Sports experts explain how to keep your cool under pressure

It was going to be the Pandemic Olympics, a series of depressing games that would elicit indifference at best. Then there was sport, which did its job. Tokyo was great, despite the lack of visitors and the looming menace of Covid. It also evolved into something new: the Mental Health Olympics.

When Simone Biles withdrew from the gymnastics competitions, she brought an unprecedented spotlight to the psychological problems of professional athletics.
One of the greatest athletes of all time had opted to put her thinking ahead of her will – and the huge pressure – to win. “There’s more to life than gymnastics,” she explained.

She returned to the beam event after taking stock in a Tokyo gym, winning a bronze medal in what may have seemed like one of her biggest successes A component of an athletic summer has been mental health.

Biles cited Naomi Osaka, the Japanese tennis player who withdrew from this year’s French Open to deal with anxiety and despair. Brain over brawn generated debate at Wembley, when England’s penalty “curse” reappeared, and at Wimbledon, where British wildcard Emma Raducanu exited the psychological furnace of No. 1 Court prematurely.
Meanwhile, Mark Cavendish returned to the Tour de France in stunning fashion after conquering depression.

Keeping your cool under pressure is important not just in sports but also in your life. Sports professionals show you how to do that.

Cut your objectives in half

Sports psychologist Claire-Marie Roberts says, “If you’re in a very difficult position. It actually helps to break larger goals down into parts.”

Self-talk can help you avoid imposter syndrome

“Use positive affirmations,” adds Roberts. “Tell yourself, ‘I can do this, I’ve done it before, I’m supposed to be here.’”

Visualize your achievement

Roberts explains, “This is critical for establishing trust,” “Imagine yourself completing the objectives you’ve set for yourself.”

Pay attention to the repercussions

Sports psychiatrist Steve Peters says, “If we don’t address the results of what we’re attempting to do, they can feed on our thoughts and weaken attention. Go through the consequences of failure or achievement one at a time and lay them to rest.”


“Breathing, muscular relaxation, meditation, or simply listening to music can help bring you down from a state of heightened arousal and allow you to refocus,” Roberts explains.

Concentrate on what isn’t working

Peters adds, “You’re asking yourself what you’re doing that isn’t helping you achieve your goal, and you’re focused on that.”

Celebrate your victories

Geir Jordet, a psychology professor, says, “It’s crucial to indicate that you’re delighted to everyone around you when you do well in a team – it’s contagious.

Jordet advises, “Don’t pass time for the purpose of passing time, which may result in overthinking and unnecessary stress. Take a few seconds to concentrate on what you can manage.”

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Finally here’s a video in which Dr. Jonathan Fader, a performance psychologist and author of ‘Life as Sport,’ explained how athletes keep their minds concentrated and offers advice on how to stay focused.”

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Brain surgery of his mother led Keto India’s founder Sahil Pruthi to win Shark Tank India’s highest offer



I believe that you can win against all odds if you have the parents of your parents with you.

Life isn’t fair to everyone, but Sahil Pruthi transformed his stumbling block into a stepping stone. Sahil’s mother’s brain surgery led him to create his healthtech startup, Keto India and win highest offer on Shark Tank India.

On Shark Tank India, Sahil Pruthi received an offer of Rs 1.6 crore for his healthcare tech firm Keto India. This was the highest offer ever made on the show.

On Shark Tank India, Keto India creator Sahil Pruthi received a Rs 1.6 crore offer. Four of the five’sharks’ expressed interest in his healthcare technology firm, which was formed in 2018.

The show is the Indian equivalent of the popular US show Shark Tank, in which budding entrepreneurs present their company plans to a panel of investors.

Sahil rushed to Facebook to express his delight.

“Pitching on Shark Tank has been one of the wildest and best experiences I’ve ever had, and I’m really thrilled to be able to share the storey of what our rockstar team Keto India/Livofy has built! And having my mother there was wonderful.”

Sahil was motivated to start Keto India after his mother had serious brain surgery four years ago. For roughly nine months, he and his sister had to abandon their careers to care for her. However, the experience compelled him to use these months to improve his grasp of diet and health.

