Being a ditzy female now…

Being a ditzy female now I can’t find the ‘notify me of new comments via email’ tickbox, other than in the new post. Has it always been like that? I hate wasting energy looking for things that never existed in the first place. It’s worse than finding something that was there just happened to have disappeared. I only back up my own posts by the way, as we all should on any online service, if preserving our content is somehow important.

hey everyone! (and merry christmas…

hey everyone! (and merry christmas 🙂 since we all here are bloggers/writers, i thought about asking for your #help. i’m running a blog about stories (you can check it at, my #idea is to share people’s experiences, lessons and details of their lives and personas. you can be interviewed, be a regular contributor, or just an once-in-a-lifetime story-teller for the blog.

i think we can learn a lot with each other, not feel as alone, and be more happy and connected. if you’d like to join, please send me an e-mail to:

thank you and have a magical night!

Hey y’all! Last week I…

Hey y’all! Last week I posted a movie review, but the post didn’t get as much engagement as other posts. I like writing the odd movie review, but it’s disheartening when posts aren’t as well received. So I ask you: is there something I could add or do to movie reviews to get more engagement? Am I giving away too much or too little info? Please let me know!
Also, tomorrow is the last day of the month, so I urge you to participate in my Monthly Look Ahead! 🙂

#feedback #help

Time to Revamp the Forum?

OK, I did not think I would have to do this again, but here I am explaining why we have rules and why as admins we ask our members to adhere to these rules.  This is what I know from my previous role as an Admin of this Forum and from my background working as an IT (Information Technology) Systems Analyst about maintaining an online forum/group.

Let us now analyze the confusing too hard to follow rules:

  1. The Basics! (As in the Guidelines from The Daily Post)
Rule Reason

Please do not post photos (unless it is for a weekly feature or photo post feature), movies, music, & similar multimedia here.

We have people in this forum connecting from different countries using different devices with access to the internet with varying speed. When the forum allows anyone and everyone to post content like photos, music and videos, it consumes more bandwidth to download, this becomes bothersome especially for people with slow internet connections as the site/page will either take forever to load or not load at all for them!

This is a forum for everyone’s use so a little consideration will not hurt anyone.

Avoid posting original content better suited for blogs here. Instead post a link and tell us what your link is about and what you’d like feedback on. This way the members do not have to scroll forever if they do not want to read your post. We have a slot called ‘Guest Feature’ for those who wish to post original content.
Please limit posting your blog link for feedback to just your own thread no more than 2 or 3 times a day.

Again, this is a forum for all members who are part of it. We (as in the admins) have the responsibility to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to post links and feedback requests to their blog. If anyone and everyone who visits the forum just drops their link and leaves, then there would be nothing worthy in this forum other than a bunch of links!

Be the lovely, respectful, and supporting individuals that you are. We are all writers. We are all in this forum hoping to receive and provide support to one another and in the process learn a little something too.

The only way I see for one to be supportive is by respectful, encouraging and understanding to other members.

We can always politely disagree with something – nothing wrong there so long as you are not directly attacking/bullying someone.

Please respect copyright. Anything posted here should be your own work or you should have permission to share it.

Self-explanatory – you know, copyright issues!

These were the basic guidelines requested of the members. Now let’s move onto the next set of rules. Continue reading

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Editing Drafts

Dear Members,

It’s that time of the monthly again when we do a clean-up exercise.

Would humbly request you to go through your drafts here on Bloggers World and sort through them.
Please delete the ones you do not require or update and re-save the ones that you wish to keep on.

Would really appreciate the assistance. Thanks! 🙂

#feedback, #help

My FB Woes Are Over… Or Just Beginning?

So I fixed my FB page… and if you search on Facebook you can now find both my blog by name and the posts by content. The only trouble is… the only post you will find is the one I posted after I fixed the FB page, ie. yesterday! So there’s the bizarre situation that some of my posts you find only as shared by somebody else – and most of them is still invisible, as far as FB is concerned. What do I do now?

Delete them all and re-post them? That’d be like spamming the handful of followers I’ve got. But to have invisible posts are as good as not having posts at all, right?

Any thoughts? 🙂

My best idea so far is that I delete the all old invisible posts (might as well). And then I have a very selective look at my old stuff and bit by bit re-post the best ones. In the manner of Throwback Thursday, basically.


Multiple WordPress Publishing….?

Hey all, I was wondering what your thoughts were on multiple publishing. Considering a few of us discussed republishing posts a few days ago, I think this is an interesting next point to discuss.
Just so we’re all on the same page, what I mean by ‘multiple publishing’ is changing the time of a post you just published so it refreshes on people’s Reader. As long as this is done within 24 hours, this can be done many times a day.
When I first saw someone I followed do this, I thought it was a glitch and was about to unfollow and refollow, but I asked them about it and they told me they do it on purpose.
It makes sense as to why (so people who may have missed it can see it) but like republishing (no offense), it just feels a bit weird. I mean, part of the point of good blogging is knowing when you get the most viewers and working around that…right?
The problem I now face is if I should do it too. All the blogs I see that do it have a lot of followers and their posts get a lot of interaction, and I’m sure that multiple publishing helps a lot in that department.
I don’t want to seem like a cop out or that I’m spamming followers in a desperate fit for attention.


Is boredom a good enough reason to change?

Hi all, I need your help as it is raining outside and so I am in front of my computer pondering things.

I have two blogs. One is called My Life of a 40 Something and the second It Caught my Eye in Portugal is the one I am pondering on.

It has been a while since I set up the theme for my Portuguese one, and I am not sure I like it anymore. However it could be a simple case of it is raining, and I am uncertain if rain effects and theme boredom are good enough reasons to change my theme!  What do you think?

If you can spare a few moments to visit It Caught my Eye in Portugal I’d welcome your thoughts. I have listed below the one question I’d love you to answer if you . . . .

  1. only began blogging in the last 9months – Is there anything about the Portuguese one you’d be tempted to copy? (ie what should I keep?!)
  2. have a photo blog – Does my home page work for photographs? (what theme do you use?)
  3. are a travel writer – What makes you follow other travel sites? (does mine even tempt you?!)
  4. are a seasoned blogger  – What it is about my Portuguese one that doesn’t work? (ie what one thing would you definitely change if it was yours?!)

Thanks all. Wishing you a peaceful and happy Sunday and week ahead in this uncertain world

#feedback, #help

Need advice on juggling multiple writing projects.

Is it possible to work on two projects (different genres) at the same time? Is it advisable?
One is a WIP – romance. The other is a children’s fiction which I would need to spend time learning and researching about, as I write. #help #discussion #feedback

@piyushavir (sincere condolences for your…

@piyushavir (sincere condolences for your recent bereavement) @sashay909 Is there a link block on comments for spam prevention? I added two links to a comment on Cathy’s authorstory post but it’s now awaiting moderation…maybe two links is one too many? #help Perhaps if there is a ‘spam rule’ it can be added to FAQs? #idea #FAQs