hello everybody,

Anniversary Gift is my another attempt at writing a short story.
Do share your feed back 🙂

I cannot share my post directly on Facebook when I tapped it to know more, it said that the link of one of the photos that I had used is blocked. I removed the photo but my post did not go through anyway, anybody knows why did this happen?
I used unsplash.com for all the pictures.

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Something exceptional happened last Sunday,…

Something exceptional happened last Sunday, and I have been preparing this post for the last one week. Let me know how you feel?

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Blavatar help needed

I changed my blavatar a few days ago and slowly it is changing in various places, but the old blavatar is on my tabbed browser and on my bookmark link. What am I doing wrong? I followed the instructions in the post from the fall re blavatars. @sashay909

Also, does anyone have any ideas on how I can keep the option of show/hid comment thread set to HIDE? I have to change this every time I come on the site. otherwise it makes scrolling through looking for a particular post impossible.
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Thanks y’all

How do…

How do I load an audio file onto my blog? WP is saying file not supported but it’s the same thing I used for the blogcast I uploaded to BW. Can you help?
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Hi… I really like the…

Hi… I really like the way this site has developed. I’ve been a member since the beginning, although haven’t been very active. I’m not clear on the protocol for posting links to my site. Could you please clarify that for me? thanks

Hi friends! I could…

Hi friends! I could not find the prompt for 3rd April 13 words story.
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Hi everyone, I need some…

Hi everyone, I need some advice (and sympathy!). I am in northern Ecuador, with the most incredible scenery, heading this morning to Quito, and even more incredible stuff to photograph. I am due to go to the cloud forest of Mindo for my first ever birding hike on Friday. (No the sympathy doesn’t come in yet)) My camera is broken. From my experience with this model and with everything I can find online, I will have to send it to Sony, and it is a $300-400 fix, from the States, where I won’t be for a very long time. Cameras are so expensive in Quito that some people fly to Miami to buy theirs (I have considered it, but I haven’t found a flight cheap enough).

So, those of you who are amateur, or otherwise, photographers, what has you experience been with using a smartphone, such as an iPhone, for general photography? I need a smart phone anyway, and it would, well, I won’t say kill two birds, but solve two problems. I have heard that the technology is good, and so is the post-production software. What do you think?

Without my camera, I feel lost!



Tagging – Ready Reckoner

So, I’ve been harping about Tagging the posts correctly  all this while, and so was the admin team before me.

Here’s why Tagging is important, not just here on Bloggers World but also for your blog. Fortunately, tagging on our own blogs is a little easier. Here, not so much!

Add to that, there are tags where the categories should be. I’m giving up on sorting that out or editing previous posts.

In the recent poll, most of you indicated that you would like to be told where the tags were incorrect so that you could use the correct ones the next time round. (The results came as a relief! I was worrying about being too strict and that everyone would choose the ‘No’ options 😀 )

poll results

Poll Results for ‘Admin Assistance on Tagging’

So after much research, I think I’ve figured out the tagging bit.

The only way to ensure that the posts are easily visible in tag search results is to get the tags correct. So, here’s a ready reference guide. You may use them from the tag box in the post editor or add them manually.

Add #feedback to posts asking for feedback.
Add #help to posts requesting help
Add #techhelp if you have a technical problem.
Add #idea to posts with an idea

These are suggestions. You may add additional tags as needed.

Add following tags to the individual Weekly Feature Posts :
Add #weekly for all weekly feature posts. 

Additional tags as per the respective weekly feature –
Monday – #etymology
Tuesday – #triviatuesday
Wednesday – #authorstory
Friday – #fridayfeature (also, add the following tags for the respective Friday feature – #quotations for Friday1, #100wordsstory for Friday2, #filmreview for Friday3 and #bookreview for Friday4)
Saturday – #creativewriting
BlogCast – #blogcast
Sunday 13 Words Story – #13wordsstory
Guest Posts – #guestfeature

This post may again get lost in the sea of posts that shall follow it. So, for your convenience, the same ready reckoner is there on the right side menu under the heading “Tags”.

Now if only I could figure out how to tag this post!

(Categories, I hear you say. You kidding me?!! that’s for another lifetime! 😛 )

Do you think this would be easy enough to follow? In case you have further doubts, please feel free to reach out.


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Requesting help

I am unable to figure out how to remove redundant tags and categories from the list.
A lot of posts are not showing up in the correct pages or tag searches because the tags are all over the place.

Please help me sort this out .
@kristinavanhoos @sashay909 or anyone else who may how to do this.

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Warm Greetings & New Tidings

Warm Greetings, Dear Members!

The mantle has been passed on to me and although it is only the responsibility of being the admin of a blogging forum (and not the position of POTUS) I am quite honoured and anxious at this new role. Honoured because this is a great forum and the Admin team before me has done some stupendous work since its inception. Anxious because this is my very first time doing this and I would be learning as I go along.

(one hand on the Bible, other raised in oath-taking) I take this position quite seriously and would strive to discharge my duties responsibly and as per your expectations. If I falter, please do forgive me after the mandatory rap on the knuckle. 

With that out of the way, here’s a more sensible version of my promises to you. 😛

I do hope to take the forum to newer heights from here and request your assistance in this endeavour. As we all know blogging is a community activity, so is the case with a forum such as this.

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