During his pitch, he told the sharks, “I wanted to know why this operation was required in the first place. And could we do anything to prevent it from getting to that point?”

Sahil provided his mother with a personalised dietary plan and supplements, as well as enrolling her in clinical studies to enhance her health.

He continued, “Four years have passed. My mum is OK and is here today.”

Panelists Ashneer Grover of BharatPe, Peeyush Bansal of, Namita Thapar of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, and Aman Gupta of boAt all approved of Sahil’s pitch. However, he declined the offer since the ownership portion they requested was greater than Sahil’s offer of 1.25 percent.

Keto India said, “We received some useful input, and the sharks were enthralled by our company’s concept. The experience has been beyond incredible, and it has given us a tremendous opportunity to work on ourselves and scale the same in order to thrive in the business.”

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Source: Brain surgery of his mother led Keto India’s founder Sahil Pruthi to win Shark Tank India’s highest offer – Towards A Better Life

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Top fitness myths busted!

It’s the third year of Covid-19 and all of us are giving priority to health and fitness like never before. And the current scenario of fitness myths and half-truths, working out may sometimes hurt you in such tough times.

Misconceptions about exercise, as well as exercise methods and routines, may be preventing you and your family from receiving the best workout. We enlisted the help of some fitness experts to debunk myths that practically everyone believes but are not true.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered by bringing in some fitness professionals to debunk falsehoods that practically everyone thinks but are far from true.

A glass of detox water will make you healthier and assist you in losing weight.

“It cannot help alone,” says Preety Tyagi, Lead Health Coach, Nutritionist, and Founder of MY22BMI.
There is a combination of activities and a full diet plan that must be followed throughout the day and done correctly in order to reap the benefits of a glass of detox water such as nimbu pani or apple cider vinegar and achieve good health.”

  1. A cup of kadha can keep you healthy and free of all illnesses.

“It’s a myth,” Preety Tyagi responds.
“It is critical to understand how well you are providing your body with the nutrients that it demands on a daily basis,” she adds.
Kadha can assist, but only if you eat well and have a healthy lifestyle.”

  1. No pain, no gain.

“A little discomfort is alright,” says Karan Sethi Chopra, Certified Personal Trainer and Founder of The Iron Hub Gym, “but if you feel severe pain, there is a probability that you are doing something wrong or have sustained an injury.”
It is vital to pause, assess your condition, and communicate with your trainer.”

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Source: Top fitness myths busted! – Towards A Better Life

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How to use your smartphone to start a morning routine for a great day

Is your phone a source of sleeplessness or can you become a morning person with it? Learn to use your smartphone to start a morning routine for a great day.

Is there anything more dismal than waking up to the sound of your alarm clock? You’re not alone if you despise waking up. Many people have become reformed late-morning sleepers, and many more still struggle to get out of bed on time .Is your smartphone capable of assisting you in becoming a morning person?

Here’s how you can use your smartphone to start a morning routine for a great day.

Get to Bed on Time: It’s true—the greatest way to set yourself up for success the next morning is to get a head start the night before. An early start just means you have more time to shine.It seeks to wake you up during your lightest sleep in the morning by monitoring your sleep cycles throughout the night.

Activate Your Body: Morning exercise can be as simple as a stretching routine or as strenuous as a regular jog around the block. But you gotta do it, as activating your body early in the morning will not just keep your healthy but also competent to complete your daily task list.

Nourish Thyself: A good breakfast every morning is essential for providing you with the energy you need to perform at your best. Make your breakfast the night before to save time the next morning.

Begin a Daily Journaling Practice: Committing to writing a daily journal entry, either on paper or using one of the many journaling templates available online, is one of the most effective ways to grow yourself as a person.

An early-morning ritual is the ideal time to review your daily affirmations, go over your to-do list, or simply express thanks for everything great in your life. Start a morning routine in this way for a great day during which you will do your best.

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Actively choose Joy to master the art of Positivity 

Motivational Quote: POSITIVITY - Art Prints by Sherly David | Buy Posters,  Frames, Canvas & Digital Art Prints | Small, Compact, Medium and Large  Variants

Being optimistic is a skill. True positivity artists master their obstacles and make life appear pleasant, upbeat, and even wonderful. However, positivity is a game that anybody can play.

