Happy Birthday to Writer Ruskin Bond

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Hey everyone!

I hope this is the right place to introduce myself. I blog for many years now, and had 4 to 5 blogs already with different subjects. Some were in Portuguese, my main language, and others in English. I love blogging because it lets me explore my opinions and feelings within a community. I believe it’s a beautiful way to interact with the world and get to know it better.

Right now, I blog about failure. I used to feel like that a lot, when I was younger but I learned that what others think of me doesn’t really matter. I started to use my mistakes as opportunities to learn, and my weaknesses as a spicy addition to my strengths. Failure is my way to success, and instead of fearing it, I embrace it. And I want to teach others to do the same.

You can read a bit about my journey here: www.rrrepeat.com/blog

Thank you for adding me @piyushavir, I know I’ll have a great time!

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Congratulations. And Celebrations.

One of our very own has been promoted to being a MOMMY!
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Many Congrats to Elena @laikassuvaikais and her family. And blessings to the little bundle of joy.


Birthday Greetings

Wishing Darshith Badiyani lots of love, health and happiness on this special day (April 13th)
Apologies for the delayed post. @darshith0000
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Birthday Greetings from Bloggers World

On behalf of everyone at Bloggers World, wishing Arifa a very Happy Birthday!

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Hope you have a great one, Arifa! Here’s wishing all your dreams come true. God Bless!


Welcoming our newest member – Neil D’Silva

Neil is a published author, with 3 books and multiple anthologies to his credit.
His latest novel ‘Maya’s New Husband’ was ranked Amazon’s No. 1 (in Horror category) thrice, and was a winner at The Literary Awards 2015 in The Entertainer category.

He is also the founder of ‘Pen Paper Coffee’, a pre-publishing service and admin member of Facebook’s group – ‘For Writers, By Authors’. He recently gave up his teaching career spanning two decades and is now a full-time writer while also dedicating all his efforts to assisting and mentoring new writers through various real-world and virtual workshops, and chat sessions.

A very warm welcome, Neil. @neildsilva

There is a section on the right sidebar that would help you get familiar with this forum and how to participate effectively. There are various events and weekly features to browse through. We would love to have you participate in the events and discussions. I’m sure we all would benefit greatly from your experiences.

Happy Blogging!