I am back again!!! (and sorry for that!!)

Continuing on my new “Mausoleum of Love” series, here is a new addition for you all…!!!

On a separate note, how is the week going guys!!! Almost weekend!!! (*cross my fingers*)

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hey everyone! (and merry christmas…

hey everyone! (and merry christmas 🙂 since we all here are bloggers/writers, i thought about asking for your #help. i’m running a blog about stories (you can check it at www.rrrepeat.com), my #idea is to share people’s experiences, lessons and details of their lives and personas. you can be interviewed, be a regular contributor, or just an once-in-a-lifetime story-teller for the blog.

i think we can learn a lot with each other, not feel as alone, and be more happy and connected. if you’d like to join, please send me an e-mail to: hi.rrrepeat@gmail.com.

thank you and have a magical night!

Shutterbug Showcase – Imagination

Thanks @foodeezjunction for the imaginative prompt 🙂

Here’s my take –


For the better or worse imagination of all of us here.. 😉

P.S. My take on this would be the sense of calm it exudes.. 🙂

The prompt for next week is Details @niyati16.



Time to Revamp the Forum?

OK, I did not think I would have to do this again, but here I am explaining why we have rules and why as admins we ask our members to adhere to these rules.  This is what I know from my previous role as an Admin of this Forum and from my background working as an IT (Information Technology) Systems Analyst about maintaining an online forum/group.

Let us now analyze the confusing too hard to follow rules:

  1. The Basics! (As in the Guidelines from The Daily Post)
Rule Reason

Please do not post photos (unless it is for a weekly feature or photo post feature), movies, music, & similar multimedia here.

We have people in this forum connecting from different countries using different devices with access to the internet with varying speed. When the forum allows anyone and everyone to post content like photos, music and videos, it consumes more bandwidth to download, this becomes bothersome especially for people with slow internet connections as the site/page will either take forever to load or not load at all for them!

This is a forum for everyone’s use so a little consideration will not hurt anyone.

Avoid posting original content better suited for blogs here. Instead post a link and tell us what your link is about and what you’d like feedback on. This way the members do not have to scroll forever if they do not want to read your post. We have a slot called ‘Guest Feature’ for those who wish to post original content.
Please limit posting your blog link for feedback to just your own thread no more than 2 or 3 times a day.

Again, this is a forum for all members who are part of it. We (as in the admins) have the responsibility to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to post links and feedback requests to their blog. If anyone and everyone who visits the forum just drops their link and leaves, then there would be nothing worthy in this forum other than a bunch of links!

Be the lovely, respectful, and supporting individuals that you are. We are all writers. We are all in this forum hoping to receive and provide support to one another and in the process learn a little something too.

The only way I see for one to be supportive is by respectful, encouraging and understanding to other members.

We can always politely disagree with something – nothing wrong there so long as you are not directly attacking/bullying someone.

Please respect copyright. Anything posted here should be your own work or you should have permission to share it.

Self-explanatory – you know, copyright issues!

These were the basic guidelines requested of the members. Now let’s move onto the next set of rules. Continue reading

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Links To Blogging Events

Hi All 🙂
If you have organized a blogging event or challenge, please share the link for it here in the comments and we’ll update it in the ‘List of Blogging Events.’ Thanks! Continue reading

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Rules for Posting on Bloggers World

We sometimes forget that this is a blogging forum exactly like our own blogging site. Please follow the below guidelines while posting on Blogger’s World. Continue reading

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I’m Ditching Wikipedia!

Well, I’m trying to. 🙂 Is it just me who finds that every time I want to give people background information on a word or event or something that I mention, Wikipedia is the best link to use? It’s sooo boring!

So I made a real effort with my last post to link to other websites (good ones, too) although they might not necessarily provide a full summary or explanation as such of the term! For example, I referred to something Voltaire wrote and then linked it to a Julian Barnes article (although he was not explaining about that particular quote very much in the article) – but the article is interesting and does explain a bit about Voltaire and Candide. 🙂

What do you people use for reference? Wikipedia? #idea

@piyushavir (sincere condolences for your…

@piyushavir (sincere condolences for your recent bereavement) @sashay909 Is there a link block on comments for spam prevention? I added two links to a comment on Cathy’s authorstory post but it’s now awaiting moderation…maybe two links is one too many? #help Perhaps if there is a ‘spam rule’ it can be added to FAQs? #idea #FAQs

@piyushavir, Hey there. We’re nearly…

@piyushavir, Hey there. We’re nearly at the end of this moving process, so I guess I’m back. Had a coupke of ideas brought up by someone’s idea for travel posts. I used to be a travel consultant and concierge, and could share some “what the heck were they thikning?” stories if you like. I could save them on as drafts and you can use whenever, or leet me know if you need for a specific day. Thanks.

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List of Blogging Events

Hi All 🙂
If you organize or are participating in a blogging event or challenge, please share the link for it here in the comments section and we’ll update it in the ‘List of Blogging Events’. Thanks! Continue reading

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