The entire world serves as a canvas for the art of positivity, and you must master it in order to live happily.

A dash of goodwill and another of self-esteem. Add to that a big dose of thanks to the One Almighty God.

You just make one serving – food for you and you alone, when you cook up Positivity. Savor it and you having a dish that can make you really happy. You must actively choose joy and remaining grateful to the Lord even in times of difficulties.

Positivity’s first component is “a pinch of compassion.”Without a sprinkle of kindness, it is impossible to have a truly happy view.

Your restaurant service may appear nasty, slow, or unskilled, but a pinch of politeness will keep a positive person positive.Kindness may drive you to wonder whether or not the server has eaten yet.

You may be wondering if she’s having a horrible day. She may continue to be unpleasant, slow, or inept at her job, but a pinch of kindness changes YOU, not her. There is no room for negativity when there is no room for judgement or nasty ideas. Positivity is still present.

And, if you’re lucky, your optimistic attitude in the face of adversity might just persuade that server to alter its mind after all.

The third component is “a dash of self-love.” If self-love is not included in the Positivity mix, outer circumstances will always get the best of you and negativity will emerge. “A dollop of fun” should be included.

The third component is fun, because positivity cannot take root if you are not having fun. Positivity artists understand this; practically everything is enjoyable to them. Life is not something to be tolerated; it is something to be savoured. Sometimes all we have to do is look for it.

Joy is found on the inside, not on the outer. Negative situations can force us to do one of three things: shut down, be caught up in the negativity, or seek refuge within ourselves.

Only those who are well-versed in positive will choose to go within, thus positivity is an art that can save lives — yours first and possibly that of others later.

Tomorrow may bring you heartache, but it will not take away your delight. The next element is “a drop of acceptance,” which cannot be substituted. Surprisingly, it complements the “dollop of delight,” resulting in an unrivaled combination.

In principle, living a joyful and enjoyable life is excellent, but it’s easier said than done unless acceptance also plays a role.

You must understand that you cannot control the storms that may come your way if you want to live with zest, joy, and true happiness. But how you feel about your challenges can turn the game in your favor.

You should be able to thank the One Almighty God for the good and the bad things. When you thank Him for the good things, it shows that you are grateful towards the Lord. But, remaining grateful on your bad days will show you are patient even in times of difficulties.

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Source: Master the art of Positivity; Actively choose Joy – Towards A Better Life

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How Blockchain can play a key role in managing post pandemic world

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on all aspects of our lives. Blockchain technology has the potential to considerably assist us in managing the post-pandemic environment.

Since COVID-19 hit the world, we have been confronting a plethora of problems. The pandemic has had a significant and global impact on health care, hastening the introduction of digital technology. This article shows how Blockchain technology can help in such difficult times.

COVID-19 was so severe that the World Health Organization (WHO) had to designate it a pandemic within a month of its full-scale spread. The most serious problem that most governments face is a lack of a precise mechanism for detecting newly infected people and predicting coronavirus infection risk. As a result, we require a technologically advanced remedy to combat the COVID-19 crisis.

Blockchain technology’s numerous properties, including as decentralisation, transparency, and immutability, can aid in the management of this pandemic by detecting breakouts early, expediting drug distribution, and safeguarding user privacy throughout treatment. Blockchain technology is critical in developing a platform for effectively managing the epidemic.

Many use cases, including as contact tracking, disaster relief, patient information sharing, e-government, supply chain management, immigration administration, manufacturing management, automated surveillance, contactless delivery, and online education, can benefit from the technology’s key capabilities.


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Remove stress from your lifestyle with these easy tips – Towards A Better Life

Unbalanced lifestyles, duties, or just self-imposed pressures can result in stress.

It is obvious that the majority of us will experience times when we are more overwhelmed than usual, times when we worry and stress all the time.

This constant stress causes pressure in the long run, and if left uncontrolled, its consequences may have a negative impact on your general health and efficiency. As a result, you must always find ways to detach, relax, and relieve stress.

