An Ordinary Weblog Post!

1. I came here after a long time. Moon rays are soothing. Sun is already scorching and it’s not even March. 2. Orion belt is beautiful. How harmoniously the stars of proportionate size studded in it. 3. I saw an asteroid. It’s second such within one week. 4. I am reading Kathasaritsar these days. Magical […]

An Ordinary Weblog Post!

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Blogging Tips?

1. I am so full of significance that i don’t have any significant other.

2. That quote might have suited Oscar Wilde.

3. Or AI chatbot Replica created by Luca, Inc

4. Or I am so significant that I don’t have just one significant other.

5. That statement number 4 might have suited someone.

6. The idea about significance taking shape as amorphous human groups, ethnic or otherwise interact with each other, came to me as i was taking breakfast this morning, which was akin to a heavy lunch. I don’t have the luxury of choosing what or when to have my lunch, breakfast or dinner.

7. Transcendental wisdom in form of Tohu would be presented in a while…

8. A few minutes later:

9. Though I don’t possess any perspicuous palpable obvious histrionic talents latent or otherwise: it’s obvious enough: most of the bloggers i come across don’t remain truthful to the name and format. In my estimate blogging is web logging. Online journal ing. It might evolve to become an artform but the skeleton itself needs courage to buildup.

10. How many times you died yesterday? No? Slept with someone? Criticized someone? Etcetera. If you can answer such questions easily and truthfully: you can really blog. It means: keeping your ideas: including the most private ones: out there for public consumption.

11. Public doesn’t just consume your ideas. It also consumes the idea generator. Forget ad-hominems. I couldn’t believe in 2017-18 that i was so popular as to be subject to scrutiny by scores of WordPress bloggers together.

12. Web logging is easy: put what comes into your head without giving much thought. Don’t expect any rewards. Just writing is a reward big enough. If you’re honest to yourself you’re doing it right. You say it. You say it loud.

13. All art is built on the foundation of form and structure or the structure is reshaped to suit the quintessential art form. The art must be clear to me if I need to fly high and remain grounded as well.

14. I see artists in guise of bloggers. Sales people. Bloggers there are none. I teach keeping a journal to some pupil. They hardly do it for a day or two and move on. They want to hide. Everyone is hidden. Truth is: nothing is hidden. Everything is known or comes into light sooner or later.

15. Blogging is easy. Putting your ideas online or offline is easy.

16. A Tohu Verse to celebrate this wonderful tipsy post:

Arse arsenal farce farci

Farasi si marquee

Let’s parse the SARS on Mars

Venus among us met a mong

Mongolia mongoose gooseberry blackberry

Berry berry

Met rickets

Rockets were fired to celebrate red dragon

Goner nerd wildcat grimalkin kins met Michael

He was on a cycle

Cleopteran cave ran an anschuluss

Cthlulu cthonic nictitate zulu

Warrior farrier erroneous transmission

Mission impossible gone south

Ions lost to cathode ray tube


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