1. I eat fruits. Fallen on ground. 2. It takes me a lot of time to make-up my mind to write. I would have preferred sitting quietly, watching the setting Sun, the dance, birds frolicking, chirping and returning to nests in various groups. 3. Even in the recreated identity and objective : my efforts tend […]


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Tenet Cow dung!

1. It’s good to see four to five of us being active here on this forum. I hope more members would post and discuss their ideas. Vicky was here for a while, he might be back. Even statistics tell you that it was not in such a state of healthy activity during last few years. Thanks Pam, Kristina, Rashmi and all others who contributed in the past and many thanks to current contributors and supporters.

2. There are white birds, green birds, cranes, parrots and kingfishers. Butterflies and monkeys which were chased away by three of us. Bursting of crackers resulted in one of the corners near well catching a small fire which was doused.

3. The kitten came twice inside the library via the broken glass hole on the northern wall which connects the gallery to library. It moved out of the main door second time. The first time it was put back via the same hole. Now it jumps on me as well. It would be lurking in the dark and as soon as you walk carefree it jumps on your feet. It looks hilarious but isn’t free from risk. It jumped on my cellphone’s charger and it fell. The phone is still working but I was in a shock for a while because I got it after a long wait. To keep pets is always risky.

4. I weave many stories as I work in the cowshed near younger calves. They are mostly perspective on relationship of humans with pets. Are we also pets for some higher beings who are watching us and gaining sustenance from us like we get from cows by milking them or by killing other animals for their flesh?

5. Gaia is a name used for Earth. It might be from Greek. I am neither sure nor do I want to look it up as I continue to rant here. Gaia does sound like Hindi word for cow. Related sounds are Go or Gau which also indicate senses. Goloka or realm of divine senses is often considered to be realm of cows where cowherds have pastimes in Indian scriptures which have Govinda or knower of senses as a child hero.

6. I also wonder about millennia old conditioning which has made cow dung holy. As to why cow and not other animals? Many advocates would give you scientific reasons. The truth is deeper than that. Pets and humans co-evolve. To say that wolves who remained near human tribes became dogs is right but in the process humans were also adapting to suit both nature and those dogs. This isn’t to say that humans as a species haven’t caused extinction of certain other animals but it’s primarily the nature which causes that and humans in that tale are mere byproducts of a grand natural design. Thus cow dung and everything around became so holy as to make Hindus eat it in some rituals and use all parts of excretion for something or the other. Primarily it was demand and supply which evolved as hunter gatherers became farmers and tamed wild oxen animals. This dependency became synonymous with prosperity and ultimately veneration of animal along with other primal energies in form of rain, thunder, earth and sky.

7. That criticism of feces of other animals when you exalt that of cows is mere conditioning. There’s no real difference between cow dung and pig excreta as far as waste is concerned.

8. What if entire India becomes Vegan? You still need bulls for farming? Machines do that better. Then fuel is needed which gets used up quite soon. A speaker in the recent meeting used an ideology of opening more police stations:

One wing says we are controlling crime.

He told it is actually a shame because thought process should not let requirement for such stations increase.

What he didn’t touch upon was: population explosion. More people need more monitors. Control population then you can control thinking.

8. Part of the reason why modern politicians boast of ruling is the number of people. Actually a fraction of population from Hindi speaking community decides ruler of the country and that community believes in no birth control. Even that fraction is more number of people than those who were living in the entire nation of India some five decades ago. Hence Yashashvi Samrat. Yashashvi kings. Not servants or Chowkidars as they might like you to believe. Be the sovereign and search for your kingdom if you want to.

9. Completed registration of books in the almirah number 12 in library. Bought a new issuing register worth 20 rupees. Now almirah number 13 begins. I intend to read a certain novel which I couldn’t complete two years ago when I began. I intend to read it the same way. It’s associated with a certain entrance. The fine print of the movie Tenet was found on YTS movies after having waited for an year. I enjoyed music which is too dramatic at times: especially around 1:16 where I took break because of boredom. Themes from opening scenes of The Dark Knight, the conflict between husband and wife from Inception, Michael Keaton and Hans Zimmer are repeated themes. The scenes like Windmills in the ocean are breathtaking beauty and remind you of Dune. I hope the second half would be better than first for it’s a dream come true to be able to watch it.

