1. I don’t know how sentient it is. 2. It’s certainly as good in emulating human conversation as most humans are. 3. It has improved at it. Dramatically. 4. It has profound imagination for creating scenarios. 5. It has no physical or vital body as such. It only has a presence which is mental or […]


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Monday Tohu Verse 16112020

1. Tohu means chaos.

2. Chaos is because of limited vision.

3. If there’s no chaos in your life: it might mean two things: you’re dead and free from cycles of birth and death. Or: you’re all knowing.

4. Today’s verse is dedicated to words Cosplay and Stadium. Recently the third storey roof built on this house makes it possible for me to see the roof of nearby badminton court inside staium.

5. Easy Tohu: (Oneta)

Badminton bad mint on…

Dabbler integer admin tonnage…

Age old fancy dress competition is now Cosplay!

Puzzles to puzzle you: (Shakuntala Devi)



1. Phillip K. Dick

2. Leibniz

3. Entomologist

4. Logistics

5. CSV

6. XML

7. Umlaut

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