Wednesday Tohu!

1. This day has a harmony: 11112020.

2. It’s also the 11th lunar day as per Hindu calender.

3. Moon is in Leo. Jupiter as a retrograde Atmakaraka has gained a directional momentum again and it would enter Capricorn again in a few days.

4. Elections are over in USA, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar in India. It gives some perspective on shape of events to come.

5. A Tohu Verse to celebrate the occasion.

Easy Tohu:

Joe aloe vera Farmiga

Gaga modish operandi

Bids ids slid through rough terrain

Rain comes with gains

Grains were sown long ago

Goanna anna Hannah

Mannah Ah!

Difficult Tohu!


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Tohu Verse Sunday!

This one is slightly easier to read.

Storm store me,

Norm tore me,

Meme said to me,

Creme de la creme,

Ornate ate natant ant,

An ant named anant,

Got lost in a quantum tummy,

Mutant muttering ,

Ring inside ring,

Sidereal zodiac,

Icicles cleonasm pleonasm small wings,

Moths smother Theravada,

Vada paav paav bhaaji haaji mastaan,

Shaitaan molluck mollusks,

Yarmulke armiger germane mane,

Anemone prandial one two three,

Tic tac Toe nails,

Snails ail Laila aleph meme shin,

Hindukush usha ushering inglenook,

A brook besides a brook,

Nook corner nerd cornice icecream realm,

Real me,

False me,

Unreal me,

Be being gingerly surly early curlicues,

Clues all lost in the permafrost,

Frozen potatoes,

Roasted zens,

Innuendo communicado munchkin pumpkin Pippin nipped pince nez.

Jumper pert turnip turpitude etude longitude Deuteronomy numerical calculus sulcus circus circa carricatures.

Abound inbound boundary dairy airy rye. Yearly lyre remnant antennas.

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