edit that part out of this equation. KVH is an assumed name. Van stands for a feudal European lord. Whose mystery is this is anybody’s guess.

A Tohu Verse:

Kristina Van Hoose

Whose name is assumed

Meditation ions media

Diadem demogorgon gonfalon

Falchion ionosphere here there everywhere

Wherewithal thalassi Tallahassee

Seesaw sawdust dustup backup

Dustbin psicyclobin Cyclops


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Darkness Hearkens!

1. As i was reading ‘one proud post’ submitted by Vani: it struck me.

2. There were two synchronicities. Two coincidences.

3. I uploaded two pictures on instagram after running and walking for 1 Hour 50 minutes in Shatabdi ground. I also played vocabulary jams with PC, Stephen and others on My ID is 01. I invite you to play with me.

4. I labelled pictures as ‘two moons’ and ‘towards Cancer’ as Moon is entering the sign Cancer by transit.

Two Moons or three?

5. The story has a reference to ‘two moons’ a theme also found in Vyasa’s Bhagvata with 4 verses. It also has a reference to Cancer.

6. Those two coincidences look quite normal. The story was written on 23.10.2020. I received a blow with a bamboo cane on my left thigh by a black commando of military earlier this year on 11.4.2020. 23 years after i was beaten by one Manoj Chaturvedi in class 7th in Maria Mata Convent High School. It was the only case of brutality against me other than my parents who used to beat me on a regular basis until i reached class 9th. They kept doing that in subtler forms later on.

7. Kristina Van Hoose’s cat was named Smore. I read her stories and they touched my heart. Then she disappeared. A verse for the cat of freckled lady:

Smore more morel

Relevant losel sells

Elliptical ellipsis sisal salut Salubrious

Lipton tonnage age old doldrums

Mystery darkens darkness hearkens.

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