Here are some easy ways to reduce stress and tension in your life:

Determine your stressors and address them.

The elements that cause you to feel stressed are referred to as stressors. To deal with them, make a top -10 list of the stressors in your life.

Reduce procrastination in one’s life to avoid anxiety and the sense of being overwhelmed.

By deferring what we will accomplish now until later, we amass duties and discover that they are either far too large to handle or take up a lot of important time that we could have spent elsewhere. When we put off crucial chores, especially our professional commitments, we add stress to our lives.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Stop getting upset or stressed about minor issues. Believe me it isn’t worth sweating the small stuff.

You should not be concerned about phantoms.

We sometimes find ourselves worrying about events that have not yet occurred. Most of the time, the things we worry about don’t even happen in real life. As a result, stop worrying about calamities that have yet to occur because they may not occur in the future.

Allow your mind to unwind.

The most important thing to remember is to relax your mind and give it a break. Working for an extended period of time without taking breaks might cause stress. Our minds, like any other muscle, become exhausted. As a result, they must be given regular pauses. Even when you are relaxed, some part of your brain should be softly stimulated. As a result, look for activities that will help you calm your mind.

The best thing is to get a good nigh sleep and that is what I am going to do as it almost 1 in the night. So Good night folks. Wish you a better and stress-free tomorrow.



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How to boost your energy levels with some easy tips – Towards A Better Life


We need strength to do our everyday chores with a high degree of energy. It’s the determination to work or play at optimal levels. How do we raise our energy levels quickly enough to complete these jobs effectively? Here are ten things you can do right now to significantly boost your strength levels.

Here are some effective ways to increase your energy levels:

Drink a glass of vegetable juice

Greens are widely thought to be beneficial to our health. Greens have the fascinating ability to successfully raise your Power concentrations. If you’re feeling tired, drink some cooled vegetable juice.

Do some work-out

Improve your strength concentrations by doing some light work out when you’re feeling emotional fatigued.

Maintain your hydrationExhaustion is an indication of dehydration, according to scientific research. When you don’t drink enough water, your metabolic system is negatively affected. As a result, if you begin to feel tired, drink a glass of water. It will rehydrate you and restore optimum fluid levels in your system.

Tension should be avoided

Panic or terror can cause a person to become strained. When your stress levels rise to dangerously high levels, your enthusiasm will suffer as well. As a result, relieve stress by expressing your opinions and engaging in soothing activities. When you’re in a stressful position, find a way to relax by doing something you enjoy.

Take a nap or a good night’s sleep

We cram facts into our heads on a regular basis. You’ll take a power sleep if you’re tired and low on energy during the day. Even a 5-minute nap daily will enhance your energy level and help you regain your freshness, alertness, and strength as well. All outcome measures (including sleep latency, subjective sleepiness, exhaustion, vigour, and cognitive function) improve immediately after a 10-minute nap, with some of these benefits lasting up to 155 minutes.

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Source: How to boost your energy levels with some easy tips – Towards A Better Life

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What to do when online classes affect your child’s health – Towards A Better Life

Source: What to do when online classes affect your child’s health – Towards A Better Life


There was a time when my wife, who loves our son too much like every mother does, wanted to open up a school at home for our child. That dream turned true after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. But, the pandemic has adversely affected almost every sphere of our lives, including education. Children today are being taught their curriculum online.

But, is it good for the child? The answer is no it is not

In fact, studying from home has forced every child to miss school, which is still he most crucial part of their lives, . Teachers teaching in a classroom full of kids is a thing of the past. Every child is stuck with the new reality of ‘online classes.’ However, children’s physical and mental health are suffering as their screen usage increases.

Excessive screen time, according to Dr. Sudha. B, Senior Consultant Neonatologist Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, might cause the following difficulties in your child: Dry eyes as a result of digital eye strain; Headache; Neck ache; Disruptions in sleep; A shorter attention span; Behavioral changes such as impatience, refusals, and excessive arguing; and Impaired socialisation abilities.

Kerala State Education Minister V. Sivankutty also addressed the state Assembly on Monday that online lessons are harming schoolchildren’s health.

