Ashoka Cineplex!

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By being thorough!

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Palak Bewafa Kyun Hai?(Why eye-lid is dis-loyal?)

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Om Money Payme Huh?

If you know what the **** is going on here, you’re probably full of shit!

-Robert Anton Wilson

1. Again the same vehicle though I was earlier than yesterday, minus ream of papers.

2. The yellow auto on a Thursday is a blessing. Represents Jupiter Odin dindinabulation ions on and on.

3. On top of it : the driver asks me to join him on his seat. Never happened before: used to be a feature of old styled autos. Old style in e-rickshaw.

4. “Why don’t you put on a mask now sir?” He asked at the place I was about to alight. He handed me over a ten rupees coin with “Centenary Commemoration of Gandhi’s Return From South Africa;” it was released in 2015.

5. What does a kid need? A ten rupees copper coin with yellow tinge on a Thursday.

6. A caravan was coming from that side to Horse Chauka. I saw Dhaneeraam on the way. And the actor who had sold me the temple story when he took me post office.

7. The green pen.

1915: 2015: Gandhi’s return from South Africa

8. 1915 adds up to 7. Today 28.1.2021 adds upto 7. What more you need?

9. While playing vocab jams on I came across a quote by Stephen Hawking which said that a tendency to find consistency in observations is a blinding tendency and it has been present in mankind since its inception on Earth.

10. Umberto Eco also said same thing: the drive to find an underlying pattern in chaos is limitation of reason.

11. Nayak is a player who’s in the Hall of Fame on He appeared for a while. Then, just before the main road a look alike projected his image: as if it wasn’t enough: another Nayak ji appeared who was last spotted peeing outside the Shatabdi ground. I shouldn’t have mentioned that. Many people don’t know that I am very popular and constantly on watch by labour union, farmer union, masons, secret police and so on. Madhya Pradesh government jeep gave way to the autowallah. Shobha Dey ends here.

12. Here’s the summary of ranks:


13. Shouldn’t be surprising as there were 5-7 players per game.

14. Look at the game scores:

650, 720, 700, 790, 680, 700, 790, 555

15. I couldn’t reach 800. Not even once. What a pity. Mediocrity doesn’t seem to leave me no matter how hard I try!

16. Look at this: yesterday I scored 90 on every question on one of the jams. There were 10 questions. I should have received a score of 900. Why didn’t I?

Because: miscalculated.

It’s designed to give advantage to USA players. You read USA books. It’s a site based in USA. Take it or leave it. Top hall of fame players haven’t even heard of jams. After having exhausted words to master once I decided to proceed slowly and islowly, by and by, via jams, to improve my reading speed.

17. Hearing Om Mani Padme Hum.

It sounded like Payme huh?

Mani was jewel on top of snake.

The symbolic naga with wisdom sings praises of divine grace.

Noble virtue

Mani sounds like Money

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Public Service Commission Sires Rulers Not Servants!

1. As I entered inside the ‘Gandhi Dias’ which is actually a statue of Gandhi surrounded by some shrubs: I observed that glasses of statue were stolen. Kaka who had just entered asked me why the chakra under the iron pillar was still dirty when the statue had been washed. I told him what I knew: nothing.

2. The municipal corporation personnel wanted to drive their vehicle out of the premise. They asked for the key to main gate as I was picking the stray wrappers of Lallu waali tabakoo, Kisaan gutka, talab gutka, melody hai chocolaty dekho kitnee chotlaky etceteran. I obliged but their driver disappeared. What are the odds? Actually: very high.

3. Burning garbage as it piled in the dumpster near library and mainly consisted of excreta of dogs was an arduous task for the shrub fencing which got burnt in an earlier iteration needed to be managed carefully this time around. I did what I could and lots of smoke arose. Arise arose a rose arisen. For some reason I am seeing a lot of posts with rose as refrain. RasmaSandra, Sandeept, Laird and others. It’s not uncommon for poets but it’s somehow a pattern recently.

4. In yesterday’s speech one theme was ‘Public Service Commission.’ it’s hackneyed even for humor. We are all busy serving ourselves. Why do we need a post to serve public? Our bottomless egos(pitless would have been a proper term) need constant validation. Actually it’s an inappropriate metaphor. Ego is more like a bubble: ever ready to burst everyday.

There has long been circulation of threads flaunting dowry amounts for various posts such as IAS and IPS on social media.

Deeper than humor and giggles: why does power corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely?

It doesn’t. At least in my opinion. What we are made to believe in is a bubble existence when ocean is hidden for as long as bubble lasts. Which seems to be eons : many eons for many bubbles. Which are dreams inside dreams inside dreams histaleum adinfinitum. Branching towards infinity.

The narratives of each one of us being sovereign because anything which comes out of infinity is always perfect- Perfection can’t bring anything into existence which isn’t containing perfection in itself– aren’t similar to the stories told in middle class families: IAS means KING.

5. Kings and queens and heroes. Why not. All myths since the beginning of times are deep embedding of codex where human fights against demonic, beastly and even divine nature and ultimately emerges triumphant against all odds.

6. Chief ministers are kings of states. Prime minister: being only one : king of country. Rashtrapati: pati or lord of country. An anchor declared the incumbent prime minister to be father of nation in competition with Bapu. And righteously so: how long do you think Bapu would hold that post?

