Numerological Deuteronomy Beyond Liberation!

1. After liberation from cycles of birth and death: you need to assume roles to help expand your three bodies: physical, mental and causal.

2. The number assigned to you as your date of birth becomes the foundation for your further work because the Moola prakriti or the root cause is governor of mechanical elements.

3. Ascendant and other elements might also help you understand your life mission.

4. It shouldn’t be forgotten however: to gain liberation from birth, death, decay and aging is your prime goal. If you think you have gained that: your life becomes a divine expression of love, beauty and joy. It’s not life of a human being limited to his personality, family, friends or group.

5. If you are free you need not remember anything. Everything you need to learn comes spontaneously to you.

6. Deuteronomy : take any date of birth: for example: 17122020

People born on 17th have 8 as their root number of birth. It’s governed by Saturn. It indicates a harmonic of number 2.

In the scheme of trinities: Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh or The father, the son and the holy ghost or the mother, the daughter and the holy ghost:

Or 123

First: creative power: physical body or causal body.

Second: mental or vital body.

Third: causal or physical body.

Whether you consider physical or spiritual to be ultimate or consider them as one the scheme is applicable.

It’s Satyam Shivam Sundaram

It’s Sat Chit Ananda

Thus: 8 being a harmonic of 2 comes in the Shivam or Vishnu department. It’s the son. It’s the maintenance department.

A person born on 17th is born with those traits. Further analysis: 1 and 7 represent Sun and Ketu(South node of Moon.)

Now finding the life path number:




Venus. Sadashiva

It’s a harmonic of 2: the son or the maintenance guy or the one who gives light of liberation to all.

Vallalar gives following potencies:

Creation. Maintenance. Dissolution. Involution. Revelation

7. The year 2020 was the year of concealing as per this scheme. The year 2021 is going to be the year of revelation.

8. Thus prime harmonics: 123 are enough to tell you any root or life path number:

1. People born with this root are born with ruling or governing powers. They’re haughty and stubborn. They like to be on top no matter what they do.

If your life path is number 1 you need to work on gaining that power. You need become creative. Worshipping Creator God of Abrahamic religions or tetragrammaton. Sun.

2. If you’re born with a root number two the scheme has been elucidated upthread. Moon or Vishnu or the son or Shiva.

If it’s your life path: you need to develop sensitivity which helps you nurture and maintain.

3. If you’re born with a root number 3 you’re the life of party. A teacher. You are born with powers of holy ghost or dissolution powers.

If it’s your life path: you need to work on dissolution. On cleansing. Worshipping the holy spirit or Shiva.

4. The number four is power of concealing. It’s a harmonic of 2. Moon. Vishnu. Shiva. Son.

If it’s your life path number: you need to work on cultivation of sensitive nurturing ability.

5. The number five is revelation. It’s biggest among primes in this scheme. Though 7 is biggest among primes in the scheme. It is governed by Sat or Truth or Balance or South node of Moon. Harmony supreme. It integrates all other harmonics.

Number five as a life path suggests a true revealer. A good communicator. Someone who gives clarity.

Number seven as life path indicates an integral yogi.

9. The same scheme can be applied to ascendant signs. For example: Libra as ascendant or Sun sign suggests balance. Harmony. The sign is ruled by Venus.

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