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Community Links Page!

Hi Sandeept,

1. Though it shows your name the page was actually created by Kristina. The link for updation of form leads back to this page itself: hence new updates can’t be done at present.

2. I have added categories to pages ‘Community Links Page’ and ‘Contacts’ page. Some of my previous archives have survived which you can access by finding out by using @thinkerv0 tag. In the second last thread we were discussing creation of a chat room.



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Theme Suggestions!

Hello Everyone!

1. The P2 theme has been there since beginning. It was an imitation of original blogging university site.

2. It was minimal and optimal for our requirements.

3. If you think we can change it to some other theme: please give your suggestions. Same with other customization.



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A New Blog!

She reads more than hundred books per month which is rare for me. She must be intelligent and fortunate to do that.

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Tohu Verse Saturday!

I intended to publish one yesterday night but I was too tired. Today one of the fellow bloggers asked if it was a scam/spam to repeatedly publish posts about UN WFP.

I want to clarify: those posts have increasing rice grains count. They are not same. They’re reminders that we need to feed those who are hungry or at least feel that we deserve our food. If you don’t feel interested in either augmentation of vocabulary or donating rice via sponsors: it’s fine by me. As fine as mine or anyone else’s not being interested in your blog contents. This blog remained dead for a long time. It’s better to put such posts than to have no activity at all.

Today’s Tohu verse has four keywords: Seismic. Sandy. Pam. Mic.

They’re to dedicate this verse to recent earthquake, Sandeept, Pam Kirst and Michael who has been a constant support.

Tohu comes from kabbalists: means chaos. All chaos is lack of study or darkness or shadow which is in want of greater knowledge, intelligence or luminescence.

If you can discover ten more words in the verse, consider yourself a winner.


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Some WordPress Sites!

Here are some sites I liked visiting in last four years or so: I wouldn’t recommend you to leave comments. You may do as your discretion allows you to do. These people are good at what they do.

  1. James Harbeck at Sesquiotica:

He’s a linguist and editor. His name was on Peter Schmies vocabulary test top scorers. He used to write for general public: diluting his expertise. Now he writes for Time magazine. You may find a free ebook on better writing. Certainly worth visiting if you like to read and learn but please don’t try to initiate a conversation unless you are absolutely sure to go all the way. OTOH: you may hire him to do your homework : if you can afford!


  • Paul Cooijimans :
  • Just google his name and you will find many websites. He might be the smartest person alive : in the league of Chris Langan( who wrote Cognitive Theoretical Model of Universe), Rick Rosner(Who wants to be a millionaire),Terrence Tao, Marilyn Vos Savant, Michio Kaku and Magnus Carlson. DON’T initiate a conversation. I just did his horoscope this morning.


  • Kristina Van Hoose:
    She was one of the members who helped create this forum. To not to be polite: she was the second and I was the first. She is on a hiatus but in case you get nostalgic about this forum’s history: you would find plenty of stuff here and elsewhere as her signature works.
  • 4.
    Pam Kirst had another blog. Please ask her politely about it. Her posts are not as long as they used to be. She was one reliable sage worker who kept contributing consistently to our forum: helping you all. If it wasn’t for her : this blog wouldn’t have seen me writing here again. Perhaps it might have been taken down by WordPress for lack of activity.


  • Project Renaissance:

    I read a book by Dr. Win Wenger PhD in 2002. The Einstein Factor was its name. Richard Poe was his co author. It changed my life forever. It didn’t create material wealth for me. But it made me inclined to record my ideas with a hope that someday I might also become a genius like others : Starjade the Deuteronomy prophet, Dhaniram or… Catherine M Cox’s literati. Don’t try to contact him. I translated a book for him for free because he had sent me a set of books at my groundmail delivery address. Hawkeye. Pray. Prey. Prepare well before you meet his lasor focus.

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    Well: the title says some WordPress sites. Not all of them are.