7. Gujrat would keep giving us bapus. Some of them would be fathers of nation. Why not? Every kid should aspire to become father of nation. I fathered many cosmoses: being a cosmic snake. What did you sire? Sure shot hot pot.

8. When myths as well as family members keep sowing heroic seeds of being kings and queens in minds of children: even Buddha and Christ are considered to exercise their ministeries. They stand tall at the gates of heaven. Why would then you bother naming high official posts as ‘public service commissions.’ Public Service Commission gives birth to Administration: Administer what? Service? Or do service? Even administration is a service. It’s never humble. There can’t be sovereign serving the other unless there’s a perfect Nonduality. Cavalcade suits rulers. Every street urchin has at least couple of servants. Every village has a don or two. Every business has a ruler or many. Who wants to do public service via commission? Why pretend?

9. And if we have no shame in being hypocrites: at least change names. Let’s be true to goddess of speech. Minerva. Saraswati.

10. King of country. King of country for five years. Queen of West Bengal for five years. Hidden king of country. King of Madhya Pradesh who can open his third eye very soon. Vyapam will bite you before you meet another Shukdev. King of Chhatarpur. King of colony. Another king of Solar system radix.

11. We are all serving ourselves. Why pretend to serve public? It’s akin to using black magic in the guise of white magic. Let’s be true about our magical practices: in the end you are left with yourself.

Featured image: Who Has Seen My Specs? Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

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Do You Need Feedback and Help?

1. Sandeept @sandeept252 tempted me to unearth this old post from archives. I have deleted at least three of my personal blogs since then. They had many thousands of posts on them. This archive has some of the five to six years old memories.

2. As you can notice: i told readers about tagging Kristina for technical help. She was sound and her brother was sounder.

3. I was good with smileys. As you can see. I did a post on why we should use smileys more frequently. That was inspired by email conversations with Kristina. She was annoyed with the post further. I don’t regret that but now i don’t use smileys as frequently as i want people to take me more seriously 😃😂😃😃

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Contemporary: Synchronicity|||What Are The Odds???

1. Sandra aka Shine Ferrer specifically told me about her verses and asked my opinion on them.

2. She had accidentally lost all her oeuvre on July 17, 2017.

3. July 17 is the birthday of Izza Ifzaal, the first poetess who first followed me and then somehow reflected/mirrored my interactions with Kristina Van Hoose, the classmate in the August class which became ‘the reason’ behind the creation of this very forum.What are the odds?

4. Izza Ifzaal: Network Engineer. Followed me first.

5. Aakriti Kuntal: Network Engineer. Was introduced by Sandra.

6. When I first discussed verses of Kuntal with Sandra it seemed ‘the reason’ had plagiarized her. Now she says: they’re acquainted. Acquainted people influence each other. Sure. I am not accusing you nor saying that Kuntal programmed my mind in the crystal palace.

7. I had reached a closure. I have forgiven all including myself. To delve into mysteries is human nature.

8. I own my words, verses, images, observations: even if they include names of living persons who are contemporaries. I am the inventor of Tohu verse form.

9. What’s your name again?

Eena meena deeka reena




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Pam is WordPress

1. Before leaving the forum she said she had informed WordPress.

2. Sandeept announces that Pam has given it him.

3. Kristina took it(when i didn’t realize that there was a lot coming on my way within next four months .) Piyusha snatched it. I had requested Kristina to make Rashmi an admin. Meanwhile Sandeept was an admin before he gave it to Piyusha.

4. What am i missing? WordPress must have communicated it to Pam to choose her successor even if he wasn’t active here recently to save the forum from its merciless father.

PS: please don’t delete this post. I beg.

Edit: i was informed by Sandeept in the comments section of his post this morning about a technical error on behalf of WordPress. In the point number #3 of this post the assertion that he was an admin is based on a post i saw this morning. The link was shared in a post made after this one. The admin change auttomattically changes post titles to attribute them to current admin even if they were made by someone else. I don’t have ids of happiness engineers to tag them.

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Choke Arti Choke!

1. Played 10 vocabulary jams on My ID is 12. I invite you to play and contest with me.

2. Here’s the summary of my performance this morning:

Jam 1: Score: 510. Rank 5th. Number of players: 22. Winner: Bondboy Fandashe.

370. 3rd. 17. Winners: Bondboy, Nayak.

830. 1st. 16.

655. 2nd. 13. eat B.

780. 2nd. 9. Bondboy Fandashe.

290. 3rd. 11. Bondboy Fandsshe.

445. 2nd.11. Stephen.

830. 2nd. 10. Vicky.

650. 1st. 12.

710. 1st. 12.

First rank: thrice.

Second rank: four times.

Third rank: once.

3. This is the best of my performances in the last fortnight or so.

4. In the last jam: 8th and 9th questions all participants submitted a wrong answer. It has never happened before.

5. The lowest score on the 6th jam is because of my being unaware of words derived from Arabic.

A Tohu Verse to celebrate my success in admitting my failure:


Choke Arti choke!


Ate B.

Now eat C.

Choke Arti choke!

Read a Tohu Verse!

Bring a carafe!

Meet a giraffe!

Affect it with affection!

Read another Tohu Verse!

Choke Arti Choke!

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