New Blogging U. Courses Now Up

Those who may be interested, new blogging courses are now up. Writing 101: Finding Everyday Inspiration and Blogging 201 are open for registrations.

@sashay909 updating you as requested 🙂

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Please Share Links To Your Blogging Events!

Hi All 🙂
If you have organized a blogging event or challenge, please share the link for it here in the comments and we’ll update it in the ‘List of Blogging Events. ‘Thanks! Continue reading

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Friday the 13th – Unlucky Day

To add to the fun facts that Dr. Sorick shared earlier today, did you know that the fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia. 😀 (I can’t even read the word, forget pronouncing it.)
This Friday the 13th, let’s celebrate Unlucky Day . Let’s share stories of superstition, and blind faith 😛

What do you say? What kind of an event would you like? A word prompt? A guest post? A fictional piece written by one of our in-house authors?
Do share your suggestions.
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site question/idea

can we have the list of site members that runs down the right hand side in alphabetical order? The order it is in now makes it difficult to find someone. Thanks

Bloggers World Celebrations of 400 years of Shakespeare

April 23rd being the legendary playwright’s 400 death anniversary, let us also celebrate his life and works right here.

Below is a list of events that will run from April 22nd-24th on Bloggers World.

  • April 22nd – Modern Day Tales of Shakespeare

Write a contemporary story with your own interpretation based on your favourite work of Shakespeare. This must be published on your own blog, with the link shared here. Word Limit – 2000 words or less.

  • April 23rd – Poetry in Motion

Share original excerpts of his poems, and write your own take on the same theme. Word Limit – 100.

  • April 23 – Shakespeare and Me

Share a personal story of the impact Shakespeare had on your life.
Did you find your passion for reading after you read or watched one his plays?  Do you have a childhood memory of reading Macbeth? Or did reading    Romeo and Juliet make you believe in love at first sight? Did your grandparents meet and fall in love while rehearsing for A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Word Limit – 200-250.

  • April 24th – Shakespeare and The World’s Stage

All the World’s a Stage, right? So, let’s look at the theatrical and cinematic adaptations of his works. Share your own reviews of movies or plays based on his original works. Word Limit – 500.

Please tag all submissions for this event as #guestfeature and #400yearsofshakespeare.

Do you think this would be fun? Would you be participating?
Any other suggestions are welcome.

Look forward to your feedback and hope for maximum participation. Happy Writing!
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Ideas Required for New Weekly Feature

Thursdays are now free, with the Grammar and Punctuation feature coming to its natural end.
Currently, the day is being used to share a variety of interesting guest posts spanning different topics and genres.

From May onwards, we could start a new feature. A few of us have been bandying about some interesting ideas in the comment section of this post.

Would urge more people to join in the discussion, give more ideas, or feedback and suggestion on the existing ones.

Some ideas that have already been suggested are –

  1. Photo Feature (this seems to be the most favoured one as of now) – We have two suggestions for this feature.
    One is that every week, there would be a new theme. Members can share old or new pictures on that theme or their interpretation of it. (This would be quite similar to Daily Post’s WPC but the difference being that we’ll throw in additional restrictions or challenges to make it fun)
    Second idea is that we can do a photo post on people. Similar to Humans of New York and its various off-shoots. Members would be free to share photographs of people around them. It may or may not be accompanied by a written story. You could either take new pictures (with prior permission, of course) or share old ones along with a personal story of how that person (whether a kind deed of a stranger or a major influence of a known friend or relative) impacted your life.
    This feature may even inspire others to share their stories and could become a great starting point for more participation and conversations, on this forum.
  2. World Personalities – similar to Author Story. To ensure peace and harmony on this forum, we’ll have to keep the subject of Politics off limits. 😀 Focus should be on personalities from the world of Music, Sports, Art & Architecture, Business and Economics, Subjects like Mathematics, Philosophy, Religion, Astronomy etc.
  3. Travel Articles – Could be general articles on travel, or a specific place, or a travel review. One need not be a travel blogger to attempt this. Personal stories of a family vacation are welcome too.

All of these posts could be shared on your own blog, but since it is for a weekly feature for this forum, it would be nice if you would ‘Reblog’. that would also increase the visibility of this forum. Else, if you decide to post it on your blog, that’s fine too. But it would be nice to do it a couple of days later.

So the above is what has already been discussed.

@pamkirst2014 @ishitarc1908 @niyati16 @sashay909 @kristinavanhoos @meloheart @santoshnc @whatsandrathinks @foodeezjunction @surbhisachdeva89 @feelings161 @wordscoffeeandlacedresses @darshith0000 @srinathtk86 @robertmgoldstein @dalees107 @xaranahara @lulaharp @anandartist @ananyabha @brendablagdon @beckybwinch @myusername432 @barbct @beckyaluoch @cathylynnbrooks @celiacathlete @mumbletymuse @neildsilva @neatusername @noorainsobiya @nicolaauckland @mkjackie99 @jaipurthrumylens @vnajac @vellissima @notionlux @vellissima @laikassuvaikais @jsackmom @clockworkindigo @flightscarlet @sasmiths1112 @startingtheclimb @honestme363 @icerene01 @myesteriousgirlneerja @ohmyglai @onetarhayes @fictionalkevin @indira2412 @jahnavichintakunta @iamdonovan @wwwpalfitness @arwen1968
Any one who I’ve missed tagging is also welcome to join, please.

I request you all to join in and come up with new and interesting ideas for the feature or share your suggestions in this thread, so we can all take part in the discussion at one place.

Once we have a general consensus and can come to 2 or 3 most favoured ones, we can then take a poll to see which one to run the feature with.