    Leave your signatures in comments below if you want me to mention your site in next such post. You can also do this work if you want to. If you don’t : either Pam or I will take such random numbers. See ya…

    Tohu Tuesday!

    1. Tohu means chaos. It comes from Jewish mystic tradition Kabbalah.

    2. What we perceive as chaos at one level is perceived as intelligence at another and as knowledge at yet another. Dissolution doesn’t mean destruction, it means transformation.

    3. Michael Atkins who blogs at MPA travels defined the word Torii for me when I asked. It means : a gateway ( to heaven): it’s a typical Japanese entrance to many Shinto temples. I intitiate today’s Tohu with the same word. There will be ten words hidden as key in the puzzle which might be your reward if you dare to read this verse or alternatively you may head over to the key to just highlight how ordinary this puzzle of a verse was indeed.

    4. Tohu Verse: 22:44 PM, IST, November, 4, 2020:

    Torii ironically ally kally middle

    Management mentation entomology

    Gyrating rates serrated Serra Serra

    Que quisling questionable blingbots

    Slingshot slipshod ode hoodlum

    Lumpsum sumptuous succubus busted

    Ted talks stalks alkaline ineptitude

    Deuteronomy prophet Dhaniram

    Moped kind kindred spirits


    5. KEY: 1. Doctor who.

    2. Pam

    3. Lori

    4. George

    5. Leeway

    6. Tyler Durden

    7. Hannah

    8. Simpson

    9. Chopin

    10. Ribald

    11. Ratbaggery.

    Image credit: Self. Edit: I added the word ratbaggery to honor Sir Redpath who recently liked this post.

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    Note: it’s a Tohu verse initiated with the word ‘Onigiri'(means Sushi, a dish made with rice) which was inspired by a fellow blogger Michael Atkins’ photography blog. I have used thirty words to write this one. You may find more in it. If you read this and want to explore: I invite you to identify as many words as possible. I have published such verses with as many as hundreds of words. Here l am experimenting to learn if it works for members of this forum.

    #tohuverse #ideas

    Post Script: My intention is to use as few words as possible to convey my ideas. I am learning to be less free than I feel on my personal blog: being mindful of the need of followers of this blog. I used to tag many people as admin in my previous incarnation. If you compare the data and statistics for this forum: the activity of the first four months(Aug to Dec 2015) which saw all of us creating this forum died down rapidly in the following months and years and it’s obvious it was quiet of dead for last year or two: only one or two bloggers posting something or the other after long intervals.( This is enough to prove that if it’s a baby I cared for it more than the other original admins did who abandoned it. ) Now that I am here with you and we are trying to revive the baby: let me try my best and let you not care about what I do. Or let you try your best to stop me by asking solid questions about my efforts or by mocking me elsewhere. I hope it will be a learning experience for me: Passion meets Creativity. I hope I can be more creative this time around. Learning and growing from my mistakes. Thanks all!

    I intend to write a…


    I intend to write a post or two on weekly features. Wonder of wonders: As soon as I go to the list of available formats in which I used to publish with others here: I recall that I created it with an open heart to welcome anyone and everyone to write as often as they needed to: provided, they had a WordPress account. It seemed now: as if I needed a special permission to write. I didn’t. Nobody does. It’s a different matter whether anyone of the followers of this blog is interested in what you intend to write. I used to assemble a 13 words story every Sunday. We did many such posts collaborations. Idea was given by one Keith Garth who participated for a while here.

    I want to introduce you to Tohu verse. It’s a word which means “chaos.” The word comes from Jewish mystical tradition (Kabbalah.)

    I was fond of learning words because they were the only investment which would have made me rich. It didn’t. I have been working on my vocabulary. As I was looking for longest words in English language: I realized they were often compound of simple words. I began creating them on my own.

    An example: it is the custom of union.


    What I did here: removed the spaces between the words in the sentence. If you do it for enough long : you create some musical notes. It might be fun to read them back. Here’s a sample Tohu Verse:


    Reading it is not easy or fun. It’s puzzling and needs concentration. Let me know what you think of it.

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