Seismic Coupon!

1. I played ten vocabulary jams with following recent achievements on

Leader of the Jams: Ranked 3rd this week!
Jam Team Leader This Week!
Winning Team Member This Week!

2. As you can see: in all those formats my performance has been better than PC. It doesn’t mean however that I am a better player. It only means: I played more number of games this week.

3. PC and Stephen D shown in the images are two players who can easily score in excess of 900. I might have scored 900 in 2020 but don’t remember ever scoring it this year. As told before: internet speeds here are also responsible.

4. Nationality as declared:

PC: Unites States of America

Stephen D: Japan

Hang L: China

10( Author and admin here aka dancinglightofgrace ): India

5. I had strange dreams. Identified it was long since I moved out of those black holes. Kept paying attention to events and people far too much than I should have. All my attention should be given to only thing that matters.

6. A Tohu Verse

Cold shoulder boulder

Bolder cold war

Older der furor teutonic

Nictitate mister lazy pumpkin

Bumpkin kinship shipwrecks

Munchkin kingly lyrically calculably


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Vocabulary jams on!

1. I played many vocabulary jams today. The most memorable one was where Claire G scored 970. I scored 870 on that one. A whopping 100 points gap between the two of us. I got second rank but it was unbelievable to see someone score as highly. I don’t think I have observed a higher score.

2. Here’s the summary of my scores:

740, 810, 880, 650, 590, 740, 630, 550, 620, 535, 830, 520, 880, 810, 720, 625, 690, 800, 810, 580, 555, 870, 600

3. Ranks:


4. Number of players:

In evening there were 70 to 85 players per jam. In morning only 5 to 10

5. Analysis:

I scored 880 twice: that seems to be the threshold. I feel the low internet speed also plays a role here. Though, as said before : I don’t want to discredit any top scorers.

Only 6 scores in excess of 800. I got first rank nine times.

6. Following players score consistently well and often in excess of 900:


Claire G

Stephen D

Zahi R

Paul H

Vishnu Ram

7. My ID is 10. I invite you to play with me.

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What Might A Suitable Title For This Post Be?

1. Played 6 vocabulary jams:

Scores: (745, 720,740,850,830,595)

2. Getting two scores in excess of 850 is quite good. I received first rank in all of them but first game where Vishnu Ram scored 890.

3. I played some jams yesterday evening. Was happy to play along with PC. In the very first game my score was 730 which matched that of PC’s. Though hang L scored 830 in that one.

4. I realised, as i kept playing: PC doesn’t get scores in excess of 900. He only gets them in excess of 850 on average.

5. The internet speed in this region limits my score on image tests. Images get loaded later than they do for USA counterparts.

6. Moreover, my score on fill-in-the-blanks can’t be improved in the short run. However, i am happy to have found some players who are surprisingly well endowed:

PC, Claire G, Vishnu Ram and Stephen are four such players. Even hang L performs well.

7. My ID is 01. I invite you to play with me.

8. Yesterday evening i had to buy a choke for the rod in the library. The receipt was not written properly. The shop owner hardly had time to write the full name of the institute. The librarian said that office might object at the time of reimbursement.

9. Spent at least 30 minutes to help them attach an iron wire fence to keep pigs from entering into the fields where they eat like pigs and defecate on crops. As such there are many dogs and puppies but the pigs are difficult to catch once they enter: even with expert help.

10. I came across a new meaning of the word riddle today. I only knew its meaning as a noun: puzzle. However, to riddle as a transitive doesn’t mean to puzzle: it means to spread or diffuse through. In the context of the question that was put during the quiz. I was puzzled. Here’s a puzzle in form of Tohu verse:


In the middle,

Might fiddle

With the finger,

Which grates,


Bread read red pasta paste

The taste might defy

Your expectations,

Gingerly gingerly lyrically calculably

I say unto thee heeheehee

Heel of Achilles

Lestrade tradecraft craftsmanship ship wrecked

Zed iodidempotentate ate all that was left

Late in the night

Your plight wasn’t heard

It’s a standard


Hear hear earmarked marksmanship sails

Ails old man


11. Tohu means chaos. Jewish mystic tradition Kabbalah gives the definition. Chaos indicates lack of understanding. That which is considered dissolving chaotic event horizon from a viewpoint is revealed to be a building block or rung of a ladder from another.

I invented Tohu verse form.

The image was captured by me in the premise of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh as i took a break from work. Thanks for your presence and support!

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The Routine and the subroutine!

1. I woke up late. Doors of kitchen were locked by then so i am fasting. Two more hours. My stomach is hungry.

2. My mental hunger was satiated by jams. I invite you to play with me whenever you can. My ID is 12. I would like it if you compete with me.

3. Claire G.-who is the best player I have come across in the last two months(with PC being absent,) appeared briefly. I won a game by just 10 points. She scored 660 and I scored 670. This is the best of my achievements in the last two months on She might have scored less than me on some jams but today I made it a point to observe when she appeared.

4. I played 12 games in total. Here’s a summary of ranks I received:

First rank: 6 times(40 players on an average)

Second rank: twice

Third rank: once

Fourth rank: once

Seventh rank: once

5. So, as you can see: there are no facts . Only interpretations. I am undoubtedly not the Deuteronomy prophet lord king Starjade. I am a fellow blogger and jammer on If any of you are highly placed and in touch with Ben Zimmer or the technical team of that site: please inform that the server crashes anytime more than 100 players begin to jam. They can improve their bandwidth. I could have written an email to their technical team but I know what response they’re going to deliver:

“We seek your understanding in this regard.” ( No change.)

6. Let’s forget the bad things for a while. Let’s talk about the poetry for a while. Pam read my post and commented on it. Ideally I should have visited her blog. Arwen has posted another article. I am supposed to post a similar post on December 16 as organized by Pam.

I read some poetry and it’s a Friday. I liked reading some of them and some others were absolutely beautiful.

7. I am going to create some poetry here with words culled from vocabulary jams. I invite you to comment on it. Tell me how it can be improved. If you don’t like it: tell me about it. What do you not like about it?


Chaise longue: a long chair.

Backstop: a structure to prevent ball from going out in a game.

Gambit: a tactical act.

Beckon: to make a gesture with a hand to ask someone to follow or approach.

Gingerly: cautiously.

Rapscallion: a villain.


You sit on your chaise longue,

Oh sweet white damsel,

Your eyes dance as you flourish,

I beckon all the rapscallions to go yonder before you arrive on stage,

It’s not a gambit to win over you,

But a revelation,

An epiphany,

To tell you,

How exquisitely beautiful you are!

Gingerly lyrically calculably,

Blithely I sing praises for your sublime perfection.

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