What do you think? What will work and what won’t? Do share your thoughts.

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The Weekly Features page has…

The Weekly Features page has now been updated.

Thursdays are free and currently being used for guest posts until we come up with a new feature.
Request all to give their Suggestions, Ideas, and Feedback for a new weekly feature.
Could be a travel article; personal anecdotes,; a writing challenge; photo feature, etc.

@anandartist @ananyabha @brendablagdon @barbct @beckyaluoch @cathylynnbrooks @dalees107 @darshith0000 @drmegsorick @laikassuvaikais @feelings161 @foodeezjunction @flightscarlet @fjjjuneau @fictionalkevin @gutsy4 @garthmr @thegeneviever @hlindschinger @honestme363 @icerene01 @ishitarc1908 @iamabloggertoo @iamdonovan @indira2412 @jahnavichintakunta @jsackmom @jaipurthrumylens @jenmotivates12 @kristinavanhoos @kingsoracle @lulaharp @mumbletymuse @mkjackie99 @maidsdayoff @niyati16 @neatusername @nicolaauckland @noorainsobiya @notionlux @myesteriousgirlneerja @ohmyglai @onetarhayes @pamkirst2014 @iaminaplace @ranu802 @raniamanda @robertmgoldstein @sheridanj2015 @srinathtk86 @sashay909 @sasmiths1112 @surbhisachdeva89 @thumbup69 @thegeneviever @vnajac @vellissima @vikrambishla @kristinavanhoos @wanderlaur @wordscoffeeandlacedresses @wwwpalfitness @whatsandrathinks @wanderlusteternal @xaranahara

Go wild with ideas. We can then whittle it down to the 4 or 5 most interesting ones, put them up to a poll and select the one most liked to run the feature with.

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Tagging – Ready Reckoner

So, I’ve been harping about Tagging the posts correctly  all this while, and so was the admin team before me.

Here’s why Tagging is important, not just here on Bloggers World but also for your blog. Fortunately, tagging on our own blogs is a little easier. Here, not so much!

Add to that, there are tags where the categories should be. I’m giving up on sorting that out or editing previous posts.

In the recent poll, most of you indicated that you would like to be told where the tags were incorrect so that you could use the correct ones the next time round. (The results came as a relief! I was worrying about being too strict and that everyone would choose the ‘No’ options 😀 )

poll results

Poll Results for ‘Admin Assistance on Tagging’

So after much research, I think I’ve figured out the tagging bit.

The only way to ensure that the posts are easily visible in tag search results is to get the tags correct. So, here’s a ready reference guide. You may use them from the tag box in the post editor or add them manually.

Add #feedback to posts asking for feedback.
Add #help to posts requesting help
Add #techhelp if you have a technical problem.
Add #idea to posts with an idea

These are suggestions. You may add additional tags as needed.

Add following tags to the individual Weekly Feature Posts :
Add #weekly for all weekly feature posts. 

Additional tags as per the respective weekly feature –
Monday – #etymology
Tuesday – #triviatuesday
Wednesday – #authorstory
Friday – #fridayfeature (also, add the following tags for the respective Friday feature – #quotations for Friday1, #100wordsstory for Friday2, #filmreview for Friday3 and #bookreview for Friday4)
Saturday – #creativewriting
BlogCast – #blogcast
Sunday 13 Words Story – #13wordsstory
Guest Posts – #guestfeature

This post may again get lost in the sea of posts that shall follow it. So, for your convenience, the same ready reckoner is there on the right side menu under the heading “Tags”.

Now if only I could figure out how to tag this post!

(Categories, I hear you say. You kidding me?!! that’s for another lifetime! 😛 )

Do you think this would be easy enough to follow? In case you have further doubts, please feel free to reach out.


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Sorry! Sorry! Just realized I…

Sorry! Sorry! Just realized I messed up the dates yet again.
hands up in the air Don’t shoot me, yet. I am still trying to get the hang of this.

Fourth Friday is April 22nd (and not 29th ), so 100 Words Story goes up on 22nd. @barbct and @vnajac are already confirmed to do that. Others are free to participate too. You could write it here or on your blog and ping-back.

That leaves us free for the Fifth Friday, which is April 29th.
What would you like to do? Do want the 3 Quotations again , as part of the Friday rotation or should we go with a Guest Post? Suggestions and Ideas solicited.
Maybe we could all gang up together and get Anandhotep to do a guest post. What do you say?

@lulaharp @pamkirst2014 @drmegsorick @onetarhayes @feelings161 @sashay909 @niyati16 @surbhisachdeva89 @vnajac @ananyabha @anandartist @myesteriousgirlneerja @laikassuvaikais @darshith0000 @srinathtk86 @wordscoffeeandlacedresses @xaranahara @cathylynnbrooks @barbct @kristinavanhoos @vnajac @jahnavichintakunta @whatsandrathinks @fictionalkevin @foodeezjunction

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I Need To Stop Swearing So Much

If anyone has been paying attention to my blogs/self-promotion lately, then you notice that half of the time I swear at life, amusement, and things. I feel like I offend humanity, and I apologize. I use it as a “go-to” to communicate my anger, sadness, happiness, and worst of all, TOILET humor. I feel like I need to find a better way to tell people how I feel, but the problem is, I am sophomoric and think swearing is absolutely hilarious. It spices up life and humanity, but it’s an issue that can be too much for some people.

I apologize and will try to clean up my language in the future.

Meanwhile, I will work on a drabble at some point in the future.

P.S. Blogger’s World will hear a lot from me today.

Xara Nahara O’Connor

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