Theka, thela and aap!

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Unsuspecting masses!

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The Story of English!

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Chaturvedi versus Churvedi versus Basil Rathbone versus Benedict Cumberbatch versus Sherlock Holmes versus CHATUVERDI !!!

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Poem by Imrana

September 04, 2021Shanky❤Salty A wonderful poem written by my cute-cum-funny princess Imrana. Please give your views in the comment box about this poem.

Poem by Imrana

Another verse. Hope you would visit their website and peruse the weblog.

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World Hindi Day!

1. Hindi is the third most spoken language of world. It’s World Hindi Day Today.

2. Hindi is an analytical language whereas its mother tongue Sanskrit is synthetic language. It’s the main reason why you find Hindi commentaries taking great space where Sanskrit threads were succinct expression of creative truths as realized by Vedic sages.

3. There have been treatises and commentary on threads originally created in Sanskrit too and it is called ‘Language of Gods.’ The script used in Hindi has 49 letters for vowels and consonants: it’s called Dev Naagri Script–which means: script used in the divine metropolis.

4. I have tried all my life to learn and master Hindi language. Like English language vocabulary-my Hindi vocabulary is meagre. It pained me since my childhood that unlike English language dictionary which was a prerequisite for most school students, college and further studies, we never had Hindi dictionaries in our houses except in case of some Hindi professors or authors.

5. English words like bazaar, cheetah, verandah, cot and others always made me fascinated with their etymological connection to Hindi and other languages.

6. I once shared Gayatri Mantra on a forum in the year 2007-08 known as The thread was initiated by a German masters student with an alias ‘Der Furor teutonicus’ which meant ‘The Fury of Titans.’ Listening to Satya Sai Baba’s pronunciation of mantra he said that hard tttt sounds were well suited to priests as they worked for awakening dormant energies. Hindi was diluted to suit masses.

7. When i hear Purusha Sukta sung by Hindu priests in Sanskrit available on Spotify: the guttural sounds remind me of how Jewish people pronounce most of their sounds: and also guttural gutte nacht of German.

8. Hindi comes from Hindu. Indus valley civilization. The river Saraswati or goddess of wisdom. The middle path. Sushumna path of happiness. Gnostic way. Sindh is name of an area in the present day Pakistan and ancient India. There lived some people who developed the ancient form of this language with Indo-Germanic roots as per some archaeological researchers.

9. Hindi is language of Bindi worshippers. Bindi is dot. Point which is void. Origin. Root. Hindian. Indian. Hindustani. That which belongs to place of Indus valley civilization.

10. Indu. Bindu. Sindhu. Indra. Bindra. Sindha. Singha. Originally fire worshippers. Connected to Irani Aryans.

Image credit: Self, captured at Library of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

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