Believe it or not!

1. What was the first point again? I saw a kingfisher with dark azure feathers. It’s a beautiful bird. I saw seven sisters.

Couple of kingfishers!

2. They’re rushing to complete deadlines without any plan and with multiple line of commands. Senile whimsical addicts with tobacco pouches or demonic laughter. What’s the difference between corporate world where I worked and this world where everyone was supposed to be sovereign? None whatsoever. I see a factory model. People are running to complete deadlines which aren’t clearly thought. Multiple lines of command. No proper tools or tools which are rusty or outdated. Manage with minimal budget to give advantage to some people who are highly placed. Cheap labour. Never revealing true intentions or motives.

3. Maybe I only see evil. I am happy with what I have seen. He asked me what was the use of my god given body. He has no clue. After having sent me to cowshed he wanted a feedback on something which never happened. His bandwidth doesn’t reach out of that for none of his faults.

4. Today no internet access for most of the morning. Could only play three vocabulary jams.

5. Having studied literature available in this library for more than two years: consistently: I only see backbiting bitches like in any other ashrama or household. No Swaraj whatsoever. Goons, politicians and officers always gain preference in everything. As anywhere else: it’s a jungle. Believe it or not!

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In the end was the end!

1. I recently commented on Garima’s and Tea Turtle’s poetry blogs. Garima shared a poem by Shivmangal Singh Suman, a Hindi poet I read in my childhood and another nostalgic poem has an image which is serene. Tea turtle blogger has some nice musings of existential nature.

2. I walked upstairs and played vocabulary jams on which I scored 1412 ranks. Not as many as yesterday. I don’t see many familiar faces over there. Soon I am going to change my ID to 12 as the twelfth month of this year begins.

3. I had some rest after plenty of work. I read a Chinese press release news article which is a joke. There are jokes and deeper jokes. Interest accumulated over time. This is all life is about: feeling meaningful and significant by creating it. Existentialism.

4. I spent plenty of time in library today. About 3.5 hours. Sweeped the floor, burnt the garbage lying outside and saw the pictures of a book on birds. The last time I passed through that drawer : I had read the book. The Magpie Robin greeted me as I was going to hang the key back on hanger.

5. The seventh almirah is same no matter if you count clockwise or anticlockwise. Seventh houses Saavitri by Sri Aurobindo. It also houses Japuji. The Life Divine: I read in Pune, Maharashtra first. My vocabulary wasn’t enough large to comprehend Sri Aurobindo’s masterpiece then. I tried. It was the first book I got issued from this library in 2018. I sat under the mango tree when two of them came with axes. And black pipes. I was killed. It rained. It rained too soon as a lizard was seen on another mango tree. I went to the shade of iron pillar. I read another book by Khalil Gibran under that shade: the next thing you know: the electric wires in field were blown up by a storm. The electric department hyperions came. An insect had died on my lap. It was soon revived. Who would have believed that I had power to revive deads?

6. We all have the power to revive deads. It’s called ‘kindness.’ It’s called compassion. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was first education minister of independent India. I read his ideas on Buddha today. Yesterday it seemed it was revealed: Buddha, the Shakyamuni was defeated by goddess Kali who presides over the age of Kali whereas Padmasambhava or Vallalar won over her by being wiser. Each one of them were products of their times as far as wisdom is concerned.

7. There were way too many people on my way back. If you follow laws: more laws are brought into light. Would you believe if I tell you: I was shown an empty bag in advance (they knew about the theft) of cement. Today morning’s newspaper (Dainik Bhaskar: Chhatarpur) reported about theft in a cement shop yesterday. I see the cement plaster being done on this house’s second storey wall. The suggestion: the cement is stolen: like other stuff. It’s because I had written about meritorious thieves. Everyone spits: to prove that they belong to Ku Klux Klan and everyone has borrowed money from someone or the other. Fast track hearings.

8. The event on poha stall was orchestrated with samosa thread. Will it ever hurt me? Why would you create a memory with a food item? Because my writing hurts you? I would never understand people fully.

9. The familiar Dolly’s father asked me to wait on his stall as he went to get change of five hundred rupees. There appear some people: one of them looks at all the samosas to tell you that you’re not supposed to walk with a straight spinal cord. You’re not supposed to look into eyes of boys or girls as you walk. You should look downward. You should fear group of people: police, shamans, mafia and so on. Same pathetic shit everyday. Can’t we even joke? Yes, you can make jokes. Sit one-on-one with me for an hour or two. Tell me all the jokes you know without goons around you.

10. You fucked too much to populate earth and now somehow I am responsible for every theft, earthquake and law. I am Corona and I am liberation. I am alpha and Omega, theta, beta, gamma and all in between.

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