Sivankutty stated, citing the findings of a survey conducted by the State Council of Education Research and Training, that 36% of students experience headaches and neck pain, while 28% have eye trouble. He went on to say that parents should be made aware of the dangers of using digital devices.

Dr. Sudha suggested a couple of tips for parents to help children cope up with screen time stress.

Don’t let screens disrupt your children’s sleep: When youngsters use devices close to bedtime, blue light can disrupt sleep patterns and circadian rhythms. Turn off and remove screens from bedrooms at least one hour before bedtime.

Never overlook digital eye strain: Digital eye strain symptoms include dry eyes, itching, and a burning sensation in the eyes. Severe eye strain can result in headaches as well as refractive problems such as myopia and astigmatism. When you give your eyes a break, they will improve. Allow your youngster to follow the 20-20-20 rule, which allows his or her eyes to rest intermittently:Make it a point for your child to take a 20-second break every 20 minutes and stare at something 20 feet away.

Control the changes in behaviour: Children are becoming irritable as a result of excessive screen time and less interaction with family and friends. Poor attention span, not listening when talked to, constant fighting, and throwing age-inappropriate tantrums are just a few of the signs. To avoid this, parents should engage in fascinating and beneficial interactions with their children that spark their curiosity. Encourage your child to participate in extracurricular activities such as athletics, music, and art.

Handling screen time – Don’t ever use screens as pacifiers, to avoid tantrums of the child. Begin digital disciplining for the entire family with a tiny step, such as not eating while staring at phones or televisions. Weekend noneducational screen time should be limited. Attempt to have screen-free weekends. Technology isn’t without its benefits, but every parent should learn the art of digital disciplining.

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Smoking is dangerous for health; but so is inadequate sleep, secluding yourself – Better Life Info



Source: Smoking is dangerous for health; but so is inadequate sleep, secluding yourself – Better Life Info

We all know that smoking is dangerous, but do you know about other behaviors that can equally bad for your health. We all have behaviors that we think are fine to follow in our modern lives, but in truth, they may be steadily undermining our health and immune systems.

Experts have discussed a few behaviors that might be as poisonous and damaging to your body as smoking.

Inadequate sleep, secluding yourself aren’t good for your health

To start with, if you don’t already know about it, let me tell you that inadequate sleep can play havoc with your health. Even secluding yourself, although you may be doing it due to Covid-19, can be bad for your health.

Have you ever noticed how grouchy and irritable you are the next day if you don’t get enough sleep? It is one of the consequences of not getting enough quality sleep.

According to health authorities, we should get at least 6 hours of sleep per day to ensure that our bodies rejuvenate at their natural rate. Any reduction in sleep hours has a negative impact on your immune system, respiratory system, and digestive system.

The other harmful behaviors, discussed by experts, are given below:

Excessive consumption of high animal-protein meals

Excessive eating of animal protein-rich foods such as cheese and meat can accelerate cancer growth due to a hormone known as IGF1. This has the same risk factor as smoking.

Include plant proteins, such as beans, in your meals to avoid overconsumption of such proteins.

Extended sitting hours

Sitting in your office chair for the entire day is as harmful as smoking.

Long periods of sitting, whether for work or driving, have been related to malignancies such as lung, breast, and colon.

Make a point of moving around every one or two hours and then return to your work.

Not going outdoors

Vitamin D is one of the most critical elements that our bodies require for building or restoring immunity.

And the sun is a fantastic source of it; consequently, remaining indoors 24/7 might deplete your body of vitamin D, increasing your risk of disorders such as COVID-19.

Secluding yourself can be as harmful as smoking for your health

Last but not the least is the dangerous habit of secluding yourself.Even if it is required because of Covid-19, secluding oneself is still not appropriate. Since the pandemic started and redefined the definition of normal, physical detachment rather than social distancing is advised. Being alone is fine but being lonely is not and there is a very thin line between the two terms which can be a little difficult for one to understand. This can make one more prone to heart diseases. Not just that, it invites additional diseases such as anxiety, emotional disturbances, and even harmful addictions. Try to make some good friends who listen to you even when